Haier Chiller Price in Pakistan 2024

Are you looking for the perfect chillers to meet your cooling needs? Are you curious about Haier’s chiller price in Pakistan and their features.In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Haier chiller prices in Pakistan and all of the product options they offer. We’ll also discuss some important factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting a product from them, such as features and quality assurance certifications. Stick around for an informative read on Haier chillers price in Pakistan!

Haier Chiller Ac Price in Pakistan

Haier, one of the leading home appliance brands in Pakistan, has recently unveiled its new chiller ACs. With a price range from Rs.150,000 to Rs.436,300, these ACs offer an impressive host of features and good cooling capacity options. Equipped with advanced technology such as smart support functions, intuitive touch operation pods and a four way air flow system these coolers provide efficient cooling with minimal energy consumption.

The compressor used is of the highest quality and promises to give years of silent and reliable performance. These Chiller ACs are ideal if you want great performance while being kind to your pocket. For anyone looking for economic yet high quality home appliances that are both reliable and long lasting, Haier’s chiller ACs should be at the top of their list!

1.Haier Hpu-48cj03 Air Conditioner 2.0 Ton Standing

Haier HPU 48CJ03 air conditioner is a 2.0 ton standing air conditioner with R410 refrigerant that offers superior performance for cooling and heating of your space. It has an indoor gross weight of 59 kg, net weight of 50 kg, outdoor gross weight of 101 kg, panel gross weight of 91 kg, and a cooling capacity of 14 KW (48000 BTU). Its power supply is 3/380-415/50, with an EER/COP of 2.61 W/W. All these features make the Haier HPU-48CJ03 air conditioner the perfect choice for your home or office needs.

With its superior cooling and heating capacity, the Haier HPU-48CJ03 air conditioner ensures that your space stays comfortable at all times. It is also energy efficient, so you can save on power consumption. The price of this amazing air conditioning unit is Rs. 160,000 which makes it a great value for money product. So if you are looking for a reliable and efficient air conditioning unit, then the Haier HPU-48CJ03 is the perfect choice.

2.Haier 4 Ton Cabinet Air Conditioner HPU-24CE03 Cool

The Haier 4 Ton Cabinet Air Conditioner HPU-24CE03 Cool is the ideal choice for cooling a large space, with its impressive 4 ton capacity and 48000 BTU. It boasts an air circulation of 1750 m3/h, and comes with energy efficient properties such as an EER/COP (W/W) of 2.61 and a rated power input (kw) cooling of 5.37. Despite its impressive features, the Haier 4 Ton Cabinet Air Conditioner HPU-24CE03 Cool is surprisingly affordable, costing only Rs. 269,999! For those looking for an efficient and effective air conditioning solution this is the perfect choice.

3.Haier 4.0 Ton-HPU-48H03/NAF Non Inverter Heat And Cool Floor Standing Air Conditioner

The Haier 4.0 Ton-HPU-48H03/NAF Non Inverter Heat And Cool Floor Standing Air Conditioner is the perfect solution for large spaces with high cooling and heating requirements. It packs a powerful punch with a 14 kW cooling capacity and 48000 BTU of heat output, while providing 1750 m3/h of air circulation. With a 3 Ph/380-415/50 power supply and 5.25 KW cooling input and 5.23 KW heating input, this AC unit has an EER/COP rating of 2.67 W/W, making it highly energy efficient. For such great performance and features, the Haier 4.0 Ton-HPU-48H03/NAF Non Inverter Heat And Cool Floor Standing Air Conditioner is available at an attractive price of Rs. 280,000. Experience superior cooling and heating with this top of the line air conditioner from Haier today!

4.Haier 2 Ton Floor Standing AC HPU-24HE/DC (Heat & Cool DC Inverter) Air Conditioner

The Haier 2 Ton Floor Standing AC HPU-24HE/DC (Heat & Cool DC Inverter) Air Conditioner is an energy efficient unit, designed to provide maximum cooling and heating performance. Its nominal cooling capacity is 24572 Btu/h (nom.) and its rated power input is 2380 kW (nom.), with an EER of 3.02 W/W. For heating, the unit has a nominal capacity of 31277 Btu/h (nom.) and rated power input of 3260 kW (nom.), with a COP of 2.81 W/W.

The indoor unit has a power supply of 1/220~240/50 Ph/V/Hz and an air flow of 1200 m3/h (H/M/L). It is also relatively compact, with external dimensions of 507 mm x 322 mm x 1765 mm and shipping dimensions of 633 mm x 468 mm x 1893 mm. The net weight is 36 kg and the shipping weight is 47 kg.

The Haier 2 Ton Floor Standing AC HPU-24HE/DC includes a standard controller, and is priced at Rs.330,000. Investing in this unit will provide you with an efficient and reliable air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable all year round.

5.Haier 4.7 Ton HPU-60CA03T3

The Haier 4.7 Ton HPU-60CA03T3 is a single split cabinet type air conditioner that runs on a Copeland compressor and R22 refrigerant for optimal cooling. It is specifically designed to function in extremely hot environments with its 15m long distance airflow supply and wide angle 160°C air sending capability. This air conditioner offers excellent cooling capacity with a Btu/h of 57000 and kW of 16.7, while using only 5.8kW of rated power input for energy-efficient performance with an EER/COP(W/W) ratio of 1700. Enjoy the cool comfort this air conditioner has to offer at a reasonable price of Around Rs.307,999.

6.Haier 8 Ton HPU-96HT03

Haier 8 Ton HPU-96HT03 is the ideal solution for large spaces. With an impressive cooling capacity of up to 96,000 BTU and a heating capacity of 103,400 BTU, this powerful unit is capable of efficiently cooling or heating medium to large rooms with ease. The R22 refrigerant ensures that your Haier 8 Ton HPU-96HT03 works efficiently and reliably for many years to come. With a rated power input of 10.54 KW for cooling, 11.34 kW for heating, and an EER/COP of 2.59/2.67, you can be sure that this model will provide you with excellent value for money.

Air circulation of 4500 m3/h ensures that the air will be evenly and quickly circulated throughout the room. With a 3/380-415/50 power supply, you can rest assured that your Haier 8 Ton HPU-96HT03 unit will provide you with all the power you need. And for those looking for an amazing deal, the Haier 8 Ton HPU-96HT03 is offered at an unbeatable price of Rs.1,274,944. Get yours today and experience the comfort and convenience it brings!

Haier Chiller Ac Price List in Pakistan

Haier Chiller Ac Price in Pakistan
Haier Hpu-48cj03 Air Conditioner 2.0 Ton StandingRs.160,000
Haier 4 Ton Cabinet Air Conditioner HPU-24CE03Rs. 269,999
Haier 4.0 Ton-HPU-48H03/NAFRs. 280,000
Haier 2 Ton Floor Standing AC HPU-24HE/DCRs.330,000
Haier 4.7 Ton HPU-60CA03T3Rs.307,999
Haier 8 Ton HPU-96HT03Rs.1,274,944


Haier’s chiller ac is a great investment which can help cool down any hot and humid room. Not only is it very affordable, but it also offers ultra-modern technology to make cooling your room easier and more effective. The ability to customize the settings according to one’s need, the variety of models available in different capacities and the long warranty provided with the product are all important points to consider when thinking about buying a chiller AC from Haier.

Overall, Haier has a range of chilling ACs available at an optimal price for all kinds of customers. From small spaces to large hallways, these chillers provide comfortable temperatures in even the most remote corners of your space. In fact, installing these ACs will leave you baffled at how intelligently they’ll do their job while offering great value for your hard earned money. With this knowledge in hand, you’re now equipped enough to pick the best chiller AC based on your budget and area requirements.