Are you planning a trip from Lahore to Kasur but worried about the ticket prices and train timings. In this article, we’ll discuss all the relevant information regarding Lahore-Kasur train tickets. We’ll provide an overview of the ticket prices depending on your departure point and class of travel along with some essential tips that will help make your journey more convenient. Plus, we’ll share important details related to schedule times for each station between the two destinations. With these helpful insights in tow, buying Lahore to Kasur train tickets have never been easier or more accessible than ever before!

Lahore To Kasur Train Ticket Price

ClassBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / Standard800800

The railway route connecting Lahore to Kasur in Pakistan enjoys substantial patronage owing to its popularity. Serving as a vital transportation link, it connects the bustling city of Lahore to the charming town of Kasur. Individuals from various walks of life, whether local residents or tourists, rely on this route for commute purposes such as work, education, or leisure.

One train, known as the Fareed Express, stands out as a paragon of reliability and convenience. Operating every day of the week, from Saturday to Friday, it ensures uninterrupted journeys for passengers. Regardless of the day of the week, the Fareed Express is always prepared to transport travelers between Lahore and Kasur.

A notable feature of the Fareed Express is its wide range of fare options, catering to the diverse needs of passengers. For those seeking a comfortable and luxurious travel experience, an AC Lower/Standard class ticket can be purchased for 800 rupees. Whether one prefers a cozy berth or a spacious seat, this class guarantees a pleasant journey with its top-notch amenities.

Alternatively, for those who prioritize affordability without compromising on comfort, the Economy class provides an excellent choice. Priced at 650 rupees for a berth and 600 rupees for a seat, this class offers a budget-friendly option for travelers. Whether one is a student, a solo adventurer, or a family on a tight budget, the Economy class of the Fareed Express accommodates everyone.

Therefore, whether one is a frequent traveler or planning a one-time trip, the Fareed Express is highly recommended for the journey between Lahore and Kasur. With its unwavering reliability, comfortable accommodations, and flexible fare options, it ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers.

Fareed Express Timings

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
1LAHORE JN. 06:00
3KOT LAKHPAT06:2706:29
4RAIWIND JN.06:5507:00
5KASUR JN.07:2508:05

Traversing the route from Lahore to Kasur, the Fareed Express train ensures a punctual and convenient journey for its passengers. Starting from Lahore Junction at 06:00 sharp, the train makes its first halt at Walton at 06:17, departing after a brief two-minute stop. Proceeding further, it arrives at Kot Lakhpat at 06:27, allowing passengers a quick two-minute break before again setting off on its route. By 06:55, the train reaches Raiwind Junction, facilitating a five-minute pause before recommencing its journey towards the final destination.

Eventually, it concludes its voyage at Kasur Junction at 07:25, providing ample time until 08:05 for passengers to disembark. With its efficient timings and well-maintained schedule, the Fareed Express is a popular choice for travelers commuting between Lahore and Kasur. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a comfortable ride with the reliable Fareed Express. The train ticket prices are also reasonable, making it an affordable mode of transport for all types of passengers.

Lahore to Kasur Train Ticket Booking Online

Booking a train ticket online from Lahore to Kasur has never been easier thanks to the user-friendly website of Pakistan Railways at This portal allows passengers to book their tickets with just a few clicks, saving them the hassle of long queues at the ticket counters.

To start, visit the Pakistan Railways’ website and click on the ‘E-Ticketing’ tab displayed prominently on the homepage. Here you’ll be able to select ‘Lahore’ as your departure city, and ‘Kasur’ as your destination. The website then proceeds to present you with a variety of options, including different trains, their departure and arrival times, as well as ticket prices.

Each train option has detailed information about its travel class, allowing you to choose between Economy, AC Business, and AC Standard. The prices for each class are clearly stated, making it easy for you to choose a ticket that fits within your budget.

The next step is to select your preferred date of travel. The user-friendly interface allows you to view the availability of seats on your chosen date. Once the details have been confirmed, please proceed to the payment section.. The website accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards and mobile payments, simplifying the process for passengers.

Once the payment is successful, you will receive an e-ticket via email, which you can either print out or show on your mobile device at the time of travel. This efficient and easy-to-use online booking system has made the train travel experience from Lahore to Kasur much more convenient and hassle-free.


Lahore To Kasur Train Ticket Price 2024 Timings is incredibly accessible to the everyday passenger. With tickets starting at just 600PKR, the price can’t be beat making it an economical and easy way to travel between two of the most popular cities in Pakistan. And with a variety of departure times throughout the day, booking your ticket couldn’t be easier! When embarking on your next journey, keep this blog post in mind so that you can take advantage of all that Lahore To Kasur Train Ticket Price 2024 Timings has to offer. Don’t wait book today, and enjoy a safe and comfortable train ride between these two premier Pakistani cities!