JazzCash has recently made an announcement regarding new charges on cash deposits that have garnered attention from its customers. The highly-regarded mobile wallet and branchless banking service provider has disclosed an updated fee structure for cash deposits that will go into effect starting September 2023.

JazzCash’s new charges include a fee of 0.50pc plus FED for deposits ranging from Rs50 to Rs20,000 and a fee of Rs100 plus FED for deposits exceeding Rs20,000. While this news may cause some concern for customers, there is still much to appreciate about JazzCash’s mobile account services, money transfer capabilities, bill payment options, extensive card offerings, and practical insurance and savings plans.

Jazz Mobile Account Services Charges

JazzCash, the highly-regarded mobile wallet and branchless banking service provider, has announced the implementation of a new fee structure for cash deposits, due to take effect in September 2023. For deposits ranging from Rs50 to Rs20,000, a fee of 0.50pc plus FED will now be levied.

Deposits exceeding Rs20,000 will incur a charge of Rs100 plus FED. While the new fee structure could potentially bring about some concern among customers, the broad range of services offered by JazzCash, such as versatile mobile account services, efficient money transfer capabilities, convenient bill payment options, an extensive collection of card offerings, and practical insurance and savings plans, continue to make it an appealing choice.

Here’s a quick overview of JazzCash’s fee structure:

General Services Charges:

Account in-activity fee Applicable if there is no account activity for 12 monthsRs. 100
Mini StatementRs. 100
Asaan Digital Account Balance Check via USSD CodeNo Charges
USSD Platform Fee/ TransactionRs. 0.5
In App BVS PricingRs. 1
Cash-In Pricing For Rs. 20,000: 0.5% Amount + Tax, For Rs. 20,001+: Rs. 100 + TaxRs. 100 Tax for Rs. 20,001 and above
Rs. 50 20,000: 0.5% Amount + Tax for Rs. 20,000 and below

Jazzcash Money Transfer Charges

Transfer charges vary between Rs. 55 for amounts up to Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 650 for amounts between Rs. 20,001 to Rs. 25,000.

Amount (Rs.)Transfer Charge (PKR.)
0 – 1,00055
1,001 – 2,500110
2,501 – 4,000160
4,001 – 6,000215
6,001 – 8,000270
8,001 – 10,000320
10,001 – 13,000375
13,001 – 16,000430
16,001 – 20,000500
20,001 – 25,000650
Amount Range (Rs.)Transfer Charge (PKR.)

Jazzcash Insurance and Savings Charges

Charges range from Rs. 83 for Sehat Sahulat Monthly to Rs. 2320 for Dost Mufahiz Women Health.

Sehat Sahulat AnnualRs. 999
Sehat Sahulat MonthlyRs. 83
Beema AnnualRs. 300
Family Tahafuz AnnualRs. 1999
Family Tahafuz MonthlyRs. 165
Family Tahafuz Premium AnnualRs. 4499
Family Tahafuz Premium MonthlyRs. 370
Mahfooz MustaqbilRs. 549
Income Protection Plan AnnualRs. 1500
Income Protection Plan MonthlyRs. 124
Bachat AccountInterest shall be paid at applicable rates.
Term TakafulRs. 1600
Dost MuhafizRs. 1160
Dost Mufahiz Women HealthRs. 2320
Motorway InsuranceRs. 140

Jazzcash Cards Charges

PayPak Debit Card Issuance User name and deliveryRs. 999
PayPak Debit Card Annual FeeRs. 299
Re-carding Fee (Non EMV Card to PayPak Card)Rs. 250
Master Card Physical Card Issuance FeeRs. 799
Master Card Physical Card Annual Fee (Applicable from Jan’24)Rs. 99
Master Card Physical Card Replacement FeeRs. 599
Master Card Virtual Card Issuance FeeRs. 300
Master Card Virtual Card Annual FeeN/A
Cash Out from ATMFree

Jazzcash Bill Payment

Postpaid Bill PaymentNo Charges
Prepaid LoadNo Charges
Other Operator Prepaid Load through MobileNo Charges
Internet Bill PaymentRs. 599
Utility Bill Payment5.00 per bill (inclusive of tax) for first 3 bill payments in a month of Rs. 20.00 (tax inclusive) per bill after payment of third bill in a month Rs. 30.00 per bill (inclusive of tax) after payment of 9th bill in a month of Rs. Charges by calendar month.

Please refer to the detailed fee structure for specifics on other service charges.

At JazzCash, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality service and convenience. We hope that this fee update does not cause any inconvenience and thank you for your continued patronage.

We also want to remind you of the several other services that JazzCash has to offer, such as their innovative loyalty program which provides rewards for frequent usage of JazzCash services, and their ever-growing array of partners for discounts, offers, and rewards.

JazzCash also ensures the safety and security of your money by employing modern techniques to ensure that all transactions are verified before being processed. Furthermore, customers can also opt for other features such as fraud notifications and transaction alerts to further protect their funds.