Are you looking for information about Khajoor or dates in Pakistan? It’s no secret that this sweet and nutritious fruit is popular all around the world, so you won’t be surprised to hear that it has made a name for itself here too. In fact, not only can you find excellent quality khajoor or dates growing on date palms in various parts of the country, but their high demand also keeps prices stable and affordable.

This blog post aims to explore more about why Khajoor is highly prized by both customers and farmers alike, as well as how factors like seasonality influence its price in Pakistan. So if you want to learn more about buying premium-grade dates at wholesale prices while ensuring sustainability of the local market, read on!

Ramadan is a special time of year for people who follow the Islamic faith.During this time, Muslims abstain from food and drink during daylight hours to focus on spiritual pursuits and to show gratitude for their blessings. In addition to spiritual benefits, there are many other advantages associated with observing Ramadan.

One of the primary benefits of observing Ramadan is increased physical health and well-being. Muslims abstain from food and drink during daylight hours, which can help them to detoxify their bodies and reduce unhealthy cravings. Additionally, the discipline that comes from fasting can promote healthier eating habits throughout the year.

1 Kg Dates Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, dates are not only enjoyed as a delightful snack, but they also hold immense significance in the country’s culture and traditions. The versatile and nutritious fruit features in various dishes and is consumed extensively, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan. Although the price of 1 kg of dates in Pakistan can range from Rs. 600 up to a staggering Rs. 5000, this does not deter the widespread love and demand for this delectable treat.

The variation in pricing depends on factors such as the quality, type, and origin of the dates. Premium dates, like Ajwa and Medjool, are the more expensive options, while the more common varieties, such as Aseel and Dhakki, fall in the lower price range. No matter the cost, the people of Pakistan continuously relish the goodness and natural sweetness of these chewy delights, cherishing their symbolic essence across the country.

Khajoor کھجور  Price List in Pakistan 2024

Date TypesWeightPrice in Pakistan
Chuwara Dry Date1 KgRs. 300
Irani Khajoor1 KgRs. 750
Mabroom Dates1 KgRs. 1400
Aseel Khajoor1 KgRs. 1000
Khairpur Dates1 KgRs. 1150
Himalayan Dates1 KgRs. 1200
Rabbi Khajoor1 KgRs. 1200
Medjool Dates1 KgRs. 2275
Al Hilal Qalmi Dates1 KgRs. 2350
Sukri Dates Madina1 KgRs. 2000
Saudi Ambar Khajoor1 KgRs. 3000
Ajwa Date1 KgRs. 5500

Dates are an essential part of the Ramadan celebrations in Pakistan. During this month, dates can be found in abundance due to their significance as a source of sustenance and energy. Prices for dates range anywhere from Rs.600 to 5000 per kilogram depending on the variety and quality of the date. Popular varieties of dates used during Ramadan include khalas, sukkari, and kurma.

These dates are a popular choice among Muslims who are fasting as they provide an energy boost to help them get through the day. Additionally, dates can be eaten as a snack or used in various recipes such as date rolls and date pudding for special occasions like Iftar. Dates are also part of the traditional practice of opening one’s fast with a date and a glass of water. Regardless of how they are consumed, dates play an important role in Ramadan celebrations in Pakistan.

1 Kg Dates Price in All Major Cities Of Pakistan

The price of 1 kg dates in major cities of Pakistan can vary greatly. In some cities, the price may range from as little as Rs. 600 to as high as Rs. 5000. The variation in prices is mainly determined by factors such as location, quality and availability. For instance, organic dates usually come with a higher price tag compared to non-organic dates. Similarly, dates grown in certain areas may also be priced higher due to the local climate and soil conditions. Furthermore, demand and availability in different cities can also have an impact on the price of dates. Therefore, the exact cost of 1 kg of dates may vary from place to place.

The best way to get the best deal on dates is to compare prices in different cities. This can be easily done online, where a variety of vendors offer their products at different prices. Additionally, local markets are also great places to find good deals on dates. The key is to visit multiple stores and vendors to ensure that you get the best possible price for your purchase.

Overall, the cost of 1 kg dates in Pakistan can vary greatly depending on factors like quality, location and availability. By taking the time to compare prices across different cities and vendors, you can ensure that you get the best deal for your purchase.

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims in Pakistan, and it is observed through fasting, prayer and spiritual reflection. During Ramadan, many observant Muslims will fast from dawn until sunset each day. The start of Ramadan in Pakistan typically falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which is based on lunar cycles.

During Ramadan, Muslims in Pakistan take part in communal prayer at mosques, hold religious gatherings and celebrate with friends and family. Special meals called ‘iftar’ are typically shared after sunset to break the day’s fast. During this time many Muslims also donate to charity and make efforts to help others in need. These acts of generosity are seen as a way to demonstrate one’s faith and devotion during the holy month.

In addition to prayer and fasting, Ramadan is also a time for spiritual reflection and personal growth. Muslims strive to lead lives that reflect their faith throughout the entire year, but during Ramadan they are encouraged to focus on this even more intensely.

The month of Ramadan is very special for Muslims all over the world, and in Pakistan it is a deeply spiritual time that brings communities together. During this holy month, Muslims come together to celebrate their faith and show compassion for those less fortunate. The spirit of Ramadan can be felt everywhere, and it is a time of peace and joy for all who observe the holy month.

By following the traditions of Ramadan, Muslims in Pakistan strive to bring themselves closer to Allah while showing kindness and compassion towards others. This special month provides an opportunity for spiritual reflection and renewal that will benefit everyone throughout the year.