Honda enthusiasts can look forward to the 2024 model of the CD 70, slated for release on October 21, 2023! Along with the classic CD70, this year’s lineup includes the Dream edition for those who want a more customized look. But that’s not all! The CG125 series has also been updated with both the regular and self-start options, while the CB125F and CB150F boast a more powerful engine for speed demons. Meanwhile, the Pridor offers a balance of style and substance for those with a more practical mindset. With such a wide range of options, there’s sure to be a Honda bike for everyone!

Honda CD 70 2024 Model New Prices 21 October 2023

Bike modelsPrices
Honda CD70Rs157,900
Honda CD70 DreamRs168,900
Honda CG125Rs234,900
Honda CG125 SelfRs282,900
Honda CB125FRs390,900
Honda CB150FRs493,900
Honda PridorRs208,900

New Prices for Honda CD 70 Model for 2024 Released

Honda has recently released the new prices for their popular bike model, the CD 70. These new prices will be effective from October 21st, 2023. This announcement has created quite a buzz among bikers and Honda enthusiasts.

The old price for the Honda CD 70 was Rs. 157,900, but with the upcoming changes, it is now expected to be priced at Rs. 137,900. This means a price reduction of Rs. 22,000 for this particular model.

But that’s not all, Honda has also made changes to their other models as well. The popular CG125 Self will see a significant price reduction from Rs. 282,900 to an expected price of Rs. 244,400, which is a difference of Rs. 38,500.

Similarly, the Honda 125 Simple model will also see a decrease in its price from Rs. 234,900 to an expected price of Rs. 201,400, resulting in a reduction of Rs. 33,500.

With these new prices, Honda is aiming to make their bikes more affordable and accessible for the general public. This move is expected to attract more customers and increase sales for the company.

For all the bikers out there, mark your calendars for October 21st, 2023 and get ready to purchase your favorite Honda bike at a reduced price. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest releases and news from Honda. So, keep an eye out for any new information regarding these new prices and models. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a Honda bike at a more affordable price!

Honda is a well-known brand in the motorcycle industry, offering a wide range of high-quality and reliable bikes. One of their popular models is the Honda CD 70, which has been a favorite among riders for many years.

In this document, we will be discussing the new prices for the Honda CD 70 2024 model, which are set to be released on October 21st, 2023. We will also take a look at some of the other bike models offered by Honda and their corresponding prices.

So if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or planning to purchase a new bike, keep reading to find out more about the latest updates from Honda.

About Honda CD 70

The Honda CD 70 is a classic and iconic model that has been in production since the 1970s. It is known for its durable build, fuel efficiency, and affordability, making it a popular choice among riders of all ages.

Over the years, Honda has continuously improved upon the design and features of the CD 70 to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the market. And now, with the release of the 2024 model, we can expect even more upgrades and enhancements.

New Prices for Honda CD 70 2024 Model

As mentioned earlier, the new prices for the Honda CD 70 2024 model will be released on October 21st, 2023. While there is no official announcement yet, rumors suggest that the price may increase slightly from the previous model.

However, with Honda’s reputation for providing value for money, we can be sure that even with the increase in price, the CD 70 will still offer an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability.

Other Honda Bike Models and Prices

Apart from the CD 70, Honda also offers a variety of other bike models to cater to different needs and preferences. Here is a list of some popular models and their corresponding prices:

ModelRetail Price (Exclusive of Sales Tax)Sales Tax 18 18%Retail Price (Inclusive of Sales Tax
CD70 (Red. Black)133,813.5624,086.44157,900
CD70 DREAM (Red, BlackSilver)143,135.5925,764.41168,900
PRIDOR (Red, BlackBlue)177,033.9031,866.10208,900
CG125 (Red, Black)199,067.8035,832.20234,900
CG125S (Red, Black)239,745.7643,154.24282,900
CB125F (Red. BlackBlue)331,271.1959,628.81390,900
CB150F(Red. Black)418,559.3275,340.68493,900
(Silver, Blue)421,949.1575,950.85497,900


With the new prices for the Honda CD 70 2024 model set to be released in October 2023, it’s an exciting time for motorcycle enthusiasts and potential buyers. Keep an eye out for any official announcements from Honda and get ready to experience the latest version of this iconic bike. So whether you’re a fan of the CD 70 or looking for a reliable and affordable bike, Honda has you covered with their wide range of models. Happy riding! So if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or planning to purchase a new bike, keep reading to find out more about the latest updates from Honda.