Are you looking for a fun and enjoyable day in the city of Lahore & Multan. Joyland, one of the most exciting theme parks located within this spectacular city. From roller coasters to carousels, kiddie rides to water rides Joyland has it all! Furthermore, with its competitive entry ticket prices, your family can enjoy an unforgettable day out! In this article we will be exploring just how much money you should expect to pay for access into this amusement park. Read on for more information about Joyland’s prices.

Joyland Lahore Multan Ticket Price 

Joyland Lahore TicketPrice
Entry TicketRs.100 to 700

Joyland a popular amusement park in Pakistan, is a place of fun and excitement for all ages. With rides ranging from thrilling roller coasters to gentle carousels, Joyland has something for everyone looking for a good time. While many people may assume that these kinds of amusement parks are out of their budget, Joyland offers entry tickets at prices. With prices ranging from ₨.200 to ₨.700, visitors can enjoy hours of entertainment without spending too much money. So, whether you’re a thrill seeker or simply looking for a day of fun with the family, Joyland Lahore offers an affordable adventure for all.

Joyland Lahore Multan Features

Joyland is a perfect place for families and friends to have fun. It offers an array of rides and attractions that will provide hours of entertainment for everyone. From the iconic Ferris wheel to the thrilling Splash Mountain, there is something for everyone at this amusement park. Kids can enjoy the bumper cars, Bugs Ride, Bounce n Spin, UFO, Track Train, and Mono Train. Thrill seekers can take on the Freefall ride for an adrenaline rush! Joyland Lahore guarantees a good time for all who visit. So come out today and experience the fun of Joyland!

Joyland Lahore Multan Timing

Joyland is a popular amusement park located in the city of Lahore Multan, Pakistan. The park offers rides, games, and attractions for all ages. Joyland Lahore’s opening hours are from 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM Monday-Thursday, 03:00 PM – 10:00 PM on Fridays, and 12:00 PM -10:00 PM on weekends. Visitors can purchase tickets at the entrance to enjoy a day of fun with their family and friends.

The park also offers a variety of food options for guests to enjoy. Joyland Lahore is an ideal spot for a memorable day out with the family. Whether you’re looking for a thrill ride or just want to relax and have some fun, Joyland Lahore has something for everyone. Visit this exciting amusement park today and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Joyland Lahore Multan Address

Joyland Lahore and Multan are two of the most iconic amusement parks in Pakistan. Located in the bustling cities of Lahore and Multan, these entertainment havens offer exciting rides and attractions suitable for adults and children alike.

At Joyland Lahore, you’ll find thrilling roller coasters such as The King Cobra, Himalayan Thunder, and The Vertigo. Other exciting attractions include the log flume, bumper cars, a spinning wild mouse coaster, carnival games, and other rides suitable for all ages.

Multan’s Joyland also offers classic amusement park rides such as roller coasters and bumper cars. There are plenty of water-based attractions like the pirate ship and water slides as well. Other attractions include go-karts, mini-golf, and a haunted house.

Both Joyland parks are open seven days a week, making them great places for families to spend some quality time together. So make sure to plan your next vacation at either of these two exciting destinations!


Joyland Lahore – Fortress Stadium Circular Rd, Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Joyland Multan – Mall Of Multan, Shalimar Colony, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.

Enjoy the thrills and fun at these popular amusement parks in Pakistan. Visit Joyland Lahore and Multan for a great time!


To sum up, Joyland Lahore Multan is an exciting amusement park located in the city of Multan. It’s a great destination for people of all ages that are looking for exciting and competitive rides, activities, and entertainment. The entry ticket price is affordable as well as it ranges from 100rs to 700rs depending on the fun factor and type of rides you want to experience.

Moreover, visitors can also avail package deals that can offer discounts on the ticket price. Furthermore, they can also find game galleries and food stalls at Joyland Lahore Multan which provide a great opportunity to have some unforgettable moments along with tasty appetizing snacks. Therefore, if you’re looking for a thrilling experience then plan your visit now to enjoy some awesome rides at Joyland Lahore Multan with your friends and family!