Are you looking to upgrade your lawn care game with a grass cutting machine? If so, you must be curious about the cost of these magical machines that make your lawn look perfect. Here in Pakistan, there are a few different options available when it comes to getting a quality grass cutting machine at an affordable price. We’ve done all of the research for you and have compiled an in depth guide on the various prices associated with different types of grass cutting machines available in Pakistan today! Keep reading to find out which one will fit your needs best and what kind of savings you can expect from this purchase.

Grass Cutting Machine Price in Pakistan

Grass Cutting MachinePrice in Pakistan
Original High quality grass cutter 16 inch chrom modelRs. 15,999
Manual Reel Lawn Mowers by Green City Grass Cutter Machine 16″ inch Rs. 22,000
High Quality Grass cutter 16 inch Rs. 22,999
INGCO Electric Lawn Mower 1600W 50LRs. 75,000
Total Electric Lawn Mower TGT616151 1600WRs.96,500
Grass Cutter RobinsonRs. 24,800
Honda PANDA Brush Cutter Rs. 29,999
Stanley Petrol Lawn Mower Grass Cutter 18 inchRs.279,487

Grass cutting machines have revolutionized the way gardens and lawns are taken care of, enabling individuals to quickly and easily cut grass on their own with ease.

In Pakistan, a wide range of grass cutting machines are available at different price points, ensuring that everyone can find a machine that suits their budget. Prices typically range between Rs.15,000 to Rs.80,000 depending on the efficiency and feature sets of the various models available on the market. Innovations such as cordless devices or those featuring rechargeable batteries are also popular among consumers thanks to their convenience. Ultimately, investing in a grass cutting machine is an excellent way to maintain your garden or lawn with minimal effort while still achieving professional looking results.

List of Best Grass Cutting Machine in Pakistan With Prices

When it comes to grass cutting machines, nothing beats the convenience and power of electric lawn mowers. If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable grass cutter in Pakistan, then look no further than the best electric lawn mower models available today. From affordable budget mowers to high end professional models, here are the top picks for the best electric lawn mowers in Pakistan.

1.Original High quality grass cutter 16 inch chrom model

The Original High quality grass cutter 16 inch chrom model is the perfect way to quickly and easily maintain your lawn. Its powerful motor can cut through the toughest of grass with ease, while its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable experience for even prolonged use. The extra-large cutting width allows you to finish the job faster, so you can spend more time enjoying your lawn. Plus, its durable and long-lasting construction makes it ideal for everyday use. And with a price tag of just Rs 15,999.

2.Manual Reel Lawn Mowers by Green City Grass Cutter Machine 16″ inch 

The Green City Grass Cutter Machine is a must-have for any garden enthusiast. It comes with five blades that can easily and quickly cut through thick grass, ensuring an even and neat finish to your lawn. The cutting adjustment system on the machine makes it easy to adjust according to the level of grass or other vegetation you’re tackling. You can also easily pull the machine by hand with its convenient handle, allowing for easy maneuverability.

In addition, high quality tyres ensure that you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in mud or any other obstacles. And since it has an export quality product, you can be sure that your lawn will always look immaculately groomed and well-maintained. The Green City Grass Cutter Machine is an affordable investment that will last for years to come, and its 16 inch blade guarantees a perfect cut every time. Get yours now at only Rs. 22,000!

3.High Quality Grass cutter 16 inch

This grass cutter features an efficient two stroke engine that provides enough power to cut through any type of grass with ease. Its 16-inch cutting width ensures faster and more effective cutting performance. With its lightweight design, you can easily store it or transport it to wherever you need it without any hassle. For added convenience, this grass cutter comes with a fuel tank for easy refilling. Get the job done quickly and effectively with the High Quality Grass Cutter 16 Inch! Buy now at Rs 22,999!

4.INGCO Electric Lawn Mower 1600W 50L

The INGCO Electric Lawn Mower 1600W 50L is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys keeping their lawn in top shape. It offers a powerful 1600 watt induction motor and variable cutting height, allowing you to tailor the mowing experience to your needs. With a cutting width of 380mm, this electric lawn mower can cover large areas quickly and efficiently. Not only that, but it also comes with a 50 liter grass box, so you can tackle long mowing sessions without having to stop and empty the container.

Plus, its 0.35m power cord ensures you can easily reach any area of your lawn. The INGCO Electric Lawn Mower 1600W 50L is a great investment, as it is both cost efficient and durable. With its competitive price tag of Rs. 75,000, you can finally enjoy a well kept lawn without spending too much money.

5.Total Electric Lawn Mower TGT616151 1600W

The Total Electric Lawn Mower TGT616151 1600W is an ideal choice for efficient and easy lawn maintenance. It features a powerful induction motor with input power of 1600W and no-load speed of 2800rpm, helping to make short work of mowing your lawn.

The cutting width is 380mm wide, while the cutting height can be adjusted to 28/38/48/58/68mm, giving you greater control over the results. The grass box has a 50L capacity and comes complete with a 0.35m power cord for easy use. With all these features, the Total Electric Lawn Mower TGT616151 1600W is perfect for tackling any lawn maintenance job, with convenience and efficiency. And at a price of Rs.96,500, it’s an affordable choice to keep your lawn looking great!

6.Grass Cutter Robinson

The Grass Cutter Robinson is a powerful, all in one lawn care tool that makes gardening easy. Featuring a mowing deck and interchangeable attachments, this machine can tackle any yard maintenance job. From cutting grass to trimming hedges and shrubs, the Grass Cutter Robinson is designed to make outdoor work easier. With its modern design and strong construction, this machine is built to last. Plus, it’s powered by a reliable electric engine for consistent performance and low maintenance costs. With an affordable price of Rs. 24,800, the Grass Cutter Robinson is the perfect choice for any homeowner looking to keep their lawn in top shape.

7.Honda PANDA Brush Cutter 

This Honda PANDA Brush Cutter is an invaluable tool for those who need to get the job done quickly and effectively. This 3-in-1 machine features a powerful 750 watts, 31cc 4 stroke petrol engine that makes light work of trimming grass, harvesting wheat and cutting through bushes. It is also lightweight and portable so you can take it wherever you need to work. With a price tag of only Rs. 29,999, you can be sure that this is an investment worth making for your gardening and farming needs.

8.Stanley Petrol Lawn Mower Grass Cutter 18 inch

The Stanley Petrol Lawn Mower Grass Cutter is the ideal choice for your garden, lawn or yard. It offers a wide range of cutting options with 8 different levels from 30 – 80 mm and the Quick Start feature with an Auto Choke makes it easy to start the mower every time.

This model is also equipped with 6-in-1 function, allowing you to choose between Collection, Mulching, Rear Ejection, Side Ejection, Cleaning and Grass Comb functions. The mower has large wheels mounted on ball bearings with 7 inch front wheels and 10 inch back wheels for greater stability and maneuverability. The deck is made of metal with a single blade design and it comes with a large collection bag (catcher) that has 60 liters capacity. The handle also provides extra comfort as it is surrounded by foam.

For efficient and powerful lawn cutting, the Stanley Petrol Lawn Mower Grass Cutter is an ideal choice for your gardening needs. Its price range of Rs.279,487 makes this mower a great value for money. With its easy to use features and efficient cutting, this mower will help you get the job done quickly and effectively. Make sure to grab one now!


After analyzing the prices of a range of grass cutting machines in Pakistan, it is evident that there is a large variety of options available to consumers. Whether someone needs a basic trimmer or a more complex model with all the bells and whistles, there are choices to be made. The most important thing is to do some research and find what would be the best option for ones budget, lifestyle and preferences. In conclusion, acquiring a grass cutting machine in Pakistan can be a wise investment which has the ability to provide many years of efficient and cost effective lawn maintenance. Those who buy wisely will find that the price paid for such machines is well worth it.