Karachi is a bustling city, full of vibrant colors and energy. An important part of navigating life in the city is having access to reliable public transportation, which brings us to today’s topic the Green Line Bus Karachi. We all want know which route the bus takes, where it stops along the way, what time it leaves for each station, and how much the ticket costs so let’s dive into everything you need to know about this convenient mode of transport!

Green Line Bus Karachi

The Green Line BRT in Karachi, a state of the art public transportation initiative, stands as a symbol of progress in addressing the pressing transportation challenges of the city. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan in 2022, this project’s first phase offers a 21-kilometer route with 22 stations, served by a fleet of 80 diesel hybrid buses from Foton Company.

Green Line Bus Karachi Route, Stations, Timing, Ticket Price Other Information
Green Line Bus Karachi Route, Stations, Timing, Ticket Price Other Information

These buses, each with a seating capacity of 150 passengers, come equipped with security cameras and charging ports and are accessible to disabled passengers. As part of the larger “TransKarachi” project, the Green Line BRT is the first operational metro bus route, aiming to serve 135,000 passengers daily with buses arriving at each station every 10 minutes.

Key features of the Green Line BRT include:

The Green Line route comprises 22 stations, each spaced approximately 1 kilometer apart. A Metrobus card is available to make daily commuting more economical, with a one-time purchase cost of PKR 100. The card can be recharged according to individual needs, reducing the cost of travel to PKR 5 per station, including a base fare of PKR 15.

Green Line Bus Karachi Route Stops List

The Green Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Karachi, with its 22 currently operational stations, is revolutionizing the city’s public transportation system.

The route begins at Numaish Chowrangi and traverses through various vibrant areas of the city including Patel Para (Guru Mandir), Lasbela Chowk, and Sanitary Market (Gulbahar).

Further along, it provides convenient access to Nazimabad No.1 and then to the Enquiry Office Station.

As the bus continues along its path, the bustling areas of Annu Bhai Park and Board Office Station (linking to the Orange Line) come into view.

The route then extends to the bustling Hyderi Station and Five Star Chowrangi Station, leading on to Jummah Bazaar (Bayani Center) and Erum Shopping Mall (Shadman No.2).

As passengers journey onwards, they reach Nagan Chowrangi Station, U.P.

More Station, and Road 4200 (Saleem Center) Station.

The bus then makes its way to Power House Chowrangi Station and Road 2400 (Aisha Complex) Station before stopping at the 2 Minute Chowrangi Station.

After a brief pause, Surjani Chowrangi (4K), Karimi Chowrangi, KDA Flats and Abdullah Chowk are reached in turn, before the BRT bus reaches its final destination of Brand Voice.

Thanks to the Green Line BRT system, people can now commute around Karachi quickly and efficiently.

The stations on the route are strategically located in order to afford passengers comfortable access points for travel, allowing them to navigate their way from one destination to another with ease. At each station, there are ticket counters which enable people to purchase tickets and undertake their journey hassle-free.

Green Line Bus Karachi Ticket Price

Green Line Bus KarachiTicket Price
Green Line Bus Karachi Ticket RatePKR 15 to PKR 55

The Green Line bus service in Karachi, known for its affordability and convenience, has a ticket pricing system tailored to meet various commuting needs. For a single journey on any route, the fare remains constant at PKR 55, regardless of the distance travelled. This price range, between a minimum of PKR 15 and a maximum of PKR 55, caters to various routes within the city.

A more economical option for daily travelers is the Green Line Metrobus card, available at a nominal price of PKR 100. This card, which can be recharged according to individual commuting needs, reduces the travel cost to PKR 5 per station, inclusive of a base fare of PKR 15. This cost-effective option is a boon for frequent travelers, enabling them to manage their travel expenses economically and efficiently.

Green Line Bus Karachi Timing

Green Line serviceoperates from 7 am to 10 pm daily

The Green Line bus service in Karachi offers a reliable and efficient means of transport throughout the week. Operating seven days a week from Monday to Sunday, the service starts early at 7 am and continues until 10 pm.

This wide operating window caters to various commuting needs of the citizens, be it for work, school, or personal errands. Irrespective of the purpose of travel, Karachi’s Green Line bus service stands as a convenient option for everyone within the bustling city during these hours.

Green Line Bus: Breeze Mobile App

The Green Line service operates from 7 am to 10 pm daily, offering a convenient travel option for Karachi residents. To further ease commuting, the Sindh Government, in collaboration with SIDCL and the Ministry of Planning and Development, has launched the Breeze App. This application allows BRT users to track and locate buses, recharge their accounts, and purchase metro cards and tickets. The Breeze App, available for free download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, caters to the needs of both Green Line and Orange Line metro bus passengers.


In summary, the Green Line Bus in Karachi is an innovative transportation solution that is greatly enhancing the commute experience for residents. This well-planned initiative, with its strategically located stations and affordable ticket pricing, is significantly improving public transit in the city. In addition, the Breeze mobile app adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing passengers to track buses, recharge their cards, and buy tickets right from their smartphones.

As Karachi continues to grow and evolve, the Green Line Bus and its future extensions will be an integral part of the city’s transportation infrastructure.