Are you one of the die-hard iPhone fans who love to buy new releases in the Apple ecosystem but cannot make a lump sum payment due to constraints. If your answer is yes, then we have good news even if you are living in Pakistan, you can now purchase your dreams and aspirations. With installment plans available for all iPhone 14, 14 Plus, Pro and 14 Pro Max models launched by Apple recently, everyone has been given an equal chance of owning their favorite devices without worrying too much about expenses. In this blog post we will tell you everything that you need to know about buying iPhones on installments in Pakistan!

Pakistani Banks Installment Monthly Plans For iPhone 14

If you’re a tech enthusiast and have been eagerly waiting for the latest iPhone 14, Pakistani banks have some good news for you. With the smartphone’s launch just around the corner, banks in Pakistan are offering customers installment plans to purchase the coveted device.

This means you can now enjoy the latest technology without having to dish out a huge amount of money upfront. With convenient payment options, you’ll be able to spread out the cost of the iPhone 14 over several months, making it a lot easier to manage your expenses. So, if you’ve been eying Apple’s newest device but haven’t been able to afford it, now might be the perfect time to take the plunge and purchase it by availing an installment plan.

iPhone 14 Pro Max installment Monthly Plan

iPhone 14 Pro MaxMonthly Instalment
3 MonthsRs.236,733
6 MonthsRs.123,392
9 MonthsRs.85,614
12 MonthsRs.66,723
18 MonthsRs.47,833
24 MonthsRs.38,386

iPhone 14 on installments Meezan Bank

ModelDown Payment3 Months6 Months12 Months18 Months24 Months
Apple iPhone 14 128 GB77,000121,52762,64233,25623,51018,675
Apple iPhone 14 256 GB84,500133,13968,62836,43425,75720,459
Apple iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB97,000153,17178,95441,91629,63223,537
Apple iPhone 14 Pro 256 GB103,500163,10084,07244,63331,55325,063
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128 GB107,500169,83587,54346,47632,85626,098
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256 GB112,000176,39790,92548,27134,12627,106

The Meezan Bank is also running a special installment plan promotion for the iPhone 14 series. Customers can get the new Apple device with zero down payment and pay in installments over 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. For example, customers who want an iPhone 14 Pro Max 256 GB can avail it at a rate of 112,000 PKR payable in 48 monthly installments of 34,126 PKR.

The installment plan allows customers to upgrade to the latest Apple device while keeping their budget in check. Customers can also avail additional discounts on certain models when they opt for the installment payment option. So if you are looking to purchase the iPhone 14 series, Meezan Bank’s installment plan is definitely worth considering!

Bank Alfalah iPhone 14 Pro Max installment Plan 2024

ModelPrice0% Markup (6 months)0% Markup (12 months)0% Markup (18 months)0% Markup (24 months)0% Markup (36 months)
iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB – Deep Purple/Space Black624,300 PKR208,100 PKR104,050 PKR69,367 PKR63,579 PKR46,242 PKR
iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB – Deep Purple/Space Black590,500 PKR196,833 PKR98,417 PKR65,611 PKR60,137 PKR43,738 PKR
iPhone 14 Pro 256GB – Deep Purple/Space Black590,500 PKR196,833 PKR98,417 PKR65,611 PKR60,137 PKR43,738 PKR
iPhone 14 Pro 128GB – Deep Purple/Space Black556,000 PKR185,333 PKR92,667 PKR61,778 PKR56,623 PKR41,183 PKR
iPhone 14 128GB – Midnight Purple453,000 PKR151,000 PKR75,500 PKR50,333 PKR46,134 PKR33,554 PKR

Bank Alfalah is offering an attractive installment plan for the iPhone 14 Pro Max in 2024. This plan encompasses various models and storage capacities. For instance, the iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB in Deep Purple/Space Black is available for 624,300 PKR. With 0% markup, you can opt for a 6, 12, 18, 24, or even 36-month installment plan, with monthly payments as low as 46,242 PKR. Similarly, the less expensive iPhone 14 128GB – Midnight Purple can be yours for as little as 33,554 PKR per month under the 36-month plan. The installment plans are designed to make the latest technology accessible to everyone without burdening their finances.

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With MCB Bank

Monthly InstallmentMonthMonthly Markup
Rs. 197,0003 Months0.00%
Rs. 95,0006 Months0.00%
Rs. 47,50012 Months0.00%
Rs. 41,44518 Months1.72%
Rs. 33,65624 Months1.74%
Rs. 26,10836 Months1.80%

MCB Bank is pleased to offer you an amazing opportunity to own the latest iPhone 14 through an affordable installment plan. These plans are designed with your budgeting ease in mind, offering reasonable interest rates that accommodate a variety of financial scenarios. For the initial 12 months, there is 0% markup, making the deal even more attractive.

The EMI starts as low as Rs. 190,000 for 3 months, Rs. 95,000 for 6 months and Rs. 47,500 for 12 months. For those preferring longer installment periods, we provide options of 18, 24, and 36 months with low markups of 1.72%, 1.74%, and 1.80% respectively. The monthly EMI for these periods are Rs. 41,445, Rs. 33,656, and Rs. 26,108. Grab this opportunity to experience the innovative features of iPhone 14 without straining your budget.

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With UBL

If you’re looking to purchase the iPhone 14, UBL offers a convenient Monthly Installment Plan. You can opt for a 3-month installment plan with a monthly markup of 0.00%, making your monthly EMI Rs. 193,000. Alternatively, you can choose a 6-month plan with the same 0.00% markup, reducing your EMI to Rs. 95,000 per month. For a longer-term plan, UBL provides a 12-month installment plan, again with a 0.00% markup, bringing your EMI down to Rs. 49,500. Please note that there is a one-time upfront payment for all tenures, the higher of 1.55% or Rs.600 + FED.

Monthly InstallmentMonthMonthly Markup
Rs. 193,0003 Months0.00%
Rs. 95,0006 Months0.00%
Rs. 49,50012 Months0.00%

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With Silk Bank

Monthly InstallmentMonthsMonthly Markup
Rs. 197,0003 Months0.00%
Rs. 106,4006 Months2.00%
Rs. 58,90012 Months2.00%
Rs. 43,06718 Months2.00%
Rs. 35,15024 Months2.00%
Rs. 29,23336 Months2.00%

For customers looking to purchase the new iPhone 14, Silk Bank offers flexible installment plans tailored to suit various budgets. You can choose from a range of tenures, extending from 3 months up to 36 months.

There is no markup for a 3-month tenure with a monthly EMI of Rs. 197,000. The 6-month tenure involves a 2.00% monthly markup with an EMI of Rs. 106,400. Similarly, 12, 18, 24, and 36-month tenures also involve a 2.00% monthly markup with EMIs of Rs. 58,900, Rs. 43,067, Rs. 35,150, and Rs. 29,233 respectively. Please note that there is a one-time upfront payment for all tenures, which is the higher of 1.5% or Rs.1,500, plus FED.

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With Askari Bank

Monthly InstallmentMonthsMonthly Markup
Rs. 201,4003 Months2.00%
Rs. 104,9846 Months1.75%
Rs. 56,76712 Months1.63%
Rs. 40,67618 Months1.58%
Rs. 32,71124 Months1.57%

Please note, there is also a one-time upfront payment, which will be the higher of 3.2% or Rs.1,200. With these options, you are sure to find an installment plan that suits your budget and requirements.

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is currently offering an enticing 0% interest installment plan for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This offer is a fantastic choice for cost-conscious customers, allowing them to break down the cost of the device into manageable monthly payments.

In this way, Standard Chartered is making high-tech accessible and affordable.

Monthly InstallmentMonthMonthly Markup
Rs. 190,0003 Months0.00%
Rs. 95,0006 Months0.00%
Rs. 47,50012 Months0.00%

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max on Instalments Through Daraz.PK

Monthly EMIMonthMonthly Mark-up
Rs. 196,6663 Months0.00%
Rs. 98,3336 Months0.00%
Rs. 49,16712 Months0.00%

Acquiring the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max has been made more manageable through instalment plans offered by Daraz.PK. Customers can enjoy flexible payment options over 3, 6, or 12 months with the monthly EMI being Rs. 196,666, Rs. 98,333, and Rs. 49,167 respectively. The best part? There’s no monthly markup for any of these tenures, making it a truly zero-percent interest plan. For those opting to pay upfront in full, there are no additional charges involved. However, for 6 and 12 month tenures, a processing fee applies: 2.5% for 6 months and 7% for 12 months on conventional cards. For Saadiq cardholders, a fixed fee of Rs. 9,500 applies for 6 and 12 month tenures.

Buying an iPhone 14 on Installments In Pakistan

Step 1: Assess Your Budget

Before you consider buying an iPhone 14 on installment, it is vital to assess your financial capability. Make sure that you can comfortably afford the monthly installment payments.

Step 2: Choose a Reliable Store

Several stores in Pakistan offer iPhones on installments. Choose a reputable store with positive online reviews for a secure transaction.

Step 3: Select Your iPhone

After choosing the store, select the iPhone 14 model you wish to purchase. Consider factors such as the color, storage capacity, and the cost.

Step 4: Choose the Installment Plan

Most stores offer different installment plans. Choose one that suits your budget and repayment capability.

Step 5: Submit Required Documents

For the installment plan, you’ll likely need to submit some documents. These usually include a copy of your National ID card, proof of income, and utility bills.

Step 6: Wait for Approval

After submitting the documents, you need to wait for approval. Once your application is approved, you can collect your new iPhone 14.

Remember, buying on installment can be an excellent option to own a costly device like an iPhone. However, it is crucial to ensure that the monthly payments fit into your budget to avoid potential financial stress.

It is also helpful to read the terms and conditions of the installment plan before committing.

Step 7: Stay in Contact with Your Store

Once you have your iPhone 14 on an installment plan, it is essential to stay in contact with your store. Make sure all payments are made on time and that you keep up with any changes or updates available for the device. If you ever have any questions or issues, be sure to contact the store right away.

Tips for Buying an iPhone 14 on Installment

Buying an iPhone 14 on installments can be an excellent solution if you don’t have the cash upfront. As long as you’re aware of your financial capability and consider the tips mentioned above, it can be a great purchase!

How to Get iPhone 14 On Installment in Pakistan Through Bank?

Acquiring an iPhone 14 on installments in Pakistan through a bank is a relatively straightforward process. First, you need to have a bank account with a credit facility. The next step is to visit your bank and inquire about their installment plans for purchasing mobile phones. Banks like Standard Chartered, Meezan, and Faysal Bank often offer such plans.

Upon finding a suitable plan, you will be required to submit certain documents such as your National Identity Card, salary slip or proof of business, and proof of residence. Once your documents are verified and your credit limit is approved, you can purchase your iPhone 14 on installments. The exact procedure may vary slightly depending on the bank, so it’s always best to consult with your bank for the most accurate information.


Buying the latest iPhone can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With the help of installment plans, you can make your purchase even more affordable. By paying in convenient installments, you can spread out the cost of a new phone with no added interest or additional fees. In Pakistan, there are numerous retailers and online stores offering installment plans for the new iPhone 14, 14 Plus, Pro and Pro Max.

You can easily research your options and find the best one for your needs and budget. Buy with confidence knowing that you’ll be getting one of the most sought-after smartphones on today’s market while keeping it within a reasonable budget. So get ready to take your device to the next level with a Apple IPhone 14 series installment plan!