Are you looking for an affordable, reliable and safe transport option? Don’t wait in long queues anymore to book your tickets! Kainat Travels has the perfect solution for all your travel needs. Kainat Travels offer a wide range of bus ticket prices from around the country including long distance routes. Whether you’re planning a short weekend getaway or travelling from one village to another, Kainat Travels can help make it happen quickly with our discounted fares. Read on to learn more about our different ticket types and how much we charge for each journey by bus.

Kainat Travel Bus Service is one of the leading bus services in Pakistan, providing comfortable and safe journeys to travelers across the country. The company operates a fleet of modern buses that are equipped with the latest safety features. All buses have air-conditioning, reclining seats, ample legroom and adjustable headrests for maximum comfort. Kainat Travel Bus Service also offers Wi-Fi, TV and charging ports on their buses. To ensure the safety of passengers, all Kainat buses are equipped with GPS tracking systems and professional security personnel.

Kainat Travel Bus Service offers convenient pick up points from major cities in Pakistan and drops off at requested destinations within hours. Customers can easily book tickets online or through their mobile app. They also offer great discounts on group bookings and festive offers. With Kainat Travel Bus Service, travelers are sure to experience a safe and comfortable journey every time.

Kainat Travels Ticket Price

Kainat Travels offers its customers great fares, making their service one of the most cost-effective out there. Whether you need a one-way ticket or a round trip, prices start at Rs.1500 and go up to Rs.5000 offering something for everyone’s budget. With comfortable buses and customer-oriented staff, Kainat Travels makes spending time on the road a relaxing experience. For those looking for an affordable travel option in India, look no further than Kainat Travels!

Kainat Travels Fare Ticket Price list

DepartureArrivals CityExecutive ClassBusiness Class
KarachiMianwaliNot availableNot available
KarachiTalagangNot availableNot available
KarachiRikhiNot availableNot available
KarachiDanda ShaNot availableNot available
FaisalabadMoroNot availableNot available
FaisalabadHyderabadRs.5000Not available
FaisalabadSukkurNot availableNot available
HyderabadMianwaliNot availableNot available
HyderabadTalagangNot availableNot available
MianwaliSukkurNot availableNot available
MianwaliMoroNot availableNot available
MianwaliHyderabadNot availableNot available
MianwaliKarachiNot availableNot available
SukkurMianwaliNot availableNot available
SukkurTalagangNot availableNot available

Kainat Travels provides a great way to travel between Karachi and its neighboring cities. They offer fares at competitive rates that are both affordable and comfortable. No matter the destination, Kainat Travels will get you there in style!

For those traveling from Karachi to Multan, fares for Executive seats start at 3500 rupees while Business seats start at 4300 rupees. If you’re heading to Faisalabad, Executive tickets are 5200 rupees while Business tickets are 6200 rupees.

For those headed to Balkasar or Rawalpindi, fares for Executive and Business seats both begin at 5500 rupees.

Kainat Travels offers the best in comfort and convenience for all your travel needs. Book your tickets today!

Kainat Travel contact number

Kainat Travel Bus Service is a reliable and affordable service for travel across Pakistan. With their contact number, you can easily get connected to their head office located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and take advantage of the many services they have to offer.

At Kainat Travel Bus Service, you’ll find comfortable and safe transportation services, experienced drivers, and friendly customer service. Their contact number is 923-111-777-333 which you can easily call to book your trip or ask any questions you might have.