Are you looking for a stylish and affordable pickup truck that will be perfect for your everyday commute or weekend adventures? Look no further than the JW Forland C10 this stylish, 2-door pick up truck is reliable, functional, and comes with an attractive price tag! With all of its features including powerful fuel efficiency, enhanced visibility & safety features, as well as modern tech & entertainment options you won’t be disappointed. Plus you can now get the C10 at a much lower price in Pakistan compared to other countries around the world.

JW Forland C10 Price in Pakistan

JW Forland C10Price in Pakistan
JW Forland C10 (Without Deck/Audio/Heater & Blower)
1000cc, M/T, 1000KG
Rs. 1,589,000
JW Forland C10 (Without Heater & Blower) 1000cc, M/T, 1000KGRs. 1,659,000
JW Forland C10 ( Full Option)
1000cc, M/T, 1000KG
Rs. 1,659,000

The JW Forland C10 is a vehicle that has captured the attention of many Pakistanis due to its impressive specifications and highly competitive price. With a 1000cc engine and a maximum load capacity of 1000kg, the C10 is a versatile vehicle that is ready to tackle any job that comes its way.

What’s more, the different models available offer customers a range of options to choose from to suit their needs. Whether it’s the basic model without the deck, audio, heater, and blower or the full option model that includes all the bells and whistles, the C10 is an incredible value for its price. With a starting price of PKR 1,589,000, the C10 is definitely worth considering for those looking for a dependable vehicle.

JW Forland C10 Features

The JW Forland C10, a product of the Pak-China joint venture, is a powerful addition to the C series line-up. With a 1-ton capacity, this newly introduced vehicle shares a notable similarity with the C19, yet its affordability distinguishes it from the crowd. As a petrol pickup, the C10 stands out in its category. It is the only one to offer hydraulic brakes at a reasonable price, a feature that adds to its uniqueness. In spite of its lower cost, Forland has ensured that all the essential features are integrated into the vehicle, setting it apart from its pricier competitors.

Regarding the specifications of the Forland C10 mini truck, there are a number of points to highlight. The dimensions include a cargo height of 320mm, an inner cargo length of 2200mm, and a cargo width of 1410mm. The vehicle’s structure is built on a frame of 130x50x4-750, with an overall height of 1890mm, length of 3860mm, and width of 1510mm. The tread is 1260/1260mm, while the wheelbase measures 2000mm.

Weight parameters indicate a curb weight of 950kb, a G.V.W of 2080kg, and a payload of 1000kg. The engine, a model LJ465Q-2AE (petrol), has a bore x stroke of 6.5×78mm, a compression ratio of 9.3:1, and a displacement of 1000cc. It operates on petrol, meeting the Euro IV emission standard, and delivers a power of 61hp at 5600rpm, alongside a torque of 85M.M between 3500-4000/min.

The C10’s performance specifications list a 40L fuel tank, electric power-assist steering, and 165R13 tire size. The transmission system is manual, and the clutch is a Diaphragm -spring clutch 180×25. The braking system uses a disc hydraulic brake at the front and a drum hydraulic brake at the rear, and both the front and rear suspensions use a rigid axle.

In terms of competitors in Pakistan, the JW Forland C10 primarily faces competition from Suzuki Ravi, Changan M9, FAW Carrier, and Prince K01.

JW Forland C10 Specification

Bore X Stroke(mm)6.5×78
Compression Ratio9.3:1
Emission StandardEuro IV
Fuel TypePetrol
Type“Four-Cylinder four-stroke
Cargo height(mm)320
Cargo length(inner) mm2200
Cargo width (mm)1410
Overall height(mm)1890
Overall length(mm)3860
Overall width(mm)1510
Wheelbase(mm) 2002000
Curb weight(kb)950
FrontDisc Hydraulic Brake
RearDrum Hydraulic Brake
Fuel Tank(Litre)40L
SteeringElectric Power-Assist
Tire Size165R13

The JW Forland C10, a robust and reliable vehicle, has a starting price of PKR 1,589,000 in Pakistan for the 2024 model. One of the key features that set this model apart is its fuel efficiency. The JW Forland C10 boasts an impressive fuel average of 10 to 12 km/L, making it an economical choice for both city and highway driving. In terms of speed, the Forland C10 does not disappoint, with a top speed of 110 km/h, ensuring a smooth and speedy drive. It’s also worth noting that the JW Forland C10 comes in three different variants, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its users.

The Forland C-10, a notable member of the C-SERIES Cargo Trucks, caters to different transportation needs with its versatile payload platform ranging from 1 to 7.5T. This model is adaptable for various modifications including bravo box trucks, stake trucks wrecker, refrigerator trucks, and aerial platform trucks, showcasing its flexibility.

The Forland C-SERIES is celebrated for its strong load capacity, excellent trafficability, high efficiency, and reliability. They serve a critical role in urban logistics, transporting a wide variety of goods such as food, household items, and agricultural products across cities and suburbs. The Forland C-10, therefore, provides a plethora of solutions for city transportation, proving to be an indispensable asset in any modern transportation fleet.


Overall, the JW Forland C10 is an excellent vehicle for those looking for a durable and stylish truck. It has great features, which make it ideal for construction and agricultural projects.

The C10’s affordable price makes it a great choice to meet various budget requirements. Its commitment to sustainability and fuel efficiency are also admirable due to its hybrid engine technology. With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder why the JW Forland C10 Price in Pakistan is proving popular among many Pakistani consumers. For anyone interested in driving something that’ll provide them with dependable performance, the C10 should definitely be considered.