Are you looking for an affordable but reliable fan to cool off your home during this hot summer season! The Indus fan is the perfect choice for anyone searching for a powerful and efficient cooling device that won’t break the bank.

A leader in quality, performance and price, Indus fans are crafted from high-grade materials and offer superior air circulation at competitive prices when compared to other brands in Pakistan. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why the Indus fan is such an amazing bargain as well as provide insights into pricing across various stores so you can make an informed decision on what budget fits best with your needs.

Indus Fan Price In Pakistan 2024

Indus fans have always been a popular choice in Pakistan because of their high-quality products and affordable prices. Looking to 2024, Indus fans continue to be a top contender in the domestic fan market with their price range varying from ₨5,400 to ₨15,425.

The fan prices are determined by the fan’s size, design, features, and power consumption. With their elegant and stylish designs, Indus fans not only provide a cooling breeze but also add a touch of sophistication to any room. Moreover, their energy-efficient nature helps you save money on electricity bills, making them a great investment for the long run. So, if you’re looking for a fan that is not only affordable but also stylish and efficient, Indus fans should be your go to choice in 2024.

Indus Ceiling Fans Price List

Indus ceiling fans are a popular household appliance known for their powerful performance and sleek designs. The Indus ceiling fans’ price list ranges from ₨5,400 to ₨10,425, offering a variety of options to fit every budget. With features such as multiple speed settings, energy efficiency, and noiseless operation, Indus fans are a reliable choice for any home.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish addition to your living space or a practical solution for your bedroom, Indus ceiling fans are sure to provide both functionality and style. Upgrade your home’s cooling system with an Indus ceiling fan today!

Indus Ceiling FanPrice in Pakistan
Kitchen Ceiling Fan 24″₨5,400
Ceiling Fan Waterproof Model₨9,480 – ₨9,580
Ceiling Fan Victoria Model₨12,050 – ₨12,250
Ceiling Fan Supreme Model₨7,495 – ₨8,495
Ceiling Fan Sparkle Model (Solar Fan)₨9,255 – ₨9,455
Ceiling Fan Sparkle Model₨8,760 – ₨9,060
Ceiling Fan Antique Model₨9,530 – ₨10,160
Ceiling Fan Antique Special₨10,060 – ₨10,160
Ceiling Fan Crown Model₨9,395 – ₨9,595
Ceiling Fan Crystal Model₨10,325 – ₨10,425
Ceiling Fan Fancy Model₨8,450 – ₨8,650
Ceiling Fan Florence Model₨8,960 – ₨9,060
Ceiling Fan Florence Model (Solar Fan)₨9,405 – ₨9,505
Ceiling Fan Grace Model₨8,470 – ₨8,570
Ceiling Fan Pak Deluxe Model₨8,315 – ₨8,415
Ceiling Fan Noble Model₨8,450 – ₨8,550
Ceiling Fan Jubilee Model₨8,860 – ₨8,960
Ceiling Fan Grace Model (Solar Fan)₨9,255 – ₨9,355

Indus Pedestal Fans Price List

Indus pedestal fans are the epitome of comfort and convenience during scorching summers. Their exceptional quality and design are what sets them apart from the rest. Recently, Indus has released their latest price list for their pedestal fans, with prices ranging from ₨12,715 to ₨15,960.

These prices guarantee you quality and value for your money. Indus has always been committed to providing their customers with the best products at an affordable price, and this price list is no different. Indus pedestal fans are perfect for any home, office or even outdoor use. They offer quiet operation, efficient cooling and a sleek design that adds to the ambiance of any room. Get your hands on an Indus pedestal fan and experience the ultimate cooling experience.

Indus Pedestal FansPrice in Pakistan
Deluxe Plus Pedestal Fan₨13,225
Pedestal Fan Deluxe₨12,715 to ₨15,960

Indus Bracket Fans Price List

Indus Bracket Fans are a popular choice for those looking for efficient and reliable fans to cool their homes or workplaces. With a price range of ₨7,395 to ₨11,915, these fans offer excellent value for money given their quality and durability.

Whether you need to install them in your living room, bedroom, or office, Indus Bracket Fans will deliver a steady and soothing breeze to keep you comfortable throughout the day. With a range of models to choose from, you can select the one that best fits your needs and budget. Get your hands on an Indus Bracket Fan today and experience the refreshing benefits of a high-quality fan at an affordable price!

Indus Bracket FansPrice in Pakistan
Bracket Fan Deluxe₨7,395
Bracket Fan Grace₨7,395
Circomatic Fan₨8,025
Fix Fan₨9,640
Mega Bracket Fan₨11,360 – ₨11,915

Indus Exhaust Fans Price List

Indus Exhaust Fans are a popular choice when it comes to ventilating your space effectively. With a range of prices from ₨4,165 to ₨11,580, there’s an option for every budget. These fans are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making them a great addition to any room.

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or a more traditional look, Indus Exhaust Fans has a fan that will meet your needs. Made from high-quality materials, these fans are built to last and are sure to keep your home or office feeling comfortable and well-ventilated for years to come. So if you’re in the market for a new exhaust fan, be sure to check out the Indus Exhaust Fans Price List to find the perfect fit for your space.

Indus Exhaust FansPrice in Pakistan
Exhaust Fan Plastic Body 8₨4,165
Exhaust Fan Plastic Body 12″₨4,890
Exhaust Fan Plastic Body 10″₨4,375
Exhaust Fan Delux Aluminium 12″₨5,095
Exhaust Fan Delux Aluminium 10″₨4,990
Exhaust Fan Aluminium 24″₨11,580
Exhaust Fan Aluminium 20″₨9,880
Exhaust Fan Aluminium 18″₨8,355
Exhaust Fan Aluminium 16₨7,900
Exhaust Fan Aluminium 14″₨5,395


The Indus fan is a great appliance choice for those looking to stay cool or ventilate their space in Pakistan. It is an affordable option with a wide range of price points and options to suit any budget. It’s sleek design and its perfect combination of affordability and performance make it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial use.

Plus, it’s energy efficient design means that you can use it for a long time before needing to replace it. With the upcoming Indus fan prices in Pakistan 2024 expected to be similar, now is the perfect time to grab yourself one at a great price. Whether you need something compact like the Pedestal model or something larger like the Bracket & Exhaust range of fans, Indus has the right product for you all while saving money on electricity too!