Are you looking for a reliable process to get your Nadra Arms License Registration? It can be overwhelming to navigate the Pakistan’s complex legal and bureaucratic system, but don’t worry this article will provide you with all the necessary information and process steps needed to apply for your license quickly and safely. With fully detailed step by step instructions, together with an overview of the application procedure and its associated requirements, by following along you’ll soon have received approval from National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in no time!

How To Apply For A Nadra Arms License?

To apply for a Nadra Arms License, gather and prepare the necessary documents and follow a few important steps.

The primary documents required are the weapon license Application Form, a copy of your ID/CNIC card, two fresh passport-size photographs, a copy of the NTN certificate (for taxpayers only), and a certificate of profession/services. Remember to keep your original CNIC card with you.

In case of license renewal, you need your old arms license along with an application and a copy of your CNIC card. For companies applying for an arms license, prepare separate applications for each weapon, attach the CNIC photocopies of the company’s CEO, and the contact person. Additionally, paste one logo of the company on the form and attach one logo to it. You will also need an incorporation certificate by SECP and Form-29 duly certified by SECP.

Once you have gathered all necessary documents, the application process involves four main steps. The first step is to obtain the application form, either online or from the Deputy Commissioner’s Office or the Interior Ministry. Fill out the form carefully, ensuring you don’t miss out on any required information. In the second step, submit your completed application along with the required documents and a fee equivalent to PKR 2000. Your presence is necessary during this step as you will need to provide fingerprints.

The third step is the approval of your application from the Deputy Commissioner or Interior Ministry, after which you will visit the Data Acquisition Unit of Nadra for license issuance. There, you will need to submit a few more documents and pay the license fee, which depends on the type of firearm.

The final step involves submitting the documents and fee to the DAU’s data entry operator, after which you will receive a form to get approved by the assistant manager. After their approval, you submit it to the counter and receive a slip that will be used to collect your license when it’s ready. NADRA will notify you via a text message when your license is ready for pick-up at the branch where you submitted your application. Remember to bring your original ID card and DAU slip when you go to pick up your license.

For more information, visit Nadra or the Ministry of Interior’s website.

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To apply for a Nadra Arms License, you should first decide whether you need a prohibited bore license (for fully automatic weapons) or a non-prohibited bore license (for semi-automatic guns and other firearms).

Once you’ve made your decision, gather all necessary documents; these typically include your National Identity Card (NIC), proof of residence, and a document justifying the need for an arms license. Take these to a Nadra registration center, where you will complete an application form and pay the applicable fee.

After submission, your application will be processed and, if successful, you will be issued with a Nadra Arms License. Please remember that this license must be renewed periodically by following the appropriate procedure at a Nadra registration center.

Nadra Arms License fee 2023-24:

In 2023, the fee for a Non-prohibited bore License, as issued by Nadra, is set at PKR 6500. This type of license allows the holder to possess firearms that fall under the non-prohibited category. Additionally, Nadra charges PKR 10500 for a Prohibited bore License.

This license is necessary for those wishing to own firearms that are otherwise prohibited for general public possession. Please note that these fees are subject to change and it is advisable to verify the current rates from the official Nadra website or their local offices.


Getting a weapon license with NADRA is not a difficult process, but it requires a lot of attention to detail and patience. The process starts by applying for the Nadra Arms License Registration online or in person at the local NADRA office. After submitting all the necessary documents, applicants will have to wait for their application to be processed and approved.

A successful application can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to receive its final approval. Additionally, applicants should remember to keep their license current by renewing it every five years as required by law.

Taking the time and effort to get an official arms license through NADRA will make sure that you are able to legally purchase arms within your country’s laws. With this knowledge in your back pocket, you can now go out there and apply for your very own arms license without any hassle!