Are you looking for a beautiful and unique new perfume that can make heads turn. Are you curious about Janan Perfume Price In Pakistan or the various locations from where it can be bought? If so, then your search ends here! By reading further, you will get to know all about Janan perfumes in Pakistani markets, their prices and the different buyers who have purchased them till now. So don’t wait long explore this blog post to learn more about this amazing brand of perfume in detail.

Janan Perfume Price In Pakistan

Janan PerfumePrice In Pakistan

The fragrance of a good perfume can add an extra edge to our confidence and spruce up our personality. When it comes to selecting the perfect scent, the price is always an important factor. In Pakistan, a popular choice among perfume enthusiasts is Janan Perfume. The brand offers a range of fragrances, including the luxurious Janan Gold and the refreshing Janan Sport, both priced at PKR 5,500.

These perfumes are not only an olfactory treat but also a symbol of sophistication and elegance. If you’re looking for a new fragrance to add to your collection, Janan Perfume is definitely worth checking out.

1.Janan Gold Price

Janan Gold Perfume is a men’s fragrance that combines fresh and woody notes to create an unforgettable scent. It has key accords of bergamot, fruity (red apple, pineapple), white floral, patchouli, leather, smokey and oak moss. All these come together to create a unique and sophisticated aroma that will linger throughout the day. The 100ml bottle is available at an affordable price of Rs. 5500, making it a great choice for those looking to add a touch of class to their wardrobe. With Janan Gold Perfume, you can be sure that you are always well-dressed and smelling like a million bucks!

2.Janan Sport

Janan Sport Perfume is a luxurious fragrance that blends a variety of exquisite notes to create an intoxicating aroma. It’s the perfect way to add some sophistication and style to your everyday look. With its blend of chypre, amber, woody, citrusy, and musky accords, Janan Sport Perfume offers a unique combination of scents that will have you feeling confident and ready to take on the day.

The top notes of this scent provide a bright, refreshing start with bergamot, lemon, pineapple, pink pepper, blackcurrant, plum, mandarin and marine notes. These are then followed by heartier rose, geranium, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley notes. At the base of this fragrance is a blend of cedarwood, patchouli, ambergris, tonka bean and vanilla that will leave you feeling deeply satisfied. Finally, musk adds a hint of mystery to round off this captivating scent.

The 100ml bottle of Janan Sport Perfume retails for Rs. 5500, making it a true value for money product that is sure to last you a long time. With its signature blend of woody and citrusy scents, Janan Sport Perfume is the perfect way to add an element of luxury and sophistication to your everyday look. Buy this luxurious fragrance today and be ready to take on any challenge with confidence!

How to Buy Online Janan Perfume?

Once you’ve found the perfect Janan Perfume, shopping online at is easy! Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Select your desired product and click on “Add to Cart”.

2. You can review the items in your cart by clicking “Cart”.

3. Click “Checkout” when you’re ready to check out.

4. Enter your shipping address and select your payment method.

5. Review all the details before confirming your purchase by clicking “Place Order”.

6. You will receive an email or SMS confirmation with a tracking number for your order once it has been placed.

7. Enjoy your Janan Perfume!


In conclusion, the Janan perfume is an amazing gift for any occasion. Not only does it provide a refreshing scent, but it also marks a special moment in someone’s life. Despite its popularity and high price tag, Janan perfumes can still be acquired quite easily in Pakistan at various shops, kiosks, online stores, etc., giving individuals plenty of opportunities to get their hands on this exquisite gift. The scent of Janan perfumes changes with every spritz making them a great option for those who value variety when it comes to the aromas that fill their homes.

Needless to say, these perfumes have become a symbol of luxury and sophistication among the Pakistani people making it almost impossible to resist such an enchanting fragrance. So if you’re looking for something special to add to your collection of fragrances or if you’re after an impressive present – then the Janan range should definitely top your list!