Are you planning to take a trip Down Under and explore the beautiful country of Australia. Are you apprehensive about driving in an unknown environment with unfamiliar road rules. Relying on public transportation could be an arduous task and limiting your freedom to explore.

The best way for you is to get international driving license in order to conveniently maneuver around the roads of Australia But how exactly do Pakistani people living in Punjab apply for one? Look no further, as we have all the answers! In this blog post, we will explain precisely how You can get your hands on an international driving permit both conveniently and quickly So let’s dive right in!

How to Get an International Driving License for Australia from Punjab, Pakistan?

Traveling to Australia from Punjab, Pakistan? Good news! The Punjab Traffic Police has made it easier than ever to obtain an international driving license. This essential document allows Pakistani nationals to legally drive in foreign countries, including Australia. And the best part? The application process is now streamlined and hassle-free.

Convenience for Punjab Residents

For those gearing up for an adventure Down Under, getting an international driving license is now a breeze. The Traffic Police Punjab has set up application submission points at city traffic police offices and police khidmat markaz centers throughout the province. No more long waits or complicated procedures – simply submit your documents and get ready to hit the road legally in Australia.

Drive Legally in Australia

Dreaming of exploring the stunning roads of Australia? With a valid international driving permit issued by the Punjab Traffic Police, you can now do so with confidence. This permit grants you the privilege to drive on Australian roads without any legal complications.

Required Documents Made Easy

To obtain your international driving license, you’ll need to provide a specific set of documents. Rest assured, we have streamlined the process for your convenience. Please ensure that you have the following items readily available:

And remember, make sure to bring your original CNIC, driving license, and passport during the application process.

Swift Processing for Easy Travel

That’s why we ensure that international driving licenses are issued on the same day as the application submission. No more waiting around you can now prepare for your overseas journey without any delays.

Facilitating the Travel Aspirations of Punjab’s Citizens

At the Punjab Traffic Police, we are committed to making travel dreams come true. Our efforts to simplify the international driving license process align with our goal of facilitating the travel aspirations of Punjab’s citizens. So if you’re planning to explore the scenic roads of Australia, don’t miss out on this opportunity make your international driving license more easily accessible today.

International Driving License For Australia

The International Driving License (IDL), issued by the Traffic Police of Punjab, serves as a valid document allowing individuals to operate private vehicles in foreign countries that recognize its authenticity. This license, compliant with the Vienna Convention of 1968, is specifically granted to Pakistani citizens who plan to travel abroad, particularly to Australia.

Residents of Punjab seeking to explore Australia can obtain their IDL by visiting city traffic police departments or the police khidmat markaz located throughout the province. Holders of this international driving permit, issued in Punjab and other provinces, are legally permitted to drive in Australia.

To apply for the IDL, applicants must possess a valid national driving license and a passport with a valid visa stamp. The required documents for the IDL application include an attested photocopy of the CNIC, an attested copy of a valid driving license issued by the licensing body, two attested passport-sized photos (one front-facing and one back-facing), and an attested photocopy of the passport (with a minimum validity of six months, including the visa for the intended travel destination).

The fees for the IDL application include a court fee ticket of Rs. 22, a ticket of Rs. 60, and a deposit of Rs. 180 to be made at the designated branch upon successfully passing the STR test. It is important to note that the International Driving License is issued on the same day as the application submission. However, applicants must carry their original CNIC, driving license, and passport during the application process.