Are you looking for a reliable and dependable motorbike to replace its aging parts? Get ready to upgrade your Honda CD 70 with genuine spare parts available at the most competitive prices! With the right knowledge of spare parts, you can make sure that you get the most out of your money by getting exactly what you need for an efficient, safe ride. Check out our ultimate guide on the Honda CD70 bike spare part price list in Pakistan and find out where to get them from!

Honda CD 70 Bike Spare Parts Price in Pakistan

If you’re in Pakistan and own a Honda CD 70 bike, then you might be interested in the price list for spare parts. Lucky for you, the range of prices is quite reasonable, with parts ranging anywhere from Rs.200 to Rs.3000. No matter what part you might need for your bike, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get it. Whether it’s a new back tire, a replacement brake pad, or something more complex, Honda has got you covered with affordable options. So rest assured knowing that your Honda CD 70 bike can keep running smoothly without costing you an arm and a leg.

Atlas Honda CD70 Motorcycle Spare Parts Rate List

Spare Parts TypesPrice in Pakistan
TOOL BOX CD-70Rs.300
Spark Plug CD70Rs.385
Head Light Assembly CD70Rs.1370
Bike Brake ShoeRs. 200
Bike Brake Shoe PlateRs. 700
CAM Chain SetRs. 750
CAM Shaft CompleteRs. 1500
Candy Golden Alter Best Fuel TankRs. 2800
Carburetor Old ModelRs. 4500
CD70 Silencer LocalRs. 1050
CDI UnitRs. 500
Chain Sprocket KitRs. 1900
Clutch PlateRs. 750
Connecting Rod Kit GenuineRs. 2600
Down Model MeterRs. 1500
Fork BushRs. 200
Full Jain Kit for MotorcycleRs. 550
Bike Gas KitRs. 800
Bike Gas Kit Cylinder HeadRs. 450
Gauge Oil LevelRs. 100
Gear lever GNRs. 650
Genuine Beam LightRs. 900
Genuine BearingRs. 350
Genuine Brake Light CoverRs. 150
Genuine Handle ConeRs. 650
Genuine Honda Shock SpringRs. 430
Genuine Honda NGK PlugRs. 350
Genuine SwitchRs. 600
Kick Spring GNRs. 200
Bike OSAKA Dry BatteryRs. 1000
Piston KitRs. 600
Element Air Cleaner Filter before 2013Rs.160
Right Crank CaseRs. 2000
Bike Seat CarearRs. 850
Volta Dry Battery for BikeRs. 2000
Engine Oil 700 ml CD70Rs.635
CD-70 REAR HUBRs.2500
CD 70 Typre PriceRs.3200 to 6000

Honda CD 70 Bike Spare Parts

Honda CD 70 is a popular bike model in Pakistan and its spare parts are also easily available. There are several brands of Honda CD 70 Spare Parts that can be found in the market including Meezan, Sohrab and United Autos. All these brands offer high quality spares for this bike at affordable prices. The most commonly available parts are engine, tires, brakes, suspension and electrical components.

The availability of Honda CD 70 Spare Parts in Pakistan makes it easy for people to repair or maintain their bikes. These spares can be bought from local stores as well as online outlets. The prices vary depending on the brand and quality but they generally remain within an affordable range.

The best way to make sure you get genuine Honda CD 70 Spare Parts is to buy them from authorized dealers or reputable outlets. This will ensure that the parts are original and compatible with your bike. In addition, it is important to check the warranty of the spares before purchasing them in order to avoid any future problems.

Overall, Honda CD 70 Spare Parts are easily available in Pakistan and provide a great option for bike owners to ensure their bikes stay on the road. With the right parts in hand, you can make sure your bike remains reliable and efficient for years to come. Just make sure to purchase only genuine parts from authorized dealers or reputable outlets. This will ensure that the parts are original and compatible with your bike.


To sum up, Honda CD 70 is considered as one of the most reliable and efficient bikes in Pakistan. There are a variety of spare parts available at reasonable prices, making it easy to maintain the bike with minimal cost. The price list provided can be used as a guide to compare and pick out the best parts for your motorcycle.

Additionally, it is always recommended that you go for genuine parts rather than fake ones as they are more reliable and will last longer. Finally, regardless of price or brand, always perform regular maintenance checks so that you can have a safe and smooth ride every time!