Honda Civic Reborn Fuel Average in Pakistan

Honda Reborn has quickly become one of Pakistan’s most popular cars. Boasting a sleek look and outstanding fuel efficiency, it is no surprise that the vehicle appeals to so many people. With its sophisticated design and strong performance on the roads, drivers are pleased with what Honda Reborn has to offer. But what about its fuel average in Pakistan? In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the Honda Reborn’s impressive fuel economy figures and explore how they compare to other vehicles on the market today. Read on for more information about this phenomenal car!


Civic Reborn Fuel Average in Pakistan

Honda Reborn VariantsAverage MileageCity MileageHighway Mileage
Honda Civic Standard1500 cc, Automatic, Petrol12.5 KM/L11.0 KM/L14.0 KM/L
Honda Civic Oriel1500 cc, Automatic, Petrol12.5 KM/L11.0 KM/L14.0 KM/L
Honda Civic RS1500 cc, Automatic, Petrol12.5 KM/L11.0 KM/L14.0 KM/L

The Honda Reborn, widely popular in Pakistan, showcases commendable fuel efficiency. It is available in three variants: The Honda Civic Standard, Honda Civic Oriel, and Honda Civic RS. Each of these variants features a 1500 cc automatic petrol engine, offering an average mileage of 12.5 KM/L. In city conditions, the mileage slightly decreases to 11.0 KM/L, due to traffic and frequent stoppages. However, on the highway, these cars deliver an impressive 14.0 KM/L, owing to the smoother and less congested driving conditions. These figures underline the Honda Reborn’s reputation as a fuel-efficient choice for Pakistani motorists.

Honda Civic Reborn’s Overview

Honda Civic Reborn Fuel Average in Pakistan

The Honda Civic Reborn, a standout model in Honda’s lineup, is renowned for its exceptional fuel efficiency and stylish design, making it a top choice for car enthusiasts in Pakistan. This vehicle has redefined the concept of fuel-efficient driving without compromising on power or performance. The model incorporates an array of advanced features, providing drivers with an unrivaled blend of comfort, utility, and eco-friendliness. With the Civic Reborn, Honda continues its tradition of excellence, reinforcing its reputation as a leading automaker.

Honda Civic Reborn’s Fuel Efficiency

The Honda Civic Reborn’s fuel efficiency is truly noteworthy. Managing to achieve 10 Km/L in the busy city streets and a staggering 14 Km/L on the open highway, the car stands as a testament to Honda’s commitment to both performance and sustainability. This remarkable efficiency gives it a significant edge over competitors, proving that the Honda Civic Reborn is not just an aesthetically pleasing vehicle, but also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for today’s conscious driver.

Honda Civic Fuel Cost Calculator

The Honda Civic has long been a popular choice for its fuel efficiency, making it an economical option for daily use. For the standard Honda Civic variant, consider a daily commute of 20 KM. With the current fuel price per liter at PKR 305.36, calculated over 25 days of travel in a month, the monthly fuel cost for a Honda Civic comes out to be PKR 13880.00. This calculation is based on city mileage, ensuring a realistic estimate for urban residents.

Comparing Honda Reborn’s Fuel Efficiency with Other Cars

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Honda Reborn stands tall among its competitors on the Pakistani auto market. For instance, the Toyota Corolla, a popular choice among motorists, offers a mileage of 12 KM/L, which, although impressive, still falls short when compared to the Honda Reborn’s 12.5 KM/L. Similarly, the Suzuki Ciaz, another contender in the compact sedan category, delivers a fuel average of 14 KM/L on the highway, matching the Honda Reborn but not surpassing it.

This comparison further highlights the fuel economy of the Honda Reborn, elevating its standing among both potential buyers and car enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s a long highway journey or a hectic city commute, the Honda Reborn continues to be a reliable and efficient choice, making every drop of fuel count.


What is the fuel average of Honda Civic?

The fuel efficiency of a vehicle is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a car. In this regard, the Honda Civic performs quite well, offering an impressive fuel average of 11 KM/L. This efficiency allows drivers to travel longer distances before the need to refuel, contributing to the overall affordability and convenience of operating this vehicle.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic, renowned for its performance and efficiency, comes with a substantial fuel tank capacity. It has a fuel tank capacity of 47 Liters, enabling extended travel distances before the need for refuelling arises. This feature adds to the convenience and practicality of the vehicle, making it a popular choice among automobile enthusiasts.

What is the monthly fuel cost for Honda Civic?

Considering the current fuel pricing in Pakistan at PKR 305.36 per liter, and a Honda Civic’s average fuel consumption with daily driving of 20 kilometers for a month (25 days), we can calculate the monthly fuel cost. The Honda Civic’s economical fuel consumption translates to a monthly expense of approximately PKR 13880. This amount signifies the economic efficiency of the Honda Civic, making it a practical choice for regular commuting.


In conclusion, Honda Reborn’s fuel average in Pakistan is quite efficient and practical. Despite having different variants and 1500cc, their independent automatic petrol engines gives a consistent engine performance with an overall average mileage of 12.5 Km/l. The city mileage clocks in at 11 Km/l while the highway mileage goes up to 14Km/l giving you maximum value for your money without compromising on its performance and efficiency. Its safe and dependable technology along with its convenience features makes it one of the most demanded cars in Pakistan that provides reliability, comfort, and affordability all together! With this long-term investment option available at such reasonable prices, it won’t be hard to make Honda Reborn your car of choice!