Lahore Metro Bus service boasts of 27 well-maintained stations along its 28.7-kilometer route, ensuring convenience and accessibility for the commuters. Each station, set roughly 1 km apart, is equipped with an automated fare collection system, allowing for a quick, hassle-free boarding process.

An intricate route map details the entire stretch of the service, starting from Shahdara at the northern end, passing through bustling areas like Azadi Chowk, MAO College, and Qurtaba, to name a few, and finally ending at Gajju Matah in the south.

Lahore Metro, through its intelligent transportation system, provides real-time vehicle location information and schedule details, accessible at each station and online. This aids in smooth and efficient commuting for the daily influx of nearly 200,000 passengers.

Moreover, the service is integrated with Lahore’s Orange Line Metro Train, delivering a seamless urban transport solution. Operating hours for the main route are between 6:15 AM and 10:00 PM, while the feeder routes operate from 6:00 AM until 11:00 PM, ensuring the availability of reliable transportation across the city throughout the day.

Lahore Metro Bus Ticket Price

The Lahore Metro Bus system offers two types of fare ticketing for the convenience of the riders. The first option is a Single-ride token, ideal for those who prefer a one-off journey. You can purchase this token for Rs. 30, either from the manned ticket booths or the self-service Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) located at each Metro Bus Station.

On the other hand, for regular commuters, Metrobus Cards are the preferred option. These cards are obtainable free of cost from the Ticketing Offices. All you need to do is to show your national identity card or Form-B (applicable for those under 18).

The Metrobus Cards offer the advantage of multiple trips without the need to queue for a token each time. These cards can be recharged up to a maximum balance of Rs. 1000 at the TVMs. Notably, the cards are not limited to the Metro Bus routes and can also be used on the feeder routes, providing greater flexibility for your travel needs.

Lahore Metro Bus Stations & Bus Stops

Lahore Metro Bus Stations and Route Map Details
Lahore Metro Bus Stations and Route Map Details

The Lahore Metro, a milestone in Pakistan’s public transportation sector, houses an impressive array of 27 prominent bus stations. These include:

Shahdara Terminal,

Niazi Chowk,

Timber Market,

Azadi Chowk,

Bhatti Chowk,


Civil Secretariat,

and MAO College Orange Line, among others. Further down the line, stations like Janazgah, Qartaba Chowk, Shama, Ichhra and Canal greet commuters. Notable locations such as Qaddafi Stadium, Kalma Chowk, Model Town, Naseerabad, and Itefaq Hospital also feature their own dedicated stations. As the route extends, it comprises Qainchi, Ghazi Chowk, Chungi Amar Sidhu, Kamahan, Atari Saroba, Nishtar, Youhanabad, Dulu Khurd, culminating at Gajjumata Terminal. These stations offer an expansive network covering key areas of the bustling city, facilitating smooth and efficient travel for its residents.

Apart from enabling a safe and convenient mode of commuting, the Lahore Metro also provides passengers with accessible ticketing machines, spacious seating areas, restrooms, and escalators. This on top of being a cost-effective alternative to other forms of transportation. With its vast network and range of services, the Lahore Metro stands out as an example for other cities in Pakistan as well as abroad, of what a modern public transport system should look like.

Lahore Metro’s commitment to its passengers’ safety is further reflected in its enhanced security measures, that comprise CCTV surveillance and various other systems. Its convenient opening hours make it all the more appealing for commuters looking to travel at any time of the day or night.

Lahore Metro Route Map

The Lahore Metro, a prominent public transport system in Lahore, Pakistan, offers a comprehensive network of routes for the city’s inhabitants and visitors. The system comprises of seventeen main routes.

This extensive network facilitates easy and efficient travel throughout Lahore.

Lahore Metro Bus Ticketing System:

Lahore Metrobus, a public transit system in Lahore, Pakistan, provides a convenient, affordable, and efficient way to commute throughout the city. The system features two distinct options for ticketing, a token system for single rides and a card system for multiple rides. Tokens, priced at 30 Rupees, are purchased at ticketing booths or vending machines and tapped at the metrobus entry point. However, passengers must keep their tokens until the end of their journey as they cannot exit the station without surrendering their tokens.

On the other hand, the card system is designed for frequent travelers, eliminating the need for standing in long queues to purchase tokens. The metrobus card can be bought for a 150 Rupees deposit and can be recharged up to 1000 Rupees at ticket vending machines. The card system offers a discounted fare structure 30 Rupees for a single trip, 30 Rupees for a double trip, and 25 Rupees for a triple trip. The same card can also be used on the Metrobus feeder buses, enhancing its utility.

An additional resource for navigating the metrobus system is a mobile application available on the Playstore named ‘Pakistan Metro Bus Map and Stations Guide.’ It provides comprehensive route maps for metro buses across Pakistan and allows users to find the nearest metro bus station from their current location. Simply download the app, select your city, and use the map guide to plan your journey.

Speedo Bus Routes in Lahore

The Speedo Bus service in Lahore, a feeder service for the Metro Bus, provides a convenient and reliable mode of transport for residents and visitors alike. The service runs along 17 main routes, each connecting major points of interest throughout the city. Route 1, for instance, runs from the Railway Station to Bhatti Chowk. Route 4 links R.A. Bazar to Chungi Amar Sidhu, while Route 7 connects Chungi to Bagrian.

The Daewoo Terminal to Canal route, number 8, and the Shamnagar to Railway Station route, number 9, are also popular. The service extends to the furthest reaches of the city with Route 17, Gajjumata to PKLI, ensuring that even those in the outskirts are well connected to the city’s heart.

Route Information
Route Information
Railway Station to Bhatti Chowk
Samanabad Morr to Bhatti Chowk
Railway Station to Rana Town
R.A. Bazar to Chungi Amar Sidhu
Shadbagh Underpass to Bhatti Chowk
Babu Sabu to Raj Garh
Chungi to Bagrian
Daewoo Terminal to Canal
Shamnagar to Railway Station
Multan Chungi to Qartaba Chowk
Babu Sabu to Main Market
R.A. Bazar to Civil Secretariat
Bagrian to Kalma Chowk
Purana Kahna to R.A. Bazar
Bhatti to R.A. Bazar
Canal to Thokar Niaz Baig/ Daewoo Terminal
Gajjumata to PKLI

One of the key highlights of the Lahore Metro Bus service is its commitment to being environmentally friendly. All buses operating under the service utilize Euro III compliant engines, a significant step towards reducing air pollution in the city. The buses are designed to accommodate a high volume of passengers, with a seating capacity of roughly 250 people per bus.

This helps to minimize the number of vehicles on the road, further contributing to the city’s pollution control efforts. The buses are also equipped with facilities such as wheelchair ramps and designated seats for elderly and differently-abled passengers, ensuring an inclusive public transport system for all citizens. With its well-structured network, user-friendly ticketing system, and eco-conscious approach, the Lahore Metro Bus service is setting a benchmark for public transportation services in Pakistan.