There are many Islamic baby names according to date of birth. Some of these names are popular among Muslim families, while others remain unused. Each name has a special meaning that is associated with the day on which a child is born. Here are some examples of Islamic baby names according to date of birth:

Naming a newborn is one of the most important decisions parents will make in their lives. In Islam, it is especially important to choose a name that reflects the child’s character and personality, as well as his or her place within the Muslim community. There are many different ways to choose an Islamic baby name. Many Muslims prefer to use classical Arabic names, while others prefer Turkish or Persian names. Some parents even combine traditional Arabic

While many parents choose baby names based on family tradition or personal preference, some parents opt to select a name that has a special meaning. For example, many Muslim parents choose to name their child based on the Islamic calendar. The first day of Ramaḍān, the month of fasting, is considered an auspicious day to be born, and so babies born on this day are often given names that reflect this importance. Similarly, boys born during Lent (ṣawm) are given names that signify repentance and girls born during the pilgrimage season (ʿumrah) are named for pilgrims or for Mecca, the holiest city in Islam. By choosing a name with meaning and significance, parents can instill a sense of pride and identity in their child from a young age.

Name List According to Zodiac first look at the months according to the date of birth

21 January to 19 FebruaryBurj Dillu(Zohal)
20 February to 21 MarchBurj Hoot(Mushtari)
21 March to20 April Burjhamal(Siyara Marekh)
21 April to 21 MayBurj Soar(Siyara Zohra)
22 May to 21 June Burj Jooza(Atarad)
22 June to 23 JulyBurj Sertaan(Qamar)
24 July to 23 August Burj Asad(Shams)
24 August to 23 September Burj Sumbla(Atarad)
24 September–23 OctoberBurj Mezaan(Zohra)
24 October–22 November Burj Aqrab(Merekh)
23 November–22 December Burj Qaos(Mushtari)
23 December–20 JanuaryBurj Jaddi(Zohal)

January: People born in January are often believed to be hardworking and diligent. They are also said to be independent and self-reliant.

February: Those born in February are often thought to be romantic and affectionate. They are also said to be creative and imaginative.

March: People born in March are said to be energetic and enthusiastic. They are also said to be impulsive and impatient.

April: Those born in April are often thought to be kind and compassionate. They are also called loyal and trustworthy.

May: People born in May are said to be adaptable and resourceful. They are also said to be quick-witted and intelligent.

June: Those born in June are often thought to be optimistic and positive. They are also said to be generous and compassionate.

July: People born in July are said to be hardworking and determined. They are also said to be independent and self-reliant.

August: Those born in August are often thought to be passionate and intense. They are also said to be stubborn and headstrong.

September: People born in September are said to be analytical and perceptive. They are also said to be organized and methodical.

October: Those born in October are often thought to be optimistic and positive. They are also said to be generous and compassionate.

November: People born in November are said to be intense and passionate. They are also said to be independent and self-reliant.

December: Those born in December are often thought to be hardworking and diligent. They are also called loyal and trustworthy.

Now that you know the secret behind the BURJ calendar, you can start to crack the code and figure out what event is being represented by each date.

Burj HootChay, Daal
Burj DilluSeen,Sheen,Soad,Say
Burj JaddiJeem,Gaaf,Khay
Burj QaosFay
Burj AqrabNoon,Zay,Zaal,Zoad,Zoay
Burj MezaanRay,Tay,Toay
Burj SumblaPay,Ghain
Burj Asad Meem,Taey
Burj Hamal Alif,Laam,Ain,Yea
Burj SoarBay,Wao
Burj JoozaQaaf,Kaaf
Burj SertaaHay,Haey

Islamic Baby Boy & Girl Names According to Date of Birth

There are many different ways to name a child in Islam. Parents can choose a traditional Muslim name, or they can choose a name with special meaning to them. 

 Others may want to chose a name that has a special meaning to them. For example, some parents may name their child after a prophet or an Islamic historical figure.

Naming a child is an important decision for Muslim parents. It is a way to connect their child to their faith and heritage. It is also a way to show their love and pride for their child.

Islamic Baby Names List According to Date of Birth

Islamic baby names are often chosen based on the date of a child’s birth.  Islamic baby name meanings can vary greatly, depending on the day a child is born.  Some Islamic days have specific meanings for boys or girls.  For example, naming a boy after one of Allah’s 99 beautiful names is popular among Muslims.  Girls may be named after important women in Islam, such as Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, who was Muhammad’s first wife.  There are many other ways to choose an Islamic name that is special and unique to your child.  If you’re looking for an Islamic name for your newborn, take into account the day he or she was born! Here are some examples of Muslim baby names according to islam.

1) Aqil:

Intelligent, one who uses reason.

2) Asad:


3) Bakr:


4) Dara:


5) Faris:

Horseman, knight.

6) Jafar:


7) Kamal:


8) Khalid:

Eternal, immortal.

9) Malik:

King, ruler.

10) Nawfal:

Old Arabic name.

11) Qasim:

Divider, one who separates good from bad.

12) Safwan:

Name of a star in the constellation Scorpio.

13) Tariq:

Stargazer, one who observes the stars.

14) Umar:

Life, long-lived.

15) Yasir:

Easy, wealthy.

16) Zayd:

Abundance, increase.

17) Amir:

Commander, prince.

18) Anis:

Friend, companion.

19) Danish:

Wisdom, knowledge.

20) Fakhr:

Pride, honor.

21) Haleem:

Patient, forbearing.

22) Hamza:

Strong, vigorous.

23) Imran:


24) Jawad:

Generous, giving.

25) Jibril:

Angel of revelation.

26) Kafeel:

Responsible, surety.

27) Mansur:

Victorious, aided by God.

28) Marwan:

Name of the last Umayyad caliph.

29) Musa:

Prophet, the one who speaks to God.

30) Noman:

Prosperity, blessing.

31) Raheem:

Merciful, compassionate.

32) Saeed:

Happy, fortunate.

33) Sulaiman:

Prophet, the one who judges justly.

34) Thabit:

Steady, firm.

35) Waleed:

Newborn, infant.

36) Yazeed:

God will increase.

37) Yunus:

Prophet, the one who is devoted to God.

38) Abbas:


39) Abdul-Azeez:

Servant of the Almighty.

40) Abdul-Ghani:

Servant of the Self-Sufficient One.

41) Abdul-Hakeem:

Servant of the Wise One.

42) Abdul-Halim:

Servant of the Patient One.

43) Abdul-Jaleel:

Servant of the Exalted One.

44) Abdul-Kareem:

Servant of the Generous One.

45) Abdul-Lateef:

Servant of the Kind One.

46) Abdul-Majeed:

Servant of the Glorious One.

47) Abdul- Malik:

Servant of the King.

48) Abdul-Mateen:

Servant of the Firm One.

49) Abdul-Mu’eed:

Servant of the Restorer.

50) Abdul-Qaadir:

Servant of the Powerful One.

51) Abdul-Quddoos:

Servant of the Pure One.

52) Abdul-Raheem:

Servant of the Most Merciful One.

53) Abdul-Rasheed:

Servant of the Righteous One.

54) Abdul-Salaam:

Servant of the Peaceful One.

55) Abdul-Samad:

Servant of the Eternal One.

56) Abdul-Waahid:

Servant of the One.

57) Abdul-Wakeel:

Servant of the Trustee.

58) Abdul-Waleed:

Servant of the Newborn.

59) Adeen:

Of the religion, faithful.

60) Afzal:

Best, most excellent.

61) Ahsan:

Better, more perfect.

62) Akeem:

Wise, judicious.

63) Al-Ameen:

The Trustworthy One.

64) Al-Haafiz:

The Preserver.

65) Al-Hakam:

The Judge.

66) Al-Hayy:

The Ever-Living One.

67) Al-Jabbaar:

The Compeller.

68) Al-Khabeer:

The All-Knowing One.

69) Al-Lateef:

The Most Kind One.

70) Al-Mateen:

The Firm One.

71) Al-Muhaimin:

The Preserver.

72) Al-Mu’min:

The Believer.

73) Al-Mujeeb:

The Responder to Prayer.

74) Al-Mukhtaar:

The Chosen One.

75) Al-Muntaqim:

The Avenger.

76) Al-Qaadir:

The All-Powerful One.

77) Al-Quddoos:

The Most Pure One.

78) Al-Waasi’:

The All-Comprehending One.

79) Al-Waleed:

The Newborn.

80) Al-Waahid:

The One.

81) Al-Wakeel:

The Trustee.

Islamic Baby Names According to Date of Birth in Urdu

There are a lot of Muslims who believe that the name of a child should be according to his or her date of birth. This is because they feel that this helps in shaping the destiny of the child and bringing him closer to Allah.

Adam آدم گندمی
اشعر Asharعقل مند
Afaq آفاق آسمانی کنارے
ابان Abanواضح، ظاہر
آصف Asif ایک درخت کا نام
آریان – Aryan ترک خصوصی طور پر پسند کرتے ہی
آرش – Arishصراط مستقیم اور عظیم کام کرنے والا ہے۔
ابصار Absar بصیرت، دانائی
ابو ذر Abu Zarr پھیلانا، بکھیرنا
Abu Huraira ابو ھریرہ بلی کے بچے والا
ابیض Abyaz سفید
اثرم Asram توڑنا
اثیر Aseer بلند
اجمد Ajmadلازم، ٹھہرن
اجمل Ajmal بہت خوبصورت
احسن Ahsanبہت اچھا، عمدہ
احمد Ahmadزیادہ تعریف والا
ارشد Arshad ہدایت یافت
ارقم Arqam تحریر، نشان والا
ارمغان Armaghanتحفہ، نذر

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Islamic baby names list according to date of birth is a comprehensive guide for Muslim parents who are looking for the perfect name for their new arrival. This guide includes traditional and modern names, boys’ and girls’ names, as well as the meanings behind each one. We hope that you find the perfect name for your little one within these pages!