LPG price in Pakistan is an important indicator of economic stability. It’s one of the main sources of fuel for households and businesses alike, and has often been directly affected by government policy decisions on taxation or subsidies.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about LPG in Pakistan from its current prices at both the national and regional levels, to what drives pricing trends, as well as detailed information on various kinds of LPG available in Pakistan. Read on to find out more about all the interesting facets that make up the subject matter!

Lpg Price In Pakistan Today

LPG Price by OGRALPG price
LPG 1 KGRs. 177
Domestic Cylinder 11.8 KgRs.2,092
Commercial Cylinder 45.4 KgRs. 8,036
LPG Market Price Today
LPG per KGRs. 210
Domestic Cylinder 11.8 KgRs.2,478
Commercial Cylinder 45.4 KgRs.9,500

LPG Rate Today in Pakistan

,The LPG price in Pakistan has gone up again, leaving many consumers feeling the pinch. The updated rates show that LPG per KG is now at Rs. 177, while the domestic cylinder, which holds 11.8 Kg of LPG, costs Rs. 2,092. The commercial cylinder, which holds 45.4 Kg, is now priced at Rs. 8,036.

To make matters worse, the LPG rate in the market today is even higher, with LPG per KG costing Rs. 210, the domestic cylinder costing Rs. 2,478, and the commercial cylinder costing Rs. 9,500. The rise in prices is a cause for concern, and many consumers are struggling to keep up with the high rates.

12 Kg Gas Cylinder Price in Pakistan Today

According to the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the rate for a domestic cylinder of 11.8 kg is currently set at PKR 2,092. However, in the market today, that same cylinder could cost you PKR 2,478. The difference in price is significant and can make a huge impact on the budget of households across the country. As people wait and watch to see whether this trend continues, it remains to be seen how this will impact the average person’s daily life.

The government of Pakistan also plays an important role in keeping the LPG prices in check. It has implemented a series of subsidies and regulatory measures to ensure that consumers have access to affordable cooking gas.

This includes regulating the import prices, providing cash subsidies, introducing new taxes on imported LPG cylinders, and subsidizing local production. The government is also working towards encouraging the use of natural gas and renewable energy sources to reduce the dependence on costly LPG imports.

The government is also striving to increase access to LPG in rural areas where it is still largely unavailable. It has established several distribution centers across the country for making LPG available at subsidized prices. In order to ensure wider availability, the government has also been providing free cylinders to poor households. These initiatives have helped to reduce the burden of high LPG prices on the public and promote a clean source of cooking fuel.

Attention: LPG Price Update in Pakistan

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What is LPG gas price in Pakistan?

The current LPG gas price in Pakistan is determined by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). According to OGRA, a single kilogram of LPG costs Rs. 177. However, market prices may vary slightly from this figure and as of today, one can expect to pay Rs. 210 for a kilogram of LPG.

What is the price of 10 kg cylinder in Pakistan?

The price of LPG gas in Pakistan as per the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is Rs.2,092 for an 11.8 Kg cylinder. However, the market rate as of today is Rs.2,478 for the same quantity.

What is the price of 11 kg gas cylinder in Pakistan 2024?

In 2024, the 11.8 kg market price of a gas cylinder will be around Rs.2,478.


In conclusion, the LP gas price in Pakistan is an important factor for all Pakistani citizens. As prices go up, it can be difficult to determine whether the increases are due to changes in the market or associated with the changing dynamics of the global economy.

This is why it’s so important to stay on top of gas prices, including those for PUNGAS such as LPG gas, so you can make informed decisions about how to manage your energy costs. Tracking developments in LPG prices provides insight into how changes in the global market impact local rate structures and budgets alike.

It’s significant to note that recent changes in the oil industry have had a significant impact on the cost of importing fuels and this must always be taken into account when assessing any LP gas rates issued by suppliers throughout Pakistan. Overall, it’s essential to regularly monitor price trends when dealing with energy-related products and services in order to get favorable outcomes and make smarter energy decisions year after year.