Having an updated and accurate Pakistani CNIC number is essential for a variety of reasons, ranging from being able to do banking transactions to applying for jobs and governmental services. Fortunately, verifying your identity information with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has never been easier! In this blog post, we will be discussing how you can easily check and verify your own CNIC number, name, address as well as those of other people online. So if you want to learn more about this quick and easy process that simplifies the task of keeping your personal records in order then keep on reading!

How to Track Your Nadra Cnic Number Records?

If you’re looking to track your CNIC number records, the NADRA ID card tracking system is here to help. Compatible with all mobile networks in Pakistan, it’s a simple and efficient process. Here’s how you can track your CNIC through SMS.

Please note that this method will not provide the name or other information of NADRA CNIC records in Pakistan. For such details, you can use the NADRA SMS verification system. Discover more about CNIC verification below.

Check CNIC Number by Name Online

How to Check and Verify CNIC Number, Name and Address Online

Discover a hassle-free way to verify your identity with NADRA CNIC Verification System. No matter which mobile connection you have in Pakistan, this simple SMS process works for everyone. Find out how to verify your CNIC through SMS in just a few steps:

Now, let’s dive deeper into the NADRA CNIC verification process through its e-portal.

How to Verify a Cnic Using Nadra Cnic Verification Portal Online

Discover the simple steps to sign up for NADRA’s e-portal and unlock the power of online CNIC verification in Pakistan.

Step 1: Register for NADRA Online Portal

Visit https://id.nadra.gov.pk/e-id/authenticate in your browser and click on ‘Create a New Account’. Fill out the form with your details and save the information. You’ll receive a verification code via text message, which you’ll need in the next step.

Step 2: Verify Your Account
Enter the verification code on the NADRA e-portal to confirm your account. Once verified, you’ll have access to NADRA’s online services.

Step 3: Access the CNIC Verification Portal
Log in to the NADRA e-portal and select ‘Verisys Services’. This will prompt the CNIC verification process.

Step 4: Complete the Verification
To verify your CNIC, you may need to use online payment methods and pay a fee of PKR 300. Tick the checkbox to confirm your declaration and proceed with the verification process. You’ll receive details confirming the ownership of the desired CNIC.

Note: While the NADRA SMS verification system may be cheaper, this guide provides a thorough walkthrough of the NADRA online CNIC Verification portal. For complete information, refer to our detailed guide on how to verify your CNIC online with NADRA.

How to Check Your Fingerprint Record Online In Pakistan

Easily Check Your Fingerprint Record Online in Pakistan

Discover how to quickly and effortlessly check your fingerprint record using NADRA’s convenient online verification system.

Please note: If your record is not found, visit your nearest NADRA office to update it. Complete details for NADRA offices in Lahore and Karachi can be found below.

If the system is able to confirm your fingerprint record, you will be able to view it online. However, if the system is unable to find your record, it’s important to follow through with the next steps. You will need to visit your nearest NADRA office in person to update your fingerprint record. Make sure you bring all the necessary identification documents with you. For residents of Lahore and Karachi, we have provided complete details of NADRA offices in your respective cities to facilitate this process. Remember, maintaining an updated fingerprint record is essential for your personal security and to avail various services and facilities provided by the government.

NADRA’s website

To get started with CNIC verification, first, navigate to NADRA’s user-friendly website. Once you’re on the website, follow a straightforward process to access the details associated with the CNIC. NADRA prides itself on its accuracy, trustworthiness, and reliance on its official records.

NADRA’s SMS service

To quickly verify CNIC details, you can also use NADRA’s SMS service. Simply send an SMS with the required details to 7000. Within moments, you’ll receive a response with verified CNIC information, making it a convenient and hassle-free method for verification.

For mobile users, there is an alternative SMS verification method. Just like the previous method, send an SMS with the details to 8300. You’ll receive a response with verified CNIC information, making it accessible for any mobile user.

NADRA collaborates with registration authorities to maintain accurate databases, ensuring data integrity and security. This cooperation makes the provided information trustworthy and reliable. In addition, NADRA also allows you to check SIM owner details by number online, enhancing its usability and making it a one-stop portal for all your verification needs.


How can I know my CNIC number by name?

To know your CNIC number by name, you’ll need to follow a specific process. Start by obtaining the name of the CNIC holder and their father’s name. Once you have this information, you can verify the CNIC details. On your mobile device, send an SMS containing the CNIC number you want to verify to the number 7000. You’ll receive a response with the associated name and father’s name of the CNIC number holder. Please note that this service may involve a small fee.

Can I see my CNIC online?

Yes, you can check your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) online through the official website of NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority). This online service allows you to monitor the status of your CNIC application, as well as NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis), and POC (Pakistan Origin Card) applications. By entering your tracking ID, you can receive timely updates on your application’s progress. Moreover, NADRA’s online portal also provides options for downloading your identity documents and verifying your identity online, thus offering a one-stop solution for all your identity-related needs.

How can I check someone’s CNIC details online?

To check CNIC details online, you must follow the steps to track your NADRA CNIC record. Begin by opening your text message window on your mobile device. Next, type the CNIC number you wish to check; this is a unique 13-digit number. Send this number to 8300. After a brief moment, you will receive an instant reply on your screen. This message will include the owner’s address and zonal information registered with the CNIC. Remember, the details you receive are crucial and should be used responsibly.

How can I search my Nadra record by CNIC number?

To digitally track your NADRA CNIC record, you will need a simple mobile phone with SMS capabilities. Begin by opening your messaging application. Next, compose a new text message containing your unique CNIC number, which should be a 13-digit numeric string. Once you’ve typed this in, send this message to the number ‘8300 Shortly after sending your message, you should receive an automatic reply on your screen with the details of your NADRA record associated with the given CNIC number. Please note, standard messaging rates may apply.


In conclusion, the process of verifying your CNIC details whether it’s your own or someone else’s, has become increasingly convenient thanks to technology. The NADRA systems, both online and through SMS, have streamlined this process, making it efficient and quick. It’s important to note that while these services are meant to provide ease, they should not be misused. Always respect privacy and make use of these services responsibly. Additionally, ensure that your personal records, such as your CNIC details and fingerprint records, are always up-to-date. This is not only essential for your own personal security, but also necessary for availing various services and facilities provided by the government.