If you’re looking for a way to legally register the birth of a child in Pakistan, registering with your local Union Council is an important step. A Union Council Birth Certificate is an essential document that can be used as evidence when it comes to establishing and proving identity. By getting such a certificate, one can benefit from access to public services and legal recognition. In this blog post, we will explore how you can get your hands on this valuable document in Pakistan. We’ll discuss what information you need prepare prior to applying, along with useful tips for getting through the process successfully. So stick around if you want to learn more about obtaining Union Council Birth Certificates!

How to Get a Union Council Birth Certificate A Step-by-Step Guide

If you or your child is in need of a union council birth certificate, don’t wait any longer – take action now! Here’s what you need to do:

Don’t delay any longer follow these steps now to get your union council birth certificate hassle-free!

What is a the Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is an official document that records the birth of a person. In Pakistan, it serves as a crucial piece of identification, declaring the individual’s legal name, the date of birth, the place of birth, and the parentage. This document asserts the identity and nationality of the person and fulfills a significant role in various legal processes, procedures, and applications. For example, it is often required when applying for a National Identity Card (NIC), passport, or even school enrollment.

Who can apply for birth certificate in Union Council?

In the context of filing an application for a birth certificate at the Union Council, the first and foremost eligibility lies with the child’s parents. It is a mandatory requirement for them to physically present themselves at the Union Council office to initiate the procedure. In circumstances where the parents are either residing abroad or have passed away, the responsibility transfers to the nearest blood relative of the child. However, this necessitates the submission of specific documents such as a certified court’s guardian certificate and a death certificate (in cases where the parents are deceased). Furthermore, in instances of child adoption, the presentation of a Court Guardian Certificate is a pre-requisite.

What are the necessary documents required to submit along with the application?

When applying for a Union Council Birth Certificate, it’s crucial to have all necessary paperwork ready.

Having these documents in hand will ensure a smoother application process for the Union Council Birth Certificate.

Union Council Birth Certificate Fee

In Punjab, the standard fee for obtaining a union council birth certificate is set at Rs. 200/-. This is a flat fee and is not contingent on when the application is submitted. However, in Islamabad Capital Territory, the fee structure for childbirth registration varies depending on the timing of the application submission. For applications submitted immediately to the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the fee is a minimal Rs. 50. If an application is submitted after a year, the fee increases slightly to Rs. 60. However, if the application is delayed by 5 years or more, the fee jumps significantly to Rs. 630.

Process to obtain Union Council Birth Certificate

The procedure to obtain a Union Council Birth Certificate commences promptly as you contact your corresponding union council. If you or your child lack this crucial document, it’s advised to act swiftly.

Step 1: Visit Your Concerned Union Council
To start, head to your local union council office. They’ll have the application form for the birth certificate readily available.

Step 2: Fill Out the Application Form
Take your time to carefully fill out the application form. Begin by providing the names of the child’s parents and their birth date. You’ll also need to mention the name of the child’s grandfather. Don’t forget to attach a copy of the parents’ CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).

Step 3: Swear on an Affidavit
In addition to the application form, you must provide an affidavit on a stamp paper. This is where you declare that all the provided information is true and nothing has been concealed.

Step 4: Handwritten Application to the Chairman
Include a handwritten application addressed to the chairman of the union council, granting permission to list the child’s name in the council’s records.

Step 5: Submit Your Documents and Pay the Fee
Gather all the required documents and submit them to the union office. Don’t forget to bring Rs. 200 as the processing fee.

Step 6: Receive Your Birth Certificate
Within 14 working days, you’ll receive your union council birth certificate.

Procedure for late entry for Union Council Birth Certificate

The Late Entry Procedure for a Union Council Birth Certificate is a two-tiered process depending on whether the delay in reporting the birth falls within a 21-day to 7-year window, or exceeds 7 years.

If the delay is between 21 days and 7 years, the applicant must submit a written explanation for the delay alongside certain documents. These include an affidavit, the hospital’s birth slip, proof of the child’s school enrollment, or a child vaccination card. These documents, along with a birth attestation from a counselor or Lambardar, are submitted to the Union Council Chairman or Vice-Chairman. Once the birth details have been verified, the Secretary of the Union Council is tasked with recording the birth date within 5 days.

Where the delay surpasses 7 years, the procedure remains largely unchanged, though the Secretary of the Union Council must forward the documentation to the Assistant Commissioner within 7 days. Post confirmation from the Assistant Commissioner’s office, the birth entry will be logged within another 7 days. During this process, the applicant will need to liaise with the Medical Superintendent at the District Headquarters Hospital. The Superintendent is responsible for determining the child’s age through an examination and reporting back to the Union Council Chairman or Vice-Chairman. Upon receiving this report, the Chairman will instruct the Secretary to enter the birth date in the Union Council records.

How can Overseas Pakistanis give birth in Union Council?

For Overseas Pakistanis looking to register their child’s birth in the Union Council, the process is straightforward. Living abroad does not inhibit this important legal procedure. Within 180 days of the birth, reach out to your nearest Pakistani consulate and request Form S. Upon completion of this form, the consulate will forward a report to the pertinent Union Council in Pakistan. This procedure will allow you to obtain a Union Council birth certificate a vital document affirming your child’s Pakistani citizenship. Should you encounter any queries or require legal assistance during this process, we have a professional team of lawyers ready to help.


What are the requirements for birth certificate in Union Council?

To register a birth within 60 days at the Union Council, the following documents and fees are required: Application Form A Two recent photographs of the child Copy of CNIC of the applicant Birth slip of the child issued by the hospital (in the case of birth in a hospital) Fee of Field Office Rs. 200 Copy of the Vaccination Card Copies of CNICs of the Father, Mother, and Grandfather In case of birth registration after 60 days but within 2 years, an additional fee of Field Office Rs. 200 is required. For all cases after 7 years, processing must be done through a court. Original documents along with attested photocopies from an officer of grade 17 or above are required.

How to get birth certificate from Union Council in Punjab?

Obtaining a birth certificate from the Union Council in Punjab requires a few important steps. First, an application form for a computerized birth certificate needs to be filled out. This form can typically be obtained from the Union Council office or their official website. Second, an affidavit on a stamp paper is required, which serves as a sworn statement confirming the details of the birth. Third, a handwritten application addressed to the chairman of the union council is needed, detailing the request for a birth certificate. Fourth, the Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) of the parents are required as proof of identity. Finally, the birth receipts from the hospital (known as Janam Parchi) must be presented. These receipts, typically provided by the hospital or birthing center at the time of birth, serve as the initial proof of birth.

Does NADRA issue birth certificates?

Yes, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in Pakistan does issue birth certificates. This is carried out in collaboration with local union councils in major cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, and Peshawar. These local union councils have full authority to issue birth certificates through the systems installed by NADRA, ensuring the process is standardized and efficient across the country.

What is the difference between NADRA birth certificate and Union Council birth certificate?

While both the NADRA birth certificate and the Union Council birth certificate serve as essential proof of one’s birth and identity, they differ in their issuing authorities. The Union Council, Cantonment Board, or CDA issue the birth certificate, depending on the child’s place of birth or residence. Despite the presence of NADRA’s logo or name on the birth certificate, it is not directly issued by NADRA, thus distinguishing the two. NADRA’s involvement in the process is indirect, serving more as an authorization or validation entity rather than the issuing body itself. Therefore, the key difference lies in who issues these certificates, not in their functions or significance.

Can local government issue birth certificate?

The ability of a local government to issue a birth certificate varies depending on the specific country and its regulations. For instance, in some regions, only a central government body like the National Population Commission (NPC) holds the right to issue an official birth certificate. Following are the general steps to obtain a birth certificate: Identification of the Local NPC Branch: Locate the nearest NPC branch in your local government area. This step is crucial as obtaining the birth certificate from the NPC ensures its legitimacy. Submission of Required Documents: Gather all necessary documents, which may typically include proof of birth, parent’s identification, and any other paperwork required by the NPC. Application: Submit the application along with the necessary documents at the NPC branch. Collection of Certificate: Once the application is processed, you can collect the official birth certificate from the same NPC office where you submitted your application. Remember, only the birth certificate issued by the NPC is considered official and valid.

What is the fee for child registration certificate in NADRA?

The fee for a Child Registration Certificate in NADRA depends on the urgency of the service. For urgent processing, the fee is PKR 500/- and you will receive your certificate within 1 working day. If you opt for the standard service, the fee is PKR 50/- and the delivery time extends to 10 working days. Please note that the fee is payable only in cash at NADRA counters.


In conclusion, the process of obtaining a Union Council Birth Certificate in Pakistan involves several crucial steps and requires careful attention to detail. Be it preparing the required documents, paying the fees, or complying with the guidelines for late entries, it’s imperative to navigate the process accurately to ensure successful application. Despite the complexity, the importance of securing this document cannot be overstated as it paves the way for accessing many pivotal services and rights.

For Overseas Pakistanis, the process is just as accessible, demonstrating Pakistan’s commitment to extend its public services to all citizens regardless of their geographical location. As always, we stand ready to assist you with any legal guidance you may need during this process. So, get started today and secure the Union Council Birth Certificate for your child.