Are you looking for a reliable and affordable source to buy hearing aids in Pakistan. If so, then this is the perfect blog post for you! In this article, we’ll be discussing everything related to hearing aid prices in Pakistan.

We’ll discuss what goes into cost of hearing aids, as well as some tips on how to save money while still ensuring that your new device meets all your needs. Finally, we’ll answer frequently asked questions about buying a hearing aid in the country. Read on to learn all there is know about buying a quality hearing aid at an economical price here in Pakistan!

Hearing Aid Price In Pakistan 2024

If you or someone you know suffers from hearing loss, you may be wondering about the availability and affordability of hearing aids in Pakistan. With the price of hearing aids ranging from Rs.3,899 to 6000, there are options available for individuals at various price points.

While the lower end of the price spectrum may offer basic hearing amplification, higher price points often provide more advanced features like noise cancellation technology and wireless connectivity.

It is important to speak with a hearing healthcare professional to determine which hearing aid is best suited to your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Don’t let hearing loss hold you back any longer there are options available in Pakistan to improve your quality of life.

1.Ear Hearing Aid

The Clear Tone Ear Hearing Aid is the perfect solution for those with hearing loss, providing outstanding sound quality without being bulky or uncomfortable. At only 55 milligrams, this device fits snugly behind your ear and provides a range of 6 sound enhancement levels to suit your needs. With an intuitive on/off switch conveniently located at your fingertips, you can adjust and rotate the device to fit your right or left ear. The battery is included in the purchase price of ₨ 3,899 so you can start using it right away. With Clear Tone, you’ll never miss a sound again!

If you’re looking for additional features, Clear Tone also offers the option to customize the device according to your own sound preferences. With its adjustable volume and fine-tuning options, you can adjust the settings until you find the perfect balance of sound level that suits your needs. Whether you want a soft background hum or more powerful audio power, Clear Tone has it all. With Clear Tone, you’ll never have to worry about hearing loss again!

Plus, the device is easy to use and maintain. An LED indicator light lets you know when the battery needs to be replaced, and a simple cleaning cloth is included in the package for quick cleaning.

2.LifeCare Ear Hearing Aid Amplifier Handy Mini

This LifeCare Ear Hearing Aid Amplifier Handy Mini offers great sound quality at an affordable price. It has a maximum sound output of 130±5dB and a sound gain of ≥50dB, as well as Total Harmonic Wave Distortion (THD) of ≤10%.

The frequency range is 300-4000Hz and the input noise is ≤30dB. It runs on DC 1.5V and ≤4mA of current, and 4 batteries are included free!

To use it, you’ll need to open the cartridge cover to insert the battery correctly – Zine Air battery is recommended for best results. Make sure that the unit is switched off or the volume knob is down before plugging in the earplug. Once it’s done, you can turn the power on and adjust the volume to get a clear sound without any whistling noise.

Overall, this is a great value hearing aid amplifier for anyone looking for an affordable yet effective solution. Get yours now at only ₨ 1,950!

For added convenience, this device is lightweight and portable, so you can easily store it in a pocket or bag. With its adjustable design, it is also suitable for all sizes of ears. Best of all, the sound quality produced by this device can help improve your hearing experience!

Take advantage of this great offer and get your own LifeCare Ear Hearing Aid Amplifier Handy Mini today! Enjoy clear.

3.Beurer HA 20 Hearing Amplifier-Beurer

The Beurer HA 20 Hearing Amplifier offers a personalized fit for your ear canal and is ideal for those with restricted hearing ability. It features an ergonomic design that fits comfortably behind the ear, and amplifies all sounds indoors and outdoors. The amplifier also has three attachments to individually adjust it to the ear canal, from a frequency range of 200 to 5000 Hz.

The maximum amplification provided by the device is 40 dB, and the maximum volume it can reach is 128 dB. This hearing amplifier is also a medical device, making it a quality option for those who need one. All this for only ₨ 3000! With its features and price point, the Beurer HA 20 Hearing Amplifier is sure to provide great value for its users. It is the perfect choice for those who need to improve their hearing ability without breaking the bank. With this hearing amplifier, you can be sure to experience clear and amplified sound like never before!

4.F-138 Sound Amplifier Hearing Aids In Ear Hearing

This F-138 Sound Amplifier Hearing Aids In Ear Hearing Enhancement Device is designed to be comfortable, provide natural sound and be easy to use. It’s invisible and not easy to slip off, with silicone ear plugs, it will make sure you can wear it for a long time without discomfort. You can now easily hear friends and family clearly again.

Hearing aids do not require any complicated buttons; simply turn it on, set your volume preference, and you can start hearing the world around you again. This device will help you watch movies, appreciate dramas, attend meetings, and even attend classes with ease. It’s perfect for those who want to hear subtle sounds as well. Plus, this device uses brand new and modern earplugs to provide maximum comfort and reduce congestion caused by ear wax accumulation. And all of these features come with an affordable price tag of ₨ 2,532.

5.AXON-V-163-BTE Hearing Aid

The AXON-V-163-BTE Hearing Aid is designed to provide maximum comfort and sound quality. Its input noise level is also quite low at ≤30dB. Powered by a DC 1.5V voltage and ≤4mA current, this hearing aid is easy to use. Simply open the cartridge cover and insert a Zine Air battery into the correct position.

Before using it, make sure that power is turned off or set the volume to “l”. Once plugged in securely with the ear hook, turn on the power and adjust the volume to get a clear sound. If you hear any whistling, check to see if the earplug is securely in place and try using a different size plug if needed.

At a price of just ₨ 2,000, the AXON-V-163-BTE Hearing Aid is an affordable and reliable solution for those dealing with hearing loss. It’s sure to provide users with the sound clarity and comfort they need. Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with its performance. With this hearing aid, you can be sure that your hearing is taken care of.

6.CYBER SONIC Hearing Aid Cyber Sonic

The CYBER SONIC Hearing Aid is an ideal choice for those who require a device that can amplify sound and improve hearing. This hearing aid is made of durable material and its small size makes it perfect for everyday use. It comes with a beige color and includes 3 earplugs of different sizes, 1 storage box, 3 button batteries, and the amplifier itself.

All of these come neatly packaged in the original box, and the price for this hearing aid is ₨ 2,414. With its features and affordability, the CYBER SONIC Hearing Aid is a great option for anyone with hearing loss or difficulties.

Additionally, it is lightweight and has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the ear canal. Furthermore, it features an adjustable volume control to make listening easier. It also includes a convenient power switch that can be easily turned on and off. With all these features, the CYBER SONIC Hearing Aid is sure to provide a great experience for users with hearing difficulties!

7.JZ-1088H Mini Digital Hearing Aid

JZ-1088H Mini Digital Hearing Aid is the perfect way to get comfortable and lightweight sound amplification. It has a max sound output of 110±5dB, with a sound gain of ≥30dB and Total harmonic wave distortion ≤10%.

Frequency range is 300Hz-4000Hz, with an input noise of ≤40dB. Voltage for this device is D.C.1.5V and the current is ≤4mA with a total size of 261519mm (LWH). All this for an affordable price of ₨ 1,893! With its small size and lightweight design, it can easily fit into your pocket and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

The JZ-1088H Mini Digital Hearing Aid is the perfect tool for those who are looking to improve their hearing without having to deal with bulky, uncomfortable devices. Plus, its accuracy and performance make it one of the best choices in this category.

8.Rechargeable Amplifying Hearing Aid Mini Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid

The Rechargeable Amplifying Hearing Aid Mini Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid is one of the most advanced hearing aids available on the market today. This powerful device is capable of producing an output power of 3.6MW and a maximum sound output of 125 ± 4 dB, giving users unparalleled clarity in their audio experience. With a sound gain of 38 DB and a frequency range of 450 to 3500hz, it can provide users with improved hearing in both quiet and noisy environments. It also features an equivalent input noise of ≤ 30 dB and a harmonic distortion of ≤ 10%, so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted background noise or distortion.

For added convenience, the Rechargeable Amplifying Hearing Aid Mini Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid also has a continuous working time of up to 15 hours, powered by a low current of 2mA and a working voltage of DC1.2v.

All this comes at an affordable price of ₨ 6,999 and is sure to be the perfect hearing aid for anyone looking for improved audio quality in their daily life. With its advanced features and affordability, the Rechargeable Amplifying Hearing Aid Mini Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid is sure to be a hit with both experienced and novice hearing aid users.

It’s easy to see why this hearing aid would be so popular amongst those looking for improved audio quality in their everyday life. Whether you need it for work or leisure, the Rechargeable Amplifying Hearing Aid Mini Digital Hearing Amplifier Aid is sure to give you the hearing aid experience you’ve been looking for.

9.Hearing-aid Portable Ear Mounted Amplifying

This hearing-aid Portable Ear Mounted Amplifying is imported with good quality chip, featuring advanced noise filtering technology that makes the sound both real and delicate while automatically adjusting the audible range to protect your hearing. With a single key operation and an easy to use volume adjustment knob, it’s simple to operate without any hassle.

The small back of ear sound amplifier is easy to carry when you’re out and about, allowing for clear communication. It also features a stable voltage on battery to protect the device and provide strong power.

For Rs 1,369 you can enjoy improved sound quality with this hearing-aid Portable Ear Mounted Amplifying, making it a great purchase for those looking to improve their hearing. With its simple operation and noise filtering technology, this device is sure to provide the help you need in hearing clearly.

In addition, it’s also lightweight and easy to carry around, so you can take it with you wherever you go. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable way to improve your hearing, this hearing-aid Portable Ear Mounted Amplifying is definitely worth considering.

10.AXON K-86 Hearing Aid

The AXON K-86 Hearing Aid is a great choice for those with hearing loss. It helps to amplify sound, making it easier to hear conversations and other audible sounds. To get the most out of this device, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Before wearing the AXON K-86 Hearing Aid, make sure to adjust the volume to its lowest setting. Additionally, you should choose an earplug of slightly larger size than normal in order to reduce any whistling or howling that may occur. When increasing the volume, do so gradually to avoid sudden increases in sound.

If you hear any signs of howling, make sure the earpiece is properly sealed with no air leaks and that the size of the plug is tight. Cleaning your earplugs regularly is also recommended to maintain sound quality. Finally, if you are not using the AXON K-86 Hearing Aid for a long period of time, make sure to remove the battery. The device retails at Rs 2,280 and can be easily purchased online or in stores.


In conclusion, hearing aid price in Pakistan is an important point to consider when trying to find the best device for your needs. Prices vary depending on the type of device and overall features, so it pays to do research and compare different brands.

While cost is a valid factor to consider, don’t let it be your primary consideration make sure you are getting a device that will meet your current needs and also last in the long term. Hearing aids can be expensive investments but they are ultimately worth the benefits if chosen with care. With all this in mind, keep your ears open for good deals while always putting quality first!