Are you looking to find the best price for a hardball bat in Pakistan. This guide is here to help you identify and acquire your perfect baseball bat, whatever your budget may be. From weighing up different types of bats, discussing materials like wood or metal alloy, and exploring markets across Pakistan we can break down all the details so you can make an informed purchase decision. Investing in the right hardball bat could propel your game to new heights let’s get started and explore everything there is to know about shopping for bats in Pakistan!

Hard Ball Bat Price In Pakistan

Hard Ball BatPrice In Pakistan
CA Plus 3000 Hard Ball Bat₨.26,000
CA Plus 12000 Cricket Bat₨.36,000
HS 41 Cricket Bat₨.45,500
Kookaburra Plasma 1000 Cricket Bat₨.37,600
MB Bubbar Sher Cricket Bat₨.22,500
Nam Pro 444 Hard-Ball Bat₨.19,990
GM Six6 F4.5 DXM 808 Cricket Bat₨.34,000
MB Limited Edition Cricket Bat₨.19,500
Nam Pro 333 Hard-Ball BatRs. 12,990
CA White Dragon 7 Star Cricket BatRs.76,500

You can find bats in the ₨11,000 to 80,000 range, depending on the brand and features you desire. A premium bat with advanced features like extra long handle length and lightweight design may be closer to the higher end of that range, while a more basic bat made with standard materials will likely run closer to the lower end. Either way, it’s important to do some research first before heading out to make your choice so you know what options are available in respect to both price and quality.

List of Best Hard Ball Bats In Pakistan With Prices

There are many options available in Pakistan. Some bats are made from different types of wood, and others are made from various synthetic materials. Each type has its own unique characteristics that can influence the performance of a bat. In this article, we will explore some of the best hard ball bats available in Pakistan and their prices.

1.CA Plus 3000 Hard Ball Bat

The CA Plus 10000 Hard Ball Bat Price in Pakistan is an absolute steal. It has 6+ grains which makes it great for big hits and the sweet spot is excellent. The bat also has an ultra grip with a 3D sticker, making it easier to hold and play with confidence. Best of all, this bat carries a price tag of only ₨.26,000 and you can purchase it easily from an online store. This bat was also used and recommended by professional cricket player Tamim Iqbal, so you know that you can trust its quality to help you up your game.

2.CA Plus 12000 Cricket Bat

This CA Plus 10000 Hard Ball Bat has been crafted with the highest quality materials for superior performance and exceptional durability. The bat is made from specially selected super best grade 1 willow, which contains 7+ straight grains and a robust edge. Furthermore, it features a bulky sweet spot that offers more power while playing.

Additionally, the bat comes pre knocked and fitted with toe guard and clear face tape for added protection. It also comes with a special bat cover to keep the bat safe when not in use. The weight of the bat ranges from 2lb7oz to 2lb10oz, and it can also be made to order in Long Handle and Long Blade, on demand. With all these great features, the CA Plus 10000 Hard Ball Bat is available at an affordable price of ₨.36,000. So if you’re looking for a bat that will deliver superior performance and long lasting durability, then this is the one for you.

3.HS 41 Cricket Bat

The HS 41 Cricket Bat is the ultimate choice for any serious or aspiring cricketer. Handcrafted with only the finest quality materials, this bat provides superior performance and power with every swing. The handle is made from premium Sarawak Cane, providing superior control while the toe guard and moisture protector protect it from damage. Plus, it comes with a full length padded bat cover for added protection. Additionally, the HS 41 Cricket Bat can be made to order in Junior Sizes 4,5, 6, Long Handle and Long Blade if desired. With unbeatable quality and performance that you can rely on, it’s no wonder the HS 41 Cricket Bat comes at a price of ₨ 45,500.

4.Kookaburra Plasma 1000 Cricket Bat

The Kookaburra Plasma 1000 Cricket Bat is designed for power and precision. Featuring a high blade sweet spot of 250mm, a big edge rounded profile from 35-41mm, a rounded ‘Dynamic Power’ face, a super spine up to 64mm, and slight concave scallop from 6-8mm. The bat is further enhanced by an approx 8-10mm bow and an Oval PowerDrive handle with a Zig Zag ‘Trio’ Grip. All of these features combine to create the perfect bat for players looking to hit big shots and make those important runs. With its superior construction, design, and performance, it’s no wonder the Kookaburra Plasma 1000 Cricket Bat is priced at ₨.37,600 in Pakistan. Whether you’re a novice or a professional cricketer, the Kookaburra Plasma 1000 Cricket Bat is sure to give you an edge on the field and make your game even better.

5.MB Bubbar Sher Cricket Bat

The MB Bubbar Sher Cricket Bat is made with top grade materials which ensures superior performance. The bat has a light weight, great balance and durability, giving you the perfect combination of power and accuracy to help you excel on the cricket field. Additionally, its hand-selected blemish-free English Willow provides an ideal quality that can meet the demands of any international player. With its high performance and excellent quality, the MB Bubbar Sher Cricket Bat is definitely worth every penny of its price tag at ₨.22,500. Get your hands on this bat today and take your game to the next level!

6.Nam Pro 444 Hard-Ball Bat

The Nam Pro 444 Hard-Ball Bat is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a bat that provides power and performance. This bat is crafted from high quality English willow, giving it substantial edges to help hit hard balls further with maximum power. The elongated swell height of this bat helps provide an improved balance point, while its super concaved profile and toe provide perimeter weighting for greater control. The bat is also pre-knocked for better stroke playability. With all these great features, the Nam Pro 444 Hard-Ball Bat is a great choice for any serious cricket player looking to take their game to the next level. And at only ₨ 19,990, you can’t go wrong with this quality bat.

7.GM Six6 F4.5 DXM 808 Cricket Bat

The GM Six6 F4.5 DXM 808 Cricket Bat is the ultimate bat for players who want superior performance and feel. This bat is made from unbleached Grade 2 English willow, with minor blemishes and some colour on one edge. It is fitted with a good quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle to provide an outstanding feel, flex and control. The bat also features GM NOW! and ToeTek™ finish fitted as standard.

The bat has substantial F4.5 contoured edges, an elongated swell height, a Powerarc bow, a concaved back profile with 4.5mm face curvature and reduced toe and shoulders. It is also equipped with a new Dynamic Grip for enhanced comfort while playing.

Specifications-wise, the bat has a maximum swell depth of 61mm, a maximum edge of 40mm and its blade volume is 2,297 cm3. The ToeTek Technology gives it extra durability and strength to last longer on the field. All these features come at a price of ₨.34,000.

If you’re looking for superior performance and feel while playing cricket, the GM Six6 F4.5 DXM 808 Cricket Bat is the perfect choice for you. So get it today and take your game to the next level!

8.MB Limited Edition Cricket Bat

The MB Limited Edition Cricket Bat is an exceptional piece of sporting equipment. Crafted from Grade 1 English Willow, this bat has been hand selected for its blemish free properties and promises to deliver superior power and balance in the hands of advanced players. The light weight design makes it easy to manoeuvre on the field while delivering maximum performance. Its durability ensures it stands the test of time, making it a great investment for those looking for long term use. The MB Limited Edition Cricket Bat is available at the unbeatable price of ₨19,500 in Pakistan. With its superior quality and great value, this bat is an excellent choice for any serious player.

9.Nam Pro 333 Hard-Ball Bat

The Nam Pro 333 Hard-Ball Bat is a great choice for batting enthusiasts. It is made from English willow, with substantial edges that provide the hitter with power and control. Its elongated swell height adds more leverage when hitting the ball, while the super concaved profile and toe ensures maximum balance. With perimeter weighting added to focus on the sweet spot, this bat is sure to give you the best performance. It also comes pre-knocked for better strokes and an improved feel when hitting the ball. With all these features, it’s no wonder that the Nam Pro 333 Hard-Ball Bat has a price of Rs. 12,990 in Pakistan.

10.CA White Dragon 7 Star Cricket Bat

The CA White Dragon 7 Star Cricket Bat is the perfect choice for any serious player. It is expertly prepared from Super Best English Willow, and designed to meet the exact requirements of international players. The bat offers awesome power in its striking area with an enormous sweet spot and 9+ straight grains for ultimate balance and performance. With its advanced construction and design, this bat can take your game to a whole new level. Plus, it comes with a competitive price of Rs.76,500 making it an excellent value for money. Whether you’re just starting out or are already at the top of your game, this is the perfect cricket bat to help you reach your goals.


In conclusion, it is evident that the price of hard ball cricket bats in Pakistan varies depending on several factors such as quality, size, and brand. Investing in a good cricket bat is essential for any player as it can greatly increase your chances of success in the game. With so many options available to choose from in the Pakistani market, you’re sure to find a suitable bat at an affordable price.

Making sure that you invest your money into high quality material will ensure that your cricket bat serves you for a long time. Furthermore, getting yourself a trusty bat will also give you more confidence about your performance on the field. No matter what type of cricketing experience you are looking for, having a great cricket bat won’t let you down!