Are you looking for a stylish, fuel-efficient compact SUV that is reliable and cost-effective? Then the Honda Vezel might be your perfect choice. This popular car model has been taking Pakistani roads by storm with its attractive exterior design and great performance capabilities. On top of that, it comes at an affordable price tag! In this blog post we’ll look into the Honda Vezel price in Pakistan to give you a clearer idea on what to expect and how much you can save when buying one. So if you want the best bang for your buck, make sure to read through this comprehensive overview before making your final decision!

Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan

Honda VezelPrice In Pakistan
Honda Vezel e-HEV Play1500 ccRs.13,900,000
Honda Vezel e-HEV X1500 ccRs.8,000,000
Honda Vezel e-HEV Z1500 ccRs.7,000,000
Honda Vezel G1500 ccRs.13,500,000

The Honda Vezel has become a popular choice for car enthusiasts in Pakistan due to its sleek design, modern features, and impressive hybrid engine. The different variants of the Vezel offer a range of features like airbags, power boot, cool box, sun roof, moon roof, and rear AC vents to name a few. With the price ranging from PKR 7,000,000 to PKR 13,900,000, the Honda Vezel e-HEV Play is the most expensive, while the Honda Vezel e-HEV Z is the most affordable. Regardless of which variant you choose, the Vezel promises a smooth and efficient ride on Pakistan’s roads.

Honda Vezel Overview

The Honda Vezel, also known as the Honda HR-V in various regions, is a series of subcompact SUVs produced by Honda, a renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer. The first generation of Honda Vezel made its debut in 2013 and quickly gained immense popularity in Pakistan. This hybrid vehicle managed to dominate the market considerably, despite facing stiff competition.

The design of the first-generation Honda Vezel boasts a front engine and a front/four-wheel drive, based on the Honda Global Compact Series platform. This platform is shared with other Honda lineup models, such as the Honda Fit, Honda HR-V, and the Honda City. In 2021, Honda unveiled the second generation of the Vezel, available in four different variants. The new Vezel 2024 comes equipped with several upgrades, positioning it as a strong competitor amongst the latest hybrid vehicles in the market.

Honda Vezel Variants

The Honda Vezel releases four new variants with different engine specifications catering to various needs. The Honda Vezel e-HEV Play, Honda Vezel e-HEV X, and Honda Vezel e-HEV Z models are all powered by a 1500cc hybrid engine, offering a blend of power and energy efficiency.

These automatic hybrids are designed for drivers who wish to balance performance with eco-friendliness. In contrast, the Honda Vezel G comes with a 1496cc petrol engine, presenting a more traditional approach to the driving experience. This non-hybrid model caters to drivers who prefer a classic, petrol-powered drive.

Honda Vezel Exterior

Building upon the second-generation design language, the Honda Vezel’s exterior also features aerodynamic contours that not only add to its aesthetics but also enhance fuel efficiency by reducing wind resistance. The side profile is accentuated by sculpted lines running across the length, imparting a motion-like impression even when stationary.

The alloy wheels fill the wheel arches nicely, giving the Vezel a firm stance on the road. The exterior mirror housings come with integrated turn signals, a feature now standard in this class of vehicles. The car’s ground clearance is adequate for city roads and occasional off-roading, while the compact dimensions make it convenient for urban commuting and parking. The Honda Vezel exterior, with its blend of functionality and style, offers a visually appealing package that stands out in the crossover segment.

Honda Vezel Interior

The Honda Vezel’s interior is crafted with an emphasis on comfort and modern aesthetics. The use of black plastic trim pieces adds a sleek touch to the cabin, complementing the black and beige fabric seat coverings for the Vezel e-HEV X, e-HEV Z, and e-HEV Play variants respectively. The cabin is spacious and thoughtfully designed, featuring a leather-wrapped steering wheel with tilt and telescopic adjustment. The driver’s hand position is met with controls for cruise and radar on the left, and multimedia controls on the right.

Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan

A 7-inch digital meter, complete with a speedometer, provides essential vehicle data and can be customized according to the driver’s preference. Vezel’s push-start technology gives it a competitive edge, offering convenience at the push of a button. The hard and soft plastic dashboard houses a 9-inch infotainment display compatible with both wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto.

The automatic air conditioning system features the latest dual-zone automatic climate control, ensuring optimum comfort for all passengers. Audio quality is top-notch, thanks to the 10 speakers strategically placed throughout the vehicle. Charging needs are also catered for, with four charging ports provided – two for the front passengers and two for those in the rear, including an option for wireless charging.

The 2024 Vezel provides ample storage space, with a trunk designed for maximum usability and rear seats that fold in various directions to create more cargo space. The tailgate offers hands-free access, operable with a simple click of the Honda smart key or by holding your foot over the tailgate sensor. In addition to these features, the Vezel comes standard with power and heated door mirrors, automatic climate control, eight airbags, a stereo speaker system, power windows, power steering, cruise control, hill-descent control, and power lock doors. Higher-end variants even boast standard leather upholstery and the option of satellite navigation.

The new Vezel is also equipped with Honda Connect, offering features such as a digital key for locking and unlocking the car using a smartphone, turning the car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, automatic navigation map updates, and remote operation features like controlling the air conditioning system. It can even send alerts to the driver’s smartphone if the car has been left unlocked and helps locate the car in a large parking lot. The second-generation Honda Vezel offers three driving modes: Normal, Sport, and ECON, ensuring a comfortable, refined, and versatile driving experience for all.

Honda Vezel Engine

The Honda Vezel’s advanced engine system exemplifies automotive innovation at its finest. This model is powered by a two-engine configuration, both harmoniously working alongside a robust 1.5L engine. One of its standout features is the integration of e: HEV hybrid technology, offering three distinct driving modes for enhanced performance and versatility. In EV mode, the Vezel operates purely on electric power harnessed from the battery, ensuring silent, emissions-free driving.

In Hybrid mode, the engine generates electricity that propels the motor, striking a balance between efficiency and power. In Engine mode, the vehicle relies solely on the engine’s power, making it ideal for high-speed cruising. This tri-modal setup allows drivers to customize their driving experience according to their needs and conditions, marking a significant stride in Honda’s commitment towards creating a sustainable and efficient driving ecosystem.

Honda Vezel Mileage Fuel Average

The fuel efficiency of the Honda Vezel 2nd Generation is quite impressive for a compact SUV. The vehicle can cover a distance of about 15-22 kilometers per liter. This translates to a substantial driving range between 600 and 1080 kilometers on a full fuel tank of 40 liters. Hence, it’s a reliable choice for long-distance travel without the frequent need for refueling, making it both economical and practical for road users.

Honda Vezel Ride & Handling

The Honda Vezel’s handling complements its ride with precision and control, giving drivers confidence even in challenging road conditions. The electric power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering is quick to respond and offers a nice level of feedback, while the all-wheel-drive system (optional on certain trims) provides added grip on slippery surfaces. Despite its firm suspension setup, the Vezel is surprisingly agile, managing body roll effectively in sharp corners. The brake system is robust and reliable, offering secure stopping power with minimal fade. Overall, Honda Vezel 2024 strikes a balanced blend of comfort and athleticism in its ride and handling, typical of Honda’s engineering ethos.

Honda Vezel Maintenance

Despite the Honda Vezel’s popularity and superior drive quality, it’s essential to note that the maintenance of this model can be quite challenging due to the expensive and sometimes hard-to-find spare parts. This is a key consideration for current owners and potential buyers. Regular preventative maintenance can help to minimize the need for expensive repairs. It’s recommended to follow the service schedule provided by Honda and seek professional advice when unusual signs appear, ensuring long-lasting performance and safety while driving.

Honda Vezel Specifications

Price70.0 lacs – 1.39 crore
Body TypeCrossover
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)4330 x 1790 x 1590 mm
Ground Clearance190 mm
Displacement1500 cc
Horse Power117 – 151 hp
Torque142 – 267 Nm
Boot Space335 L
Kerb Weight1495 KG
Fuel TypePetrol & Hybrid
Mileage11 – 22 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity50 L
Seating Capacity5 – Persons
Top Speed180 KM/H
Tyre Size215/60/16

Honda Vezel: Pros & Cons

What We Like

What We Don’t Like


Is Honda Vezel 4 wheel drive?

Yes, the Honda Vezel offers a 4-wheel drive option. The basic specifications of the Honda Vezel include seating for five and an option for All-Wheel Drive (AWD). AWD, also known as 4-wheel drive, provides increased grip and control under all road conditions.

What is the minimum price of a used Honda Vezel in Pakistan?

In the Pakistani used car market, the Honda Vezel is a popular choice among car enthusiasts due to its sleek design and efficient performance. For those interested in buying a used Honda Vezel, the starting price you might expect to see is PKR 128,000. Please note that the final cost may vary depending on factors such as the car’s condition, mileage, model year, and any additional features it may have.

What is the mileage/fuel average of Honda Vezel ?

The Honda Vezel, a popular compact SUV, boasts impressive fuel efficiency. Depending on driving conditions and habits, the Vezel’s fuel average ranges from 18 to 22 kilometers per liter, making it an economical choice for both city commuting and longer travels. This efficiency reflects Honda’s commitment to combining performance with environmental responsibility.

What is the top speed of Honda Vezel?

The Honda Vezel, renowned for its sleek design and impressive fuel efficiency, also boasts a top speed of 180 KM/H. This speed capability not only ensures a quick and smooth driving experience, but also positions the Vezel competitively within its vehicle class.

What are the variants of Honda Vezel?

The Honda Vezel, a versatile and compact SUV, comes in an impressive array of 15 different variants. These include the e-HEV Play, e-HEV X, e-HEV Z, G, Hybrid RS Honda Sensing , Hybrid X, Hybrid X Honda Sensing, Hybrid X L Package, Hybrid X Style Edition, Hybrid Z, Hybrid Z Honda Sensing , Hybrid Z Style Edition, S, X, and X Honda Sensing. This array of options allows consumers to select a variant that aligns best with their specific preferences and requirements, showcasing Honda’s commitment to providing versatile and customizable solutions for each customer.


In conclusion, Honda Vezel comes with its own unique features and a variety of engine sizes to suit different budgets. What more could you want? The Honda Vezel e-HEV Play is an excellent option for those seeking incredible value for money, while the other variants offer great engine specs and advanced features. If you are looking for a reliable and economical car, then the Honda Vezel is the ideal choice for you. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and get your hands on a Honda Vezel today! With its great value and exceptional performance, owning a Honda Vezel is sure to be one of the smartest investments you will ever make.