Are you planning a road trip to Islamabad and wondering what the toll plaza charges are? Are you confused between the different types of toll gates and their rates? Don’t worry! We have got you covered with our detailed article on all the necessary information related to Motorway Toll Plaza Charges Rates in Islamabad. We will answer all your questions regarding routes, timings, distance traveled, and fees levied by each toll gate. So read on to know more about this essential travel information for driving along the motorways of Islamabad!

Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza Charges

The Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza maintains a structured rate system based on vehicle categories. Here are the charges for each category:

These rates apply to all vehicles passing through the toll plaza and contribute to the maintenance and development of the motorway infrastructure.

Lahore Islamabad Motorway M2 Toll Plaza Rates 2024

Vehicle CategoryTax Rates
Car, Jeep & PickupRs1,100

Despite the increase in toll rates, the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway continues to be the first choice for many commuters due to its convenience and time efficiency. The toll fees, while significant, contribute to the upkeep and improvement of the motorway infrastructure, ensuring safety and smooth travel for all users.

Paying toll tax is a small price to pay for the convenience of hassle-free travel, minimized travel time, and a smooth journey throughout. It also provides funds for the authorities to carry out necessary maintenance and improvements on the motorway, which in turn benefits the users. Ultimately, the toll tax ensures the sustainability and longevity of the M-2 as a key transport linkage between Lahore and Islamabad.

What is the toll tax on the motorway from Islamabad to Peshawar?

The toll tax on the motorway from Islamabad to Peshawar varies depending on the type of vehicle. For smaller vehicles such as cars, jeeps, and pickups, the toll is Rs1,100. The fee increases for larger vehicles, with wagons charged Rs1,840 and coasters Rs2,590. For coaches, the toll tax is Rs3,690, while trucks are charged Rs4,800. Lastly, the highest fee is for trailers, which are charged a toll tax of Rs6,170.

What is the toll tax on the M2 from Islamabad to Lahore?

The toll tax for traversing the M2 motorway from Islamabad to Lahore has seen an increase recently. The revised rates are now set in the following manner: For Cars, Jeeps, and Pickups, the toll tax is Rs1,100. Wagon drivers will need to pay Rs1,840. The toll tax for Coasters stands at Rs2,590. Lastly, Coaches are charged a toll tax of Rs3,690. These rates apply to all motorists using the Lahore-Islamabad M2 route.

How to pay your Toll Tax?

For M2 commuters looking to avoid long queues when paying their toll tax, the Motorway Police have introduced an electronic toll collection system. Instead of waiting in line to deposit cash, users can load funds onto the M-Tag linked with their vehicle.

  1. Register for an M-Tag account at any Motorway Toll Plaza or Customer Service Center. You will need to provide your vehicle documents and a photocopy of your CNIC.
  2. Once the M-Tag has been issued, you can top up your balance using a variety of methods like cash, credit/debit card, or mobile banking apps. This can be done at the same locations you registered, or through authorized banking channels.
  3. To pay the toll, simply drive through the dedicated M-Tag lane at the toll plaza. The toll fare will be automatically deducted from your balance as you pass through.

Remember to keep your M-Tag account balance adequate for your travel needs to avoid any inconvenience.


Overall, the rate structure of the Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza is beneficial for the users and will help ensure a safe and secure passage for all. By contributing to this system of fair charges, we can promote economic development, while providing critically important support for infrastructure projects. It is equally important that the plaza should monitor all toll payments to prevent corruption and that it must be kept accountable.

Therefore, citizens should always inquiry about proper payment details before they travel on this vital road link and play their role in ensuring a secure and smooth flow of traffic for everyone. Get informed, pay your dues, and help achieve our collective goal to upgrade transportation systems in our region!