Are you looking for a fabulous and affordable new look? If so, Lakme Salon is the perfect place for you to go! Located in various cities throughout India, this premier beauty destination promises to give you everything your hair needs from expertly crafted haircuts and styling treatments to luxurious color treatments. From the moment you step inside until the time your hair leaves its care, Lakme Salon enhances each of your individual features with a combination of creativity, innovation, and unbeatable expertise. Here we will provide an up-to-date price list for all the services that Lakme Salon has to offer cuts, colors, treatments and more so that you can get beautiful hair without breaking the bank.

Hair Lakme Salon Prices

If you are looking for the perfect salon to achieve your hair goals, then the Lakme Salon should definitely be a top contender. With over 500 salons across India, they offer premium services at competitive prices that range from Rs.1200 to Rs.20000 on average. From haircuts and styling, to treatments and color it has everything that you seek in a salon experience. With friendly staff trainined specially trained to help you get the best out of your look, Lakme Salon is the way to go if you’re hoping to turn heads with your new hairdo!

Hair Lakme Salon Hair Cut Price List

Hair Cut TypesPrices
Men hair cutting chargesRs. 600
Stylist HaircutRs. 412
Hair cut by Senior ArtistRs. 766
Feather cut priceRs. 900 to 1500
Kids Haircut chargesRs. 354
Women hair cutting chargesRs. 800
Fringe hair cut priceRs. 294
Hair cut by DesigneRs. 1356

At Lakme Salon, we offer a range of haircuts for all genders and ages. Hair Lakme Salon Stylist Haircut is Rs.412, while a Hair Cut by Senior Artist will cost Rs.766. For something more unique, Hair Lakme Salon Designer Haircuts are available at Rs.1356. We also offer Fringe Hair Cuts for Rs.294, and Kids Haircuts for Rs.354. Women’s Hair Cut charges are Rs.800, while Men’s Hair Cut charges are slightly lower at Rs.600. Whichever haircut you choose, you can be sure that our stylists will provide a look that is up-to-date and fashionable and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Hair Lakme Salon Makeup Price List

Bridal and Party MakeupPrices
Wedding Makeup Ultimate Airbrush Make Up Senior ArtistRs.15500
SUN KISSED RADIANCE Sn. Artist, Bridal ExpertRs.4500
Groom MakeUp Sn. Artist, Bridal ExpertRs.3500
Wedding Makeup Crème Base Make Up ArtistRs.8000
GroomMake Up ArtistRs.2500
RED CARPET CHIC Sn. Artist, Bridal ExpertRs.8500
Bridal occasion Liquid Lustre Make Up Bridal ExpertRs.13500
Bridal occasion Ultimate Airbrush Make UpSenior ArtistRs.13000
Bridal occasion Ultimate Airbrush Make Up Bridal ExpertRs.15500
C Senior ArtistRs.16000
Wedding Makeup HD Airbrush Make Up Senior ArtistRs.20000

Looking for a classic bridal look, the Lakme Salon offers Ultimate Airbrush Makeup with Senior Artist at a rate of ₹15500. For occasions other than weddings, you can avail the same service from a Bridal Expert at ₹13000. If you want to try something new and unique, opt for the SUN KISSED RADIANCE service at ₹4500, offered by Senior Artist and Bridal Expert.

The Lakme Salon also offers Liquid Lustre Makeup with a Bridal Expert for a cost of ₹13500. For wedding makeup, the HD Airbrush Makeup with Senior Artist is available at the rate of ₹20000. For a natural, youthful look that will last all day, try the YOUNG FOREVER service at ₹4500 or Groom Make Up with an Artist for just ₹250. With such affordable services and excellent quality makeup, Lakme Salon has become the go-to salon for weddings and special occasions.

Hair Lakme Salon Facial Price List

Hair Lakme Salon FacialPrice List
Sensi Calm FacialRs. 1298
Choco Revival FacialRs. 1534
Good Bye Tan FacialRs. 1770
Perfect Radiance Illuminate FacialRs. 2596
Fruit FacialRs. 1298
Youth Infinity Sculpting FacialRs. 3068
Gloss Intense Hydrating Ritual FacialRs. 1534
Ageless FacialRs. 1770
Insta Sheen FacialRs. 1888
Acne Scar Reducing FacialRs. 1888

Lakme Salon’s facial services provide a wide range of options to meet your individual beauty needs. From Sensi Calm Facial to Perfect Radiance Illuminate Facial, Lakme Salon has the perfect treatment for you. Lakme Salon facials help nourish and revitalise your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and glowing. Lakme Salon use only the best products and treatments to ensure that you get the best results. All of our facials are affordably priced, with prices ranging from Rs. 1298 to Rs. 3068. Visit Lakme Salon today for your perfect facial treatment!


Today, taking care of yourself can be easy and affordable. Lakme has provided an extensive range of services on its salon price list for 2024. With quality hairstylists and excellent customer service, you’re guaranteed satisfaction every time you walk through their doors. Whether you’re planning a special day out to refresh your look or need routine maintenance of your hair, Lakme is the perfect place to go. So give them a try and enjoy the feeling of looking and feeling fabulous! In conclusion, don’t take life too seriously have fun with your look and embrace the beauty that lies within you!