Do you want to glam up your looks with makeup that is not only affordable but also beautifully pigmented? Kashee’s make-up brand in Pakistan has launched an incredible eyeshadow palette that is perfect for all occasions. On top of its affordability, the mesmerizing shades and amazing quality will instantly take your look to the next level! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring everything about the kashees Eyeshadow Palette including its price in Pakistan and how it can enhance your beauty! So if you’re looking for a budget‒friendly option without compromising on pigmentation or staying power, stick around – because today’s discussion is sure to leave you dazzled!

kashees Eyeshadow Palette Price in Pakistan

Kashees has been a leader in the makeup industry for years, offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Their eyeshadow palettes are no exception! With vibrant colors ranging from natural nudes to bold hues, these palettes are perfect for creating any look you can dream up. Kashees eyeshadow palettes come with a range of price points, so everyone can find one that fits their budget; they start as low as Rs. 1,000 and can reach up to Rs. 6,000 depending on the variety. These products are long-lasting and easy to apply a great value for your money!

kashees Eyeshadow Palette Price List in Pakistan

kashees Eyeshadow PaletteRates
Grace & Glamour EyeshadowRs. 1500
Vintage Queen Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3500
Silk & Sleek Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3000
Galaxy Garden EyeshadowRs. 1000
Dream Rose Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3500
Vintage Garden Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3000
Matte & Magic Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 4000
Chameleon Diamond EyeshadowRs. 1000
Diva Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3000
Golden Girl Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 2500
Kashee’s Eye Makeup VanityRs. 7000
Glam Artistry Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 6000
Mirror Majesty Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 6000
Vintage Doll Makeup PaletteRs. 6000
Living Bird Makeup PaletteRs. 6000
Ruby Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 2500
Desert Rose Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 2000
Kashee’s Glimmer GardenRs. 10000

Kashees Eyeshadow Palette is a perfect choice for those who want to create an exceptional look. With its wide range of shades, it brings out the beauty in you and helps you play around with different looks. This palette has been designed with long-lasting formulas that make sure that your eyeshadows stay put all day long without budging.

The soft, velvety texture of the eyeshadows make them easy to blend and layer on your lids for a seamless finish. They are also highly pigmented and come in shimmery or matte finishes that will help you create a unique look. It is available at an extremely affordable price range ranging from Rs 1000 to 6000 and is a must-have for every makeup enthusiast. So, if you’re looking to add some colour to your look, grab the Kashees Eyeshadow Palette now and flaunt your creative side in style!


It is easy to see why the kashees Eyeshadow Palette is such a popular choice for makeup lovers in Pakistan it offers an incredible range of shades and finishes, from Rs. 1000 to 6,000! With so many different looks and effects available, you will have no trouble finding something that suits your preference. What’s more, this palette is made with natural ingredients, making it a safe and reliable choice for all skin types. Whether you are a makeup beginner or a pro artist, this palette offers high end quality eyeshadow at an unbeatable price. Why not give it a try and explore its countless possibilities?

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