Are you looking for a kitchen hood that is within your budget with great features? You have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will explore the different prices and features of kitchen hoods available in Pakistan. We’ll cover both built in and over the range models so that you can find the best fit for your needs.

From learning about ventilation, cleaning capabilities, and noise levels all the way to design tips, we are here to provide youwith helpful information when it comes to finding one of the most important appliances for your home a kitchen hood! Keep reading to find out why a reliable hood matters in terms of practicality as well as aesthetics!!!

Kitchen Hood Price in Pakistan

Kitchen HoodPrice in Pakistan
Hanco Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood with LED DisplayRs. 28,000
Super Asia Kitchen Hood SHD510Rs. 29,000
Haier Touch Hood HCH-C11 SlantedRs. 104,100
Haier Kitchen Hood – HCH-9020GRs. 57,000
NasGas KHD-250 Kitchen Hood 2 Position Speed ControlRs. 32,800
Dawlance Kitchen Hood 9630BRs. 78,100
Care Kitchen Hood 404Rs. 39,600
Welcome Kitchen Hood WC-400Rs. 39,000
Esquire Hood HC-9001Rs. 46,500
Robam Hood A816Rs.69,000
Fotile Hood D8BH H.C 75CMRs.71,300
Midas MI-TH-003 HoodRs.34,000
Vatti Kitchen Hood V-991Rs.127,700
Dawlance Hood DCT 9030 SRs. 70,400
Haier Kitchen Hood HCH-ET901U1Rs.78,800
Super Asia Hood SHD-526SRs.39,600
CROWN Range Hood Digital With Touch Sensor PanelRs.29,000
Canon Hood | CSK 4000Rs.33,500
Glam Gas Range Hood Thunder 900 mmRs. 45,300
Golden Fuji Wall Mount Range HoodRs. 28,500

Worry no more about the fumes, gases and smoke in your kitchen as kitchen hoods are here to help. Installing them helps maintain air quality in the home, prevents annoying odors and protects furniture. Now available in Pakistan at competitive prices ranging from Rs 29000 to 85000, these state of the art hoods can be a great addition to the modern home. They make cooking a pleasant experience by reducing excess heat, fumes and odors; not to mention their attractive designs that can add luxuriousness to any kitchen!

List of Best Kitchen Hood in Pakistan With Prices 2024

They help to keep your cooking area clean and free from smoke and odors, making it a healthier place for you and your family. Pakistan is home to some of the best kitchen hoods on the market today. Whether you’re looking for an efficient hood that will keep your kitchen clean and free from smoke and odors, or one with a stylish design that will complement the look of your kitchen, you can find it in Pakistan. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best kitchen hoods available in Pakistan, along with their prices.

1.Hanco Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood with LED Display

The Hanco Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood with LED Display is an innovative kitchen appliance designed to provide superior ventilation and lightening. It features 4 push button switches with 2x speed, a double bearing copper motor, stainless steel filters, 2 x LED bulbs, metal wind cabinet, metal wind wheel 150 mm for easy operations, a heavy suction power for excellent performance, and easily washable filters for easy cleaning. Moreover, the exhaust pipe length is 6 feet, which allows it to efficiently eliminate smoke and fumes from your kitchen.

The product comes in three different sizes- 27 inch, 29.5 inch and 35.5 inch, making it suitable for any kitchen space. With all these features and an attractive price of Rs. 28,000, the Hanco Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood with LED Display is a great addition to any modern kitchen.

2.Super Asia Kitchen Hood SHD510

Super Asia Kitchen Hood SHD510 is a high-quality kitchen hood manufactured with the latest technology. It features a Push Button with VDF Display and Blue Light, which allows it to be easily operated. The Black Front Panel Standard Shape comes with Mirror Edge and Copper Double Bearing Open Motor 2 Speed. The 105mm Metal Wind Wheel ensures better air circulation and filtration. All this comes at an affordable price of only Rs. 29,000 in Pakistan. With Super Asia Kitchen Hood SHD510, you can be sure that your kitchen will remain fresh and clean all the time! Buy it now to experience the ultimate convenience in your kitchen!

3.Haier Touch Hood HCH-C11 Slanted

The Haier Touch Hood HCH-C11 Slanted offers an amazing performance with its 20m3/min super strong airflow and self-clean feature. Its 70-degree heating and spin clean make this hood ideal for a powerful yet quiet experience. The Auto Smoke separate panel with SS oil collector helps keep your kitchen clean while the concealed motor and LED light provide energy efficiency. Measuring 90cm wide, this hood is the perfect size for any kitchen. Additionally, its affordable price of Rs. 104,100 makes it an excellent value for money.

4.Haier Kitchen Hood – HCH-9020G

The Haier Kitchen Hood HCH-9020G (Touch ARC Hood) is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Its sleek and stylish design features an arc glass front, giving your kitchen a contemporary look you’ll love. The hood comes with a powerful 1,000 Cm/Hr suction motor for superb air filtration, and the touch control allows you to adjust the speed settings and LED lights with ease.

The aluminum filter is designed for easy maintenance, while an optional charcoal filter gives you even better air filtration. With a chimeney height of 40cm and a width of 90cm, it fits perfectly into any kitchen space. Plus, its silver color gives it a stylish edge. Finally, the Haier Kitchen Hood HCH-9020G (Touch ARC Hood) comes at an affordable price of Rs. 57,000, making it a great value for money purchase. With its blend of style and performance, this hood is sure to be a great addition to your kitchen!

5.NasGas KHD-250 New Kitchen Hood 2 Position Speed Control

The NasGas KHD-250 Kitchen Hood is the perfect combination of style and function. Its sleek non magnet stainless steel double straight filter and push button operating system panel give it a modern look that will enhance any kitchen decor. Plus, its 12volt LED display lights provide bright illumination for cooking and other tasks in the kitchen.

The NasGas KHD-250 also offers powerful suction power at 1100m/h, thanks to its pure copper winding motor and large size metal blower. And with its two position speed control, you can easily adjust the power of your hood to suit any cooking needs. The front and top 5mm tempered glass provide extra durability while protecting the hood from scratches and other damage.

In addition, the NasGas KHD-250 Kitchen Hood has dimensions of W-23 INCH D-22 INCHʺH-19.5 INCH” and its powder paint coated finish ensures a long lasting look. All these features make this hood an excellent choice for any home kitchen and is available for an affordable price of Rs. 32,800. Get your NasGas KHD-250 Kitchen Hood today and make cooking a fun and easy experience!

6.Dawlance Kitchen Hood 9630B

The Dawlance Kitchen Hood 9630B is a great option for home cooks looking for quality kitchen ventilation. This model features an auto function, 3 different speed controls, and easily cleanable stainless steel/mesh filters and oil collectors. The high-performance design makes it perfect for ventilating smoke, odors, fumes and steam from your kitchen. With its superior build quality and impressive features, the Dawlance Kitchen Hood 9630B is sure to provide reliable service for years to come. Best of all, it’s priced at a reasonable Rs. 78,100 in Pakistan.

7.Care Kitchen Hood 404

Care Kitchen Hood 404 is a high-quality kitchen appliance for your home that ensures efficient extraction of steam, smoke, heat and odors from the kitchen. Compact in size, this hood features a 24 inches front size with non-magnetic double stainless steel cone shape filter that provides better air circulation and filtering to keep your kitchen clean and healthy.

The hood features a push button operating system panel with LED display lights that helps you to easily operate the appliance. It also comes with a large size metal blower, powder paint coated for durability and 2 speed fan control for better air circulation. Moreover, its front & top 5mm are made from 100% tempered glass which makes it sturdier and more reliable. The hood also features a pure copper winding motor and a removable and washable oil cup for easy maintenance. Care Kitchen Hood 404 is priced at Rs 39,600 in Pakistan for your convenience. Get your own now to ensure a clean, healthy and comfortable kitchen experience!

8.Welcome Kitchen Hood WC-400

The Welcome Kitchen Hood WC-400 is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It features an easy push button operation and a copper motor for long lasting performance. The hood has a 34-inch length, providing ample coverage. For efficient and powerful ventilation, the hood operates at 180 Watts of power, making it ideal for removing smoke and odors from the air. With an unbeatable price of Rs. 39,000, the Welcome Kitchen Hood WC-400 is a great choice for any kitchen. Get yours today and transform your kitchen into a more comfortable, pleasant space!

9.Esquire Hood HC-9001

The Esquire Hood HC-9001 is a stylish addition to any kitchen. Its metallic black body and sleek design make it an attractive choice for your cooking needs. The steel and glass construction ensures durability and the 0.4 mm tempered glass makes it easy to clean. Thanks to its 180 watts of power, this hood will quickly draw out steam, smoke and other odors from the air in your kitchen. With its attractive price of Rs. 46,500, it’s a great value for money hood that is sure to last you a long time.

10.Robam Hood A816

The Robam Hood A816 is the perfect kitchen hood for those looking to enhance their cooking convenience. It has a wide angle and deep cavity that allows for maximum air flow, and its 1570m³/h air flow rate ensures that smoke and food odors are quickly suctioned away from your kitchen. And with its 360 Tornado Smoke Suction technology, even the smallest particles are quickly removed from your kitchen. In addition, its Free of Dismantle and Wash Technology ensures that it is incredibly easy to maintain and clean when needed. Plus, with its sleek, modern design it will look great in any kitchen setting. All this in an affordable package the Robam Hood A816 is available in Pakistan for a price of Rs.69,000.

11.Fotile Hood D8BH H.C 75CM

Fotile Hood D8BH H.C 75CM is a stylish and powerful kitchen hood that helps keep the air in your home clean and fresh without creating too much noise. This powerful hood features a noise level of just 56dB, an air flow of 900 m3/h, and illumination power of 1.5 x 2 watts. It also has an unrestrained air flow of 1080 m3/h, making it the perfect choice for any kitchen. And with its attractive design and superior performance, it’s no wonder that this hood is one of the most popular products among homeowners in Pakistan. The price of Fotile Hood D8BH H.C 75CM in Pakistan is Rs.71,300, making it an excellent value for money.

12.Midas MI-TH-003 Hood

The Midas MI-TH-003 hood offers high performance and is an essential addition to any kitchen. It features a tempered glass finish with blue and black color that adds a touch of modernity to the décor. The motor mechanism of this hood is powerful and provides great ventilation while cooking, reducing smoke and odor in the kitchen. Moreover, the hood comes with LED lights and filters, which further enhances its performance. All of these features make it a great buy that is worth every penny.

What’s more, the Midas MI-TH-003 hood has been priced at Rs.34,000 in Pakistan, which makes it relatively affordable compared to other similar products in the market. With its advanced features and reasonable price, this hood is perfect for all those who are looking for an efficient kitchen appliance to make cooking a breeze.

13.Vatti Kitchen Hood V-991

The Vatti Kitchen Hood V-991 is an excellent choice for your kitchen. It has a beautiful, industrial design featuring brushed stainless steel and laser seamless welding finish. The integrated black temper glass screen gives it a fashionable impression, making it the perfect addition to your home. It also features a smooth slide rail design with motor driven sliding rails to open the giant screen. The slide motion is stable and adhesive, making it a durable and oil proof choice for your kitchen. With all of these features, the Vatti Kitchen Hood V-991 is sure to make a statement in your home. At Rs.127,700, it is an affordable option that will give you many years of reliable use. Invest in the Vatti Kitchen Hood V-991 today and bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

14.Dawlance Hood DCT 9030 S

The Dawlance Hood DCT 9030 S features a powerful 220 watt motor to deliver an efficient and reliable performance. This hood is designed to efficiently remove smoke, odors, and grease from your kitchen, leaving you with only the delicious smells of your cooking. The stainless steel body and long-lasting filters are designed for durability and optimal airflow. The LED display allows you to control the settings and timer for your convenience. With a price of Rs. 70,400 it is a great investment in creating the perfect kitchen atmosphere. Let Dawlance Hood DCT 9030 S help you achieve a smoke free and enjoyable cooking experience!

15.Haier Kitchen Hood HCH-ET901U1

The Haier Kitchen Hood HCH-ET901U1 is packed with features that will help make your kitchen a breeze to work in. It boasts a powerful 1,000 cm/hr suction motor, giving you the power to remove all smoke, odors and steam from your cooking.

The hood also comes with 3 speeds for added convenience and control. The touch controls make it easy to use, while the LED light lets you see clearly as you cook. The chimney height is adjustable up to 60 cm so that you can adjust the hood’s position according to your needs. Plus, with a sleek silver color and a width of 90cm, this modern-looking hood will look great in any kitchen. Best of all, the Haier Kitchen Hood HCH-ET901U1 comes with a great price tag of Rs.78,800. So save time, energy and money by making the smart choice today!

16.Super Asia Hood SHD-526S

The Super Asia Hood SHD-526S packs a whole lot of features and an elegant design in one package. It comes with an aluminum filter, a 900mm tempered glass panel, and a touch panel 3 speed sensor for easy control. The all black front panel has a standard shape with mirror edge that gives it an added touch of sophistication.

The double bearing, powerful 3 speed copper motor makes it an efficient and reliable appliance. The metal wind cabinet comes with a strong metal blower that circulates air efficiently. It also has 2 LED lights with 9 bulbs and two AL filters that come with activated carbon and oil cups inside. To top it off, the 450mm stainless steel chimney ensures that all smoke, grease and odours are expelled from your kitchen quickly.

For all these features, the Super Asia Hood SHD-526S is priced at Rs.39,600 in Pakistan. It’s a great value for money product that can be an ideal addition to any kitchen. With its sleek design and efficient performance, it’s sure to make your kitchen a smart and modern place.

17.CROWN Range Hood Digital With Touch Sensor Panel

The CROWN Range Hood Digital with Touch Sensor Panel DHBC 90 (15) is a great addition to any kitchen. The digital panel allows you to easily control the temperature, speed and other settings of the hood. Additionally, it features a tempered glass 6mm filter and a 3-speed pure copper motor for optimal performance.

Furthermore, the filter is washable and has an inner oil cup to keep grease and other debris out of your kitchen. In addition, it also comes with a washable boat shape filter and nine stock LED lamps, making it highly efficient at capturing smoke and cooking odors. Finally, this range hood is available in both 27.5″ and 34.5″ sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen. With a price of Rs.29,000, this range hood is well worth the investment to make sure your kitchen remains clean and odor-free!

18.Canon Hood | CSK 4000

The Canon Hood CSK 4000 is a powerful and reliable kitchen hood that ensures your kitchen is kept clean and free from smoke and odours. It has 3-speed touch control with a display, nine 1.5W LED bulbs for bright lighting, a stainless steel filter and oil cup for easy cleaning and maintenance, and an outlet diameter of 160mm. The motor is 203W and the noise level is 56db, with a chimney height of 450mm. This amazing modern hood will provide your kitchen with superior air quality and comes at an affordable price of Rs.33,500.

19.Glam Gas Range Hood Thunder 900 mm

The Glam Gas Range Hood Thunder 900 mm is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its T-shape walls give it a modern and elegant look, while also providing superior performance. The 3 speed motor and touch panel allows you to adjust the settings according to your needs. Additionally, the hood comes equipped with auto clean technology and hand sensor for an even more effortless cleaning experience.

The hood also has a 60 second delay auto shut off, allowing you to set it on a timer for optimal safety. In addition to all of these features, the hood is powered by a pure copper motor which ensures smooth operation and high performance. With the combination of style and performance, the Glam Gas Range Hood Thunder 900 mm is sure to be a great addition to any kitchen. Furthermore, all of these features come at an affordable price of Rs 45,300, making it a great value for the money.

20.Golden Fuji Wall Mount Range Hood

This Golden Fuji Wall Mount Range Hood is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Featuring easy to use touch button control, a lightning effect and both fixed LED lights and front LED lighting, this range hood also boasts an impressive three-speed copper motor and metal blower for superior ventilation. Plus, its S/S double filter allows you to easily remove smoke, odours and grease from the air. This range hood is also extremely stylish with its sleek Silver colour and special feature stainless steel, integrated lighting. All this for only Rs. 28,500 makes it an excellent value for money. Transform your kitchen today with the Golden Fuji Wall Mount Range Hood!


Kitchen hoods are an essential part of almost every kitchen. Not only do they keep your kitchen free from smoke and bad odors, but they also provide a cleaner and healthier cooking environment. Finding the right hood for your kitchen is not always easy, as there are so many models available in the market with various prices in Pakistan. While there are plenty of affordable variations out there, splurging on a higher-end model can really pay off in terms of features and value.

However, no matter which model you opt for just make sure it fits into your budget and satisfies all your requirements for years to come! Additionally, bear in mind that some simple DIY maintenance tasks such as regular cleaning can help extend the life of your hood and save you from spending too much on repairs or replacements.