In this blog post we will explore why these soaring crush bajri prices have become such a prominent issue lately, along with potential solutions that could be implemented to ensure predictability and fairness going forward. We’ll also show how prudent investments can help you benefit from rising bajri price trends despite their current strength so stay tuned if you want to learn more!

Gravel Crush Bajri Price in Pakistan

Gravel crushing and processing of bajri in Pakistan is a booming industry. It has become a major contributor to the economy of Pakistan due to its great demand in the construction sector and as an alternate cost-effective, versatile aggregate material in places where traditional hard rock aggregates are difficult to process. The price of this quickly growing market depends on many factors including type of gravel, size and order quantity. Established by experts in the field, gravel crush bajri prices ensure fair pay for both the crusher owners and those relying on their services for the construction materials. With its reliable availability, competitive pricing, and high quality product offerings, gravel crushing bajri will continue to remain an integral part of Pakistan’s growth in years to come.

Crush Bajri Gravel Rate List in Pakistan Today 2024

Gravel Crush Bajri is one of the most popular construction materials in Pakistan. It has several different types and can be purchased in various quantities at varying prices.

Crush TypesQuantityPrices
Crush (Bajri, Dumper rates)CFTRs.150 to 250
Crush-Deena Bajar (1 Inche-1.25 Inches)CFTRs.90 to 100
Crush-MargallaCFTRs.110 to Rs 120
Crush-Mix Bajar (Kaccha)CFTRs.80 to 100
Crush-Sargodha Bajri (4 Sooter Or 15-20mm)CFTRs.100 to 130
Margalla Crush1200 CFT/TrolleyRs.109200
Sargodha Crush A+ Class (2-Sooter)900 CFT/TrolleyRs.94600
Sargodha Crush A Class (2-Sooter)900 CFT/TrolleyRs.85800
Sargodha Crush B Class (2-Sooter)900 CFT/TrolleyRs.84000
Sargodha Crush C Class (2-Sooter)900 CFT/TrolleyRs.80200

پاکستان میں بجری کی قیمت

Gravel Crush Bajri is a popular building material for construction projects in Pakistan. It is made of crushed and broken stones, usually granite or limestone, with small particles of sand and gravel mixed in. It is an affordable option for many home owners due to its relatively low cost compared to other materials such as concrete and brick. Gravel Crush Bajri often requires less maintenance and is easier to install than other materials.

Gravel Crush Bajri prices in Pakistan vary depending on the region, type of material used, size of stones, and quality of gravel. Prices can range from as little as Rs 600 per ton up to several thousand rupees per ton for higher quality mix. Prices are also affected by the distance from the quarry or factory to the site of construction, as well as availability of labour in the area.

In order to get an accurate estimate for Gravel Crush Bajri prices, it is important to discuss with local suppliers and contractors. They will be familiar with prevailing market rates and can provide more specific advice with regards to the type and quality of product that is most suitable for a particular project. Additionally, it is wise to review multiple quotes from different suppliers in order to compare prices and select the best option.

Overall, Gravel Crush Bajri can be an economical choice for construction projects in Pakistan due to its affordability and relatively low maintenance requirements. Before making a purchase, it is recommended to compare quotes from different suppliers in order to get the best value for money. In addition, speaking with local experts can help ensure that the correct type and quality of material is chosen for each job.


Gravel Crush Bajri is an important factor in construction today. It has many uses and benefits that make it a great choice for construction projects. The price of Gravel Crush Bajri is very reasonable, and it is available at all major construction supply stores.