If you’re looking for luxurious beauty services at affordable prices, look no further than the incredible range of treatments on offer from Kashees Beauty Parlour. From hair to makeup and bridal packages, they offer a wide selection of beauty services that are tailored to help you look your best while staying within budget. Take a peek below to find out more about the amazing offers available and learn why this parlour has earned its well-deserved spot as one of the leading beauticians in Pakistan!

Kashees Beauty Parlour Price List 

Kashees Beauty Parlour is a perfect example of the importance of pampering oneself. With several affordable beauty packages, there is something for everyone. From manicures to haircuts, the quality of service you receive from Kashees Beauty Parlour is unrivaled. Each package comes with a variety of services, ranging from skin treatments, to waxing and threading. The pricing structure at Kashees Beauty Parlour allows you to get the most out of your money with discounts available depending on the number of services chosen. Visit Kashees Beauty Parlour today to find out more about their price list and let yourself indulge in a little bit of luxury!

The beauty parlor offers a range of services at different prices. The customer can choose the service they want and the price they are willing to pay. The beauty parlor also offers on its services.

Kashees Beauty Parlour Price List for Hair Services

Kashees Beauty Parlour offers a range of hair services to make sure you look your best for any occasion. From the classic style cuts to creative coloring techniques, Kashees has something for everyone! Kashees experienced team of professionals are trained in the latest trends and techniques, ensuring you are in good hands when it comes to your hair.

Kashees Girls Party MakeupPrices
From Kashif AslamRs. 20000
ExpertsRs. 1500
Anum AslamRs. 19000

Kashees also offer party makeup services, so you can look your best for any special occasion. Kashees team of experts are experienced in creating a beautiful look that will last all night long. Kashees have several packages to choose from, ranging from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 20000, which includes the expertise of our owner Kashif Aslam and his daughter Anum Aslam. Whether you are looking for a dramatic look or something more subtle, Kashees has the perfect package to make you stand out in any crowd.

Kashees Barat Makeup

Kashees Barat Makeup is one of the most sought after makeup artists in Pakistan. Known for its impeccable and modern looks, Kashees Barat Makeup truly provides a picture-perfect look. Whether you’re attending an important formal event or getting ready for a wedding, Kashees Barat Makeup has something to offer everyone.

Kashees Barat Makeup PricePrice
Kashif Aslam MakeupRs. 30000 to 50,000
Anum Aslam MakeupRs. 28000
other Experts MakeupRs. 26000

Kashees Barat Makeup is also known for its price range, offering great value for money. They offer a wide range of makeup looks, from traditional to modern, at prices ranging from Rs. 30000 to 50,000. This type of pricing makes Kashees Barat Makeup an affordable option for people of all budgets.

Kashees Barat Makeup also offers makeup services from Anum Aslam, another well-known makeup artist in Pakistan. Anum’s makeup services range from Rs. 28000 and offer a stunning look, perfect for any special occasion.

Kashees Walima Makeup

Kashees Walima Makeup is a makeup service offered by some of the top experts in Pakistan. It offers traditional and modern bridal looks with a unique blend of Pakistani heritage and contemporary touches. Kashees Walima makeup artists have years of experience and provide services that are tailored to each bride’s individual needs. The price of the makeup services varies depending on the artist and their experience.

Kashees Walima MakeupPrice
Kashif Aslam MakeupRs. 20000 to 25,000
Anum Aslam MakeupRs. 28000
other Experts MakeupRs. 26000

Kashif Aslam’s makeup typically costs anywhere between Rs. 20000 to 25,000, while Anum Aslam’s makeup prices can range from Rs. 28000 and above. Other expert makeup artists’ services generally cost around Rs. 26000 or more, depending on the complexity of their services. Kashees Walima makeup artists are committed to providing brides with a look that is both beautiful and timeless, ensuring that each bride looks her best on her big day. With experienced and professional makeup artists at hand, the perfect wedding look can be achieved in no time.

Kashees Beauty Parlor & Salon Address and Contact Numbers
Contact Numbers: 021-35240851 021-35240852 021-34553381 021-34306768
Address: Plot#178/A, Block 2, Najeeb Corner Tariq Road, PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan. Second Branch Plot#13/C, Stadium Lane 2 Phase-V DHA, Karachi.
Webite : https://kasheesstore.com/