Pakistan’s consumer market has been diversifying, and one of the most noticeable shifts is the growing popularity of Israeli products as alternatives to traditional American, European, or local brands. This isn’t just another fad; it reflects a change in consumer taste and a desire for high-quality, innovative, and often health-conscious offerings. From cosmetics to food and beverages, Israelis are carving a niche in the Pakistani market. But what exactly are these products, and why are they becoming preferred substitutes in the eyes of many Pakistani consumers? Today, we’re exploring a wealth of Israeli goods that offer a refreshing change and stand out as credible alternatives.

Israeli Products List in Pakistan With Alternatives

CategoryIsraeli ProductsAlternatives
RestaurantsKFC, McDonalds, Hardees, PizzaHut, Subway, Burger King, Hardees, Baskin & RobbinsBurger Lab, Johnny and Jugnu, Smash Burger, Howdy, BRGR, Sweet Creme, Daily Deli, OPTP
CosmeticsL’Oréal, Revlon, Garnier, Estee Lauder, OlayJ., Luscious Cosmetics, Musarrat Misbah, Rivaj
Cold DrinksCoca Cola, 7-UP, Fanta, Pepsi, Sprite, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Roar, CappyGourmet Cola, Gourmet Lemon Up, Pakola, Next Cola
Chocolates & SpreadsNutella, Kitkat, Mars, Twix, Snickers, Toblerone, Hersheys, Milka, Ferrero Rocher, Beuno, CadburyYoungs Chocolate Spread, Candyland Now, Candyland Paradise, Candyland Sonnet, Candyland Novella, You
IcecreamWallsHICO, Lush Crush, Popbar, Popcycle, Jalal Sons Icecream, Kitchen Cuisine Icecream, Local shop Ice cream (Peshawari)
Tea & CoffeeLipton, Nestle Everyday Tea, Nescafe CoffeeVital Tea, National Tea, ITC, Tapal, RAAZ Coffee Roasters
JuicesNestle Fruita Vitals, Nestle Nesfruita, Tang, SliceFresher, Fruitien, Maza, Vivo, Sunsip LimoPani, Rooh Afza, Jami Shireen
Flavoured DrinksMilo, NesquikDayfresh, Shakarganj, Pakola
Dairy ProductsNestle Milkpak, Nestle Everyday, Nestle Yogurt, NesvitaPrema, Anhaar, Dayfresh, Haleeb, Good Milk, Adams, Nurpur, Tarang, Prema Yogurt, Gourmet Yogurt, Adams Cheese
WaterNestle, Aquafina, DasaniGourmet, Sufi, Pakola, Masafi, Springley, Al Habib, al-kafeel of hasan industries
CerealsNestle CocoCrunch, KelloggsNutri Lov Crunchy Cereal, Fauji Cornflakes
SnacksLays, Cheetos, Kurkure, Pringles, Doritos, MunchiesSuper Crisp, Oye Hoye, Kurleez, Knock Out, Kolson Snacks
BiscuitsLUBisconni, Whistlez, Innovative, EBM (English Biscuit Manufacturer)
Noodles & PastaMaggi, KnorrKolson Pasta, National Pasta, Shoop by Shan
Iced TeaNestea, FuzeteaTapal Ice Tea
ShampoosDove, Sunsilk, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Clear, TresemmeSaeed Ghani Shampoo, CoNatural Shampoo, BioAmla Shampoo, Jasmine Organics Shampoo bar
ToothpasteColgate, SensodyneMedicam, Dentonic, Jasmine Organics Herbal tooth powder
Body CareLux, Dove, Lifebuoy, Ponds, Fair & Glow, Gilette, VeetCare soap, Vital Soap, Nisa Hair Removal Cream, Hiba Hair Removal, Treet, Saeed Ghani Lotion, Jasmine Organics moisturiser
Sanitary NapkinsAlwaysButterfly, Mother Comfort, Trust
BabycareJohnsons, Pampers, HuggiesSheild Babycare, Leo Diapers
DetergentsSurf Excel, Ariel, Bonus, Bright, Express, Vim, Max, SunlightSufi Detergent, Sufi Liquid Dishsoap, Alclean all purpose cleaner, Almas dishwasher

Adopting a globally conscious approach to our consumer habits means being well-versed in the production chains and consequently, it’s important to draw attention to the vast array of Israeli products that are commonly found on shelves in Pakistan and suggest local substitutes. This switch supports local businesses, drives economic growth, and makes a tangible difference in conflicts across the globe. Here’s a detailed guide to swapping Israeli products for local options in Pakistan.

Gourmet Beverages over PepsiCo

When making a choice between global giants and local talent, the scales tip in favor of our homegrown options. Gourmet Cola and Lemon Up offer delightful alternatives to sugary sodas, with their distinct flavors and 100% Pakistani origin. Not only do they taste great, but they also support local farmers and businesses, contributing to Pakistan’s economy.

Olper’s Over Nestle Milkpak

In the dairy aisle, Olper’s takes precedence over Milkpak, aligning with local taste and quality standards. Nestle is a Switzerland-based company, and given the political history between Switzerland and Israel, it’s vital to select brands with no such affiliations. Olper’s, a top local milk brand, offers fresh and nutritious products that support the dairy industry within the country.

Kuchi’s and Xander’s Instead of McDonald’s and KFC

For those yearning for quick, delectable bites without the multinational association, Kuchi’s and Xander’s provide a remarkable experience that rivals the global chains. With a commitment to high quality and a diverse menu, these local favorites showcase the best of Pakistani fast food culture.

Sufi and Moulvi Banaspati & Cooking Oil

In the kitchen, the oils you choose can make a significant difference – not only in taste but also in terms of people and politics. Sufi and Moulvi oils are national products, offering heart-healthy, non-allergic oils that support local agriculture and business growth, without the international constraints.

Saeed Ghani and Hemani Instead of Maybelline and Estee Lauder

In the realm of beauty, choosing brands like Saeed Ghani and Hemani over international heavyweights is a statement of support for Pakistani industry. Both these brands craft high-quality, natural cosmetic products that are locally sourced, combining tradition with modern beauty practices.

Medicam Over Colgate

Toothpaste is a ubiquitous item, and the switch from Colgate to Medicam is a simple but effective way to promote local industry over multinational corporations. Medicam offers dental care products with a firm commitment to quality and innovation, setting a new standard for oral hygiene choices in Pakistan.

Bio-Amla Instead of L’Oréal and Lifebuoy

With a range of hair care and personal care products, Bio-Amla embraces the power of indigenous ingredients. By selecting Bio-Amla over international brands, you’re supporting a business model that empowers local communities and provides an ethical alternative.

Canbebe Over Pampers

When choosing diapers, opting for Canbebe over Pampers ensures a high standard of comfort and protection for babies – and a bulletproof loyalty to local producers. Canbebe, a product of Pakistani company Ontex, offers a complete diapering solution developed in close coordination with pediatricians and mothers.

Espresso Over Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

For an exceptional coffee experience, Espresso offers a variety to compete with multinational chains. By choosing local coffee blends, you’re not only ensuring sustainability but also experiencing the rich flavors unique to Pakistan’s coffee tradition.

This detailed guide serves as a comprehensive replacement list for Israeli or multinational products with local alternatives. By doing so, we’re not only contributing to our nation’s economic progress but also making a considerable impact on global solidarity. When we make these conscious decisions, we’re not just consumers – we’re patrons of our country’s growth.

Local Restaurants

The aroma of freshly-cooked local dishes from Burger Lab, Johnny and Jugnu, Smash Burger, and Howdy is just as enticing as any international fast-food chain. These eateries have carved a niche for themselves with quality ingredients and interesting flavors that compete with any global brand.

Home-grown Cosmetics Brands

Pakistani brands such as J., Luscious Cosmetics, Musarrat Misbah, and Rivaj are delivering world-class makeup and skincare products. By opting for these brands, you are not just buying products but also supporting a vision for a thriving indigenous cosmetic industry.

Thirst-Quenching Beverages

Gourmet Flavour Cola and Lemon Up provide a homegrown refreshment fix that stands its ground against global soft drink giants. These beverages are not only delicious but are also ethically compliant, being produced without any international affiliations that might interfere with Pakistan’s stance on global issues.

Chocolates, Spreads, and Sweets

Youngs, Candyland, and You are just a few local brands that offer a delectable range of chocolates, spreads, and sweets. Their products match the taste and quality of international counterparts and often come with a hint of local flavor and flair.

Full Cream and Dairy Products

From Haleeb to Tarang, from Prema to Anhaar, a variety of local dairy companies ensure consumers have a broad selection of high-quality milk, yogurt, and cream that not only meet global standards but also support local farms and dairy businesses.

Hygiene and Toiletries

Products from Saeed Ghani, CoNatural, and Jasmine Organics, among others, offer natural and effective alternatives to international brands. They promote ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices, supporting a sustainable and local approach to personal hygiene.

Household and Cleaning

Local companies like Sufi and Alclean offer an array of cleaning products that can stand up to the best in the world. These brands not only provide effective cleaning solutions but also contribute to the domestic workforce and economy.


In conclusion, the act of choosing local substitutes over Israeli or multinational products is simple but powerful. Not only does it promote domestic businesses and products, but it also sends a clear message about your stance on global affairs and sustainable consumerism. Each time you opt for a local product, you’re not just changing the contents of your shopping basket you’re participating in the transformation of your economy and standing in solidarity with ethical business practices. It’s a small change that echoes support for local initiatives and ethical consumption. This list serves to enlighten and empower consumers with the knowledge and alternatives to make that switch, one product at a time.