Pakistan is an agricultural country and Makai maize is one of the major crops grown in Pakistan. The price of maize has been on the rise in recent years, and this has had a significant impact on the economy of Pakistan. In this blog post, we will look at the factors that have led to the increase in maize prices in Pakistan, and we will also discuss the possible solutions to this problem. Stay tuned!

Maize Price in Pakistan 2024

Makai Maize is a popular crop in Pakistan and makes up part of the staple diet for many. As such, price fluctuations in Makai Maize are felt keenly across the country. Right now, prices seem to be stable, ranging from Rs. 2200 to 2370 per 40KG weight. While this is slightly more costly than last year during this time, farmers are hoping that regular monsoon rains will bring down the cost of production and thus make it more affordable for everyone. Additionally, people are also looking to government interventions like purchases and subsidies to further stabilize prices so that people have access to nutritious food resources.

Makai Maize Rate List in Pakistan

City SizePrice in Pakistan
Makai Price in Lahore40 KGRs. 2100 to 2300
Makai Rate in Okara40 KGRs. 2200 to 2370
Sahiwal Makai Rate40 KGRs. 2100 to 2250
Bahawalnagar Corn Rate40 KGRs. 2100 to 2300
Mian Channu Makai Rates40 KGRs. 2100 to 2320
Burewala Maize Rate40 KGRs. 2200 to 2300
Pak Pattan Makai Rate40 KGRs. 2100 to 2325
Arifwala Maize Rate40 KGRs. 2200 to 2350
Hasilpur Corn Rate40 KGRs. 2200 to 2411
Multan Makai Rate40 KGRs. 2100 to 2250

Makai Maize is an essential crop in Pakistan, and its prices vary according to the region. The Makai Maize Rate List in Pakistan provides a comprehensive overview of current rates for various cities across the country. In Okara, for example, Makai sells for between Rs. 2200 to 2370 per 40 KG. The rate in Sahiwal today is Rs. 2100 to 2250 per 40 KG, while in Burewala it’s Rs. 2200 to 2300. In Arifwala, Makai sells for between Rs. 2200 – 2350 per 40 KG, and in Hasilpur it’s Rs. 2200 to 2411 per 40 KG.

In Bahawalnagar, Makai sells for between Rs. 2100 to 2300 per 40 KG and in Pak Pattan it’s Rs. 2100 to 2325 per 40 KG. Finally, Mian Channu Corn Makai Rates are currently at Rs. 2100 to 2320 per 40 KG. By understanding the current Makai Maize Rate List in Pakistan, consumers and traders alike can make informed decisions about their purchases. This list is regularly updated so that buyers and sellers can keep track of changing prices.

The Makai Maize Rate List in Pakistan is the official listing of prices for maize production in the country. This rate list is determined by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research and is updated on a regular basis to reflect current market prices. The list outlines the base price for each variety of maize, along with any applicable taxes or fees. It also provides other important information such as grading and quality criteria, storage guidelines, and supply chain logistics. The Makai Maize Rate List is an integral part of the Pakistani maize production industry and helps to ensure that farmers are able to receive fair compensation for their work.