Kenwood Chopper Price in Pakistan 2024

Are you looking for something to make preparing meals easier. Do you want to do more with your kitchen tools without having the hassle of doing it all by hand. Then you need a Kenwood Chopper! Not only will they make your kitchen life easier but they’re also cost effective, making them perfect for any budget. With their high performance and quality materials, these choppers are sure to last. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing about the price of Kenwood Chopper in Pakistan what kind of prices are available and how you can get the best deal for one. So read on and find out everything there is to know about Kenwood Choppers today!

Kenwood Chopper Price in Pakistan

Product NamePrice
Kenwood All-in-One Food Factory FDP65.750WRs. 49,999
Kenwood Food Processor FP120 6 in 1Rs. 24,999
Kenwood MultiPro Express Food Processor FDP65.400WHRs. 42,999
Kenwood Accent Collection Centrifugal Juicer JEM02Rs. 27,499
Kenwood 800W Multi-Functional Food Processor White FDP301WHRs. 26,499
Kenwood CH-505WH Multi Chopper With BlenderRs. 21,499
Kenwood Kitchen Machine 4.3L, 1000W KHC29.W0SIRs. 109,999
Kenwood Chopper – White, 500ml, CH550Rs. 27,999
Kenwood Food Processor FP120 Chopper – 400WRs. 20,498
Kenwood Food Processor Multipro Express FDP-65 750 – 1000WRs. 47,998
Kenwood FDM 307SS Food Processor 800W – SilverRs. 49,998
Kenwood Fdm307Ss Full Size Food Processor, 800WRs. 52,999
Kenwood Food Processors FP120Rs. 25,299
Kenwood Food Processor JEP-00 400WHRs. 27,499
Kenwood FDP-65.750WH Food Processor Multipro Express – 1000WRs. 42,499
Kenwood FDP-65.400WH Food Processor Multi Express – 1000WRs. 34,499
Kenwood FDM307SS Full Size Food Processor, 800WRs. 52,999
Juicer-JEP-00-400 WH Food ProcessorRs. 21,999
Kenwood Accent Collection Centrifugal Juicer JEM02Rs. 27,499
Kenwood 4 in 1 Juicer, Blender, Grinder and Chopper MincerRs. 34,500
Kenwood Multi Pro Food Processor 3 Litres 900W – FP730Rs. 44,999
Kenwood Food Processor FP-190 – 1.4 Liter – 600WRs. 26,499
Kenwood Food Processor Multi Express FDP-65 400WH – 750WRs. 37,598
Kenwood Multipro Express Processor FDP65 750WHRs. 54,999
Kenwood Food Processor (FP190)Rs. 35,100
Kenwood 1000W Multi-Functional Food Processor Silver, Fdm71.980SsRs. 84,999
Kenwood Complete Food FactoryRs. 22,500
KENWOOD – CH185A Mini Chopper CH185ARs. 9,999

Best Kenwood Chopper in Pakistan

Kenwood is a well-known brand that produces high-quality kitchen appliances, and one of their most popular products is the chopper. Choppers are versatile kitchen tools that help to chop, dice, blend, and puree various ingredients with ease. They are a must-have for any home cook or professional chef looking to save time and effort in the kitchen.

In this article, we will discuss the best Kenwood choppers available in Pakistan and why they are the top choices for many customers.

1.Kenwood CH250

The Kenwood CH250, acclaimed as the best Kenwood chopper in Pakistan, is available at a competitive price of ₨ 27,900. This quad blade chopper boasts numerous impressive features designed to meet all your chopping needs. It comes with a 2-year warranty, ensuring you can rely on its performance and durability.

One of the standout features of the CH250 is its ice-crushing ability, making it a versatile tool in your kitchen. The chopper’s Quadblade System promises a consistently fine chop, and with a generous 500ml bowl size, you can handle larger quantities of food with ease. With two speed options, it offers control and precision in your meal prep. The repeat mention of the Quadblade System highlights its importance in the overall functionality of this top-notch chopper.

2.Kenwood Chopper, 500 ml, CH550

The Kenwood Chopper CH550, with its 500 ml capacity, is considered one of the best choppers in Pakistan. Priced at ₨ 27,900, this robust and reliable kitchen appliance boasts critical features that make it a worthy investment. Its standout attribute is the Quade blade technology that ensures efficient chopping and blending.

The chopper’s bowl is notably durable with its thick and strong walls, perfect for the demands of a busy kitchen. A unique feature is its ice crushing ability, making it an ideal companion for those hot summers when you crave cold drinks. The unit has a power rating of 400 watts. For peace of mind, a warranty is also offered for details, please refer to the terms and conditions in the product details. The package includes the chopper unit, ensuring you have everything you need to start chopping.

3.Kenwood CH185A Mini Chopper CH185A

The Kenwood CH185A Mini Chopper, recognized as the best Kenwood chopper in Pakistan, offers a compact yet powerful solution for all your kitchen cutting needs. With product dimensions of 4.33″D x 5.71″W x 7.48″H and a weight of just 2.55 pounds, it’s conveniently sized for any kitchen counter. This model features two speed options, allowing for precise control over your chopping tasks.

The chopping blade is crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and easy maintenance. The package includes a chopping blade, container, and lid. Keeping it clean is a breeze, with care instructions recommending hand wash. The item model number is CH185 and it’s available at an affordable price of Rs.9,999.

4.Kenwood CH-505 Multi Chopper With Blender

The Kenwood CH-505 Multi Chopper With Blender is the best Kenwood chopper available in Pakistan. It comes with a range of features that make it an essential addition to your kitchen. It has dishwasher-safe parts, non-slip feet, and a safety lock type, making it both convenient and safe to use. This mini food processor also includes chopper attachments, adding to its versatility.

It has a compact size with dimensions of 14.5cm in width, 19cm in height, and 11cm in depth. Additional product features include a powerful 300W motor, a working capacity of 0.35L, and two speeds, allowing for precision in chopping. The appliance can hold up to 1.5C of content. With a price of Rs.29,999, the Kenwood CH-505 is a value-for-money kitchen tool that offers efficiency and ease of use.

5.Kenwood Food Processor FP120 Chopper 400W

The Kenwood Food Processor FP120 Chopper, with a powerful 400W motor, is the best Kenwood Chopper in Pakistan. Known for its professional quality, it’s more than just your average chopper. It doubles as a smoothie maker, boasting a robust 800-watt motor that easily handles ice and frozen fruit. The device is built with a durable, metal die-cast base and comes with a metallic graphite pot stand, combining robustness with aesthetic appeal. Featuring a dispenser tap, it ensures effortless, mess-free serving of your smoothies or food preparations. Priced at Rs.25,999, it offers the perfect blend of quality, utility, and affordability.


In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the options available when buying a Kenwood Chopper in Pakistan for everyone’s individual needs. By considering factors such as price, warranty and features, customers can make an informed decision that will bring them years of operation and enjoyment their chopper.

While there can be a large range of prices depending on the model and features chosen, overall these products are accessible for any budget. So don’t wait any longer get your new Kenwood Chopper today! Whether you want a conventional or modern product, this reliable brand has something for everyone. With our tips in mind, we wish you luck during your search and hopefully you’ll find the perfect fit to cater to all your needs.