Hamdard Products have been trusted for centuries by people around the world to provide them with natural remedies and health boosting products. This time, we bring you a specialized range of healthy male care products introduced by renowned Hamdard Laboratories from Pakistan. Hamdard selection of best Hamdard products for men offers exceptional cure and healing properties backed up by unconditional quality assurance provided across extensive array of classic herbal remedies dedicatedly crafted for male physique needs. All these remarkable formulations are based upon ancient herbs coupled with modern scientific technology providing longer lasting results. Read on to learn more about exciting features these excellent Hamdard medicines in Urdu offer!

Hamdard Products for Male in Urdu 2024

Hamdard products for males are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. These products provide a variety of health benefits, such as improving energy levels, enhancing physical performance, promoting general well being, and increasing libido. The ingredients used in these products are carefully selected from natural sources and are conveniently packaged for easy use.

Hamdard Products for MaleSizeRates
Balooti100 GmRs. 350
Habbe Nishat20 PillsRs. 220
Majun Mughalliz Jawahar Wali100 GmRs. 340
Qurs Jiryan75 TebletsRs. 700
Majun Arad Khurma100 GmRs. 140
Habbe Ambar Momiyaee20 TabletsRs. 300
Labub Kabir100 GmRs. 280
Dynamol Cream10 GmRs. 3000
Majun Shabab Awar50 GmRs. 280
Majun Falasfa100 GmRs. 160

Hamdard Products for Female in Urdu 2024

Hamdard Products for FemaleSizeRates
Selanole20 TabletsRs. 70
Sharbat Mudir150 MLRs. 85
Masturin120 MLRs. 85
Arusak50 GmNA
Majun Muqawwi Reham125 gmN/A
Hamdard Supari Pak120 GmRs. 150
Sharbat Mudir150 MLRs. 75
Habbe Hamal20 PillsRs. 120
Majun Mochras100 GmRs. 90
Mahwari20 CapsulesRs. 95
Zamad Shabab50 GmAround Rs.1550

Hamdard Laboratories was founded in 1906 by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed in Delhi, India. Since its establishment, Hamdard has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected manufacturers of Unani pharmaceutical products in Pakistan and other parts of South Asia.

Some of their most well-known products include Sharbat Rooh Afza, Safi, Roghan Badam Shirin, Sualin, Joshina and Cinkara. Each one of these products is made following traditional Unani medicinal practices which ensure optimal efficacy and excellent results.

Hamdard Laboratories also runs the Hamdard Foundation in Pakistan, a charitable educational trust that focuses on providing comprehensive healthcare and education services to the rural population. The Foundation has been involved in numerous programs such as health camps, campaigns against drug abuse, awareness seminars and more.

Hamdard remains committed to its core ideals of providing quality Unani products to its customers around the world. Their dedication towards traditional medicinal practices and their commitment towards social wellbeing have enabled them to become one of the most respected and trusted companies in Pakistan.