The Maritime Museum in Karachi is a wonderful place to explore the rich history of the sea and its influence on the ancient and modern world. If you’re planning a visit, it’s good to know that ticket prices are very affordable for most age groups. For young adults, the ticket price is just Rs. 99, while children between 3 to 13 years old can enter for only Rs. 49.

Students with school or college ID, arm officers, and 3-year-old children can also avail of discounted ticket prices for just Rs. 49. The best part is that seniors aged 55 years and older and special needs individuals get free entry to the museum. It’s a great way to spend the day and learn something new! If you’re curious about visiting, make sure to check out the contact number and location before going.

Maritime Museum Karachi Ticket Price

Type Of PersonPrice
Normal FeeRs. 99
Between 3 to 13 Year old KidRs. 49
For StudentsRs. 49
For Army OfficerRs. 49
3 Year Old KidFree Of Cost
55 year old Senior citizenFree Of Cost
Special KidFree Of Cost

Maritime Museum Karachi Timings

Maritime Museum KarachiTiming
Operating Sunday to Thursday and Saturday8:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Located in Karachi, Pakistan, the Maritime Museum is a fascinating destination for those interested in the country’s rich maritime history. The museum is open every day of the week, except on Wednesdays. Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, visitors can explore the museum’s impressive collection of artifacts, exhibits, and displays from 10 AM until 10 PM. The museum’s timings are especially convenient for families as they can plan a visit during the evening, after completing their other activities. On Fridays, the museum opens at 3 PM since it’s a day of devotion for Muslims. For an educational, interesting, and visually appealing experience, there’s no better place than the Maritime Museum.

Exploring the Allure of Maritime Museum Karachi

In the bustling city of Karachi, nestled on a sprawling 28-acre estate, lies a treasure trove of maritime history and wonders – the Maritime Museum Karachi. With its six galleries, an impressive auditorium, and captivating exhibits, this museum is a testament to Pakistan’s rich naval heritage. A visit to this opulent institution promises to transport you back in time, offering a glimpse into the luxurious world of seafaring and the grandeur of naval exploration.

Unveiling History: The Maritime History Gallery

Step into the Maritime History Gallery and prepare to be enthralled by the fascinating artifacts that tell tales of ancient voyages and illustrious maritime civilizations. One particularly mesmerizing exhibit is an exquisite metallic armor dating back to the 8th century. Discovered in Ormara, it is believed to have been worn during Muhammad Bin Qasim’s conquests. The gallery also showcases historical navigation tools, ancient maps, and a captivating exhibition on Moenjodaro’s riverine trade and Ancient Trade Routes. The allure of history comes alive as you immerse yourself in these remarkable remnants from bygone eras.

Celebrating Naval Excellence: The Naval Gallery

Dedicated to honoring Pakistan Navy’s achievements during the 1965 war with India, the Naval Gallery stands as a testament to heroism and valor. As you enter this hallowed space, your eyes will be drawn to a striking stone mural that depicts the victorious return of the Pakistani fleet after successfully bombarding Dwarka. Immerse yourself in history as you explore various naval equipment meticulously displayed throughout the gallery. To enhance your experience further, modern computer systems are seamlessly integrated into exhibits providing interactive insights into Pakistan Navy’s technological advancements.

Additional Attractions

Alongside its historical treasures and naval exhibits, the Maritime Museum Karachi offers additional attractions that add a touch of luxury and grandeur to your visit. As you wander through this exquisite space, marvel at captivating paintings that adorn its walls, showcasing artistic expressions intertwined with maritime themes. Take a moment to appreciate the tranquility of the museum’s serene lake, offering a peaceful respite amidst your exploration.

The Orientation Lobby

Prepare to be transported into a world where elegance meets cutting-edge technology as you step into the Orientation Lobby of the Maritime Museum Karachi. Here, state-of-the-art computerized archive retrieval systems await, allowing visitors to effortlessly access information about Pakistan Navy’s illustrious past. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of naval triumphs and milestones, all within the luxurious embrace of modern technology.

Journey into Subaquatic Splendor: The Submarine Mock

As you explore the wonders of the Maritime Museum Karachi, an awe-inspiring highlight awaits – a fully assembled Daphne Submarine. Step aboard this majestic vessel and be transported to a world beneath the waves. Experience firsthand the intricate workings of a submarine, marveling at its engineering prowess. This immersive encounter offers a rare glimpse into the life of submariners and their courageous voyages across uncharted depths.

The Allure of Maritime Museum Karachi

The Maritime Museum Karachi is not merely a collection of artifacts; it is a testament to human curiosity, resilience, and exploration. It invites us to journey through time, connecting with our shared maritime history and celebrating the indomitable spirit that guided sailors across vast oceans. Whether you are an avid history enthusiast or simply seeking an escape into opulent nostalgia, this museum promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you forever captivated by the allure of seafaring grandeur. So embark on this extraordinary voyage and let yourself be enchanted by the treasures that await at Maritime Museum Karachi.

Maritime Museum Karachi Contact Number & Address

Looking for an exciting day of discovery and adventure. Look up the Maritime Museum in Karachi for an engaging experience! But first, here’s the important stuff: the museum is located on Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road in Karsaz, Karachi. For any questions, inquiries or further details, the museum can be reached via phone on +92 21 48503111. From antique ships to naval artifacts, the museum houses an extensive collection of maritime treasures, making it the perfect destination for history buffs and curious explorers alike. Don’t miss out on your chance to delve into the fascinating world of maritime history!

Note: For more information about timings, tickets, and contact details for Pakistan Maritime Museum, please visit their official website.


In conclusion, a visit to the Maritime Museum Karachi is not merely an excursion it is an immersive experience that unites history, luxury, and nostalgia. From delving into Pakistan’s rich maritime heritage in the Historical Gallery to witnessing naval triumphs in the Naval Gallery, every step unveils new wonders waiting to be discovered.

So, whether you are an avid history enthusiast, a lover of naval achievements, or simply seeking a unique and luxurious experience, the Maritime Museum Karachi promises to transport you through time and ignite your imagination. Embark on this extraordinary journey and let the allure of this remarkable museum leave an indelible mark on your soul.