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Maxim Wanda Price in Pakistan

Maxim Agri has been pivotal in improving the performance of Pakistan’s livestock and agricultural industries since it was established in 2009. To this end, it offers reliable animal feeds, fodder seeds, and specialty nutrition solutions to assist both small farmers and those who work on a commercial farm level. In addition to helping them become more successful, it offers these essential services at competitive prices, with the cost per 40kg bag of Maxim Wanda price ranging from Rs.2200 to Rs.3000 depending on the product. This commitment to efficiency and affordability makes it one of the most trusted brands in Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

Maxim Animal Feed Wanda Price in Pakistan

Animal Feed Wanda NameSizeRates
Maxim Meat Max Gold Pellet Cattle40 KgRs. 2340
Milk Max 21 Cattle Feed40 KgRs. 2090
Maxim Milk Max Mash Cattle40 KgRs. 2320
Maxim Milk Max Value40 KgRs. 1990
Maxim Feed Block Lactating2.5 KgRs. 110
Maxim Feed Block Cattle Feed 2.5 KgRs. 100
Maxim M 19 Mamni Mix Mash40 KgRs. 2020
M 21 Cattle Feed40 KgRs. 1650
Milk Max Extra mash40 KgRs. 2250
Maxim Milk Max Gold20 KgRs. 1455
Maxim Sona Extra Pellet Cattle40 KgRs. 1970
Milk Max Pellet Cattle20 KgRs. 1330
Maxim Sona Supreme Pellet Cattle feed40 KgRs. 1920
Maxim Milk Max Plus Feed40 KgRs. 2190
Meat Max Pellet Cattle40 KgRs. 2300
Maxim HYF Mash Cattle Feed40 KgRs. 1920
Maxim Fat o Fat Cattle Feed40 KgRs. 1950
Maxim Calf Max Pellet Cattle40 KgRs. 2750
Calf Max Pellet Cattle Feed40 KgRs. 2000

Maxim Animal Feed Wanda Price in Pakistan is an excellent choice for providing the highest quality feed to animals. The high quality ingredients used in this product ensure that the animal’s dietary needs are met without compromising on their health or well being.

Maxim Animal Feed Wanda Price also contains essential vitamins and minerals, as well as protein, to maintain the health of animals. This feed contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for the overall well being of animals. Furthermore, this product is formulated with probiotics to keep the digestive system of animals functioning properly. All these qualities make Maxim Animal Feed Wanda Price an ideal choice for keeping your animal’s healthy and happy. Additionally, this product is economical and provides great value for money. With Maxim Animal Feed Wanda Price, you can be sure that your animals get the best nutrition available at an affordable price.

Maxim Agri Feed Contact Number And Address

Maxim Agri Feed provides a comprehensive range of feed, nutrition and health-related products to farmers all over Pakistan. The company is committed to providing quality ingredients and solutions that help optimize performance, maintain animal health and ensure food safety. Their team of experienced professionals works closely with customers in order to develop custom feed formulations tailored to their needs.

Their range of products includes feed additives, premixes, concentrates, and complete feeds for poultry, dairy, ruminant and aquaculture. Maxim Agri Feed also offers customised services such as nutritional advice and agronomic support to their clients.

At Maxim Agri Feed, they value customer satisfaction above all else. Their team of highly qualified professionals is always available to answer any questions, provide guidance and assist with product selection. With their dedicated customer service, they strive to ensure that every customer experience is nothing short of exceptional.

If you need assistance from Maxim Agri Feed,contact them at +92-323-4007000 or visit their office located at 7-B, Aziz Avenue, Gulberg 5, Canal Bank Road, Lahore.

Maxim Agri Feed is dedicated to providing the best solutions for your farming needs. With their wide range of quality products and exceptional customer service, they are the perfect partner for your farming operation. So if you’re looking for excellence in nutrition and health-related products, contact Maxim Agri Feed today.