The Memon foundation has announced their course list and fees for the upcoming semester. This is a great opportunity for students to get their education at an affordable price. The foundation offers a variety of courses in business, technology, and arts. Scholarships are also available for students who meet the eligibility requirements.

Memon Foundation Price List 2024

In 2024, the Memon Foundation will update its annual price list with a variety of new offers. Whether you’re looking for low-cost products and services or high end ones, there is something for everyone. This year’s list features three tiers of pricing for a wide range of goods and services such as training programs, events, tools, books and more. Those who opt for the luxury tier will have access to specialized packages that offer discounts on certain products and services from authorized sellers or sponsorships from private partners. For those in the middle tier, they’ll find access to exclusive content and special discounts on select products. Finally, those in the starter tier can look forward to incentives such as free shipping or discounted membership prices. With so much choice on offer this year, the Memon Foundation price list has something for everyone!

Memon Foundation English Language Courses Fees List

Memon Foundation English Language Courses are of great benefit to those who wish to improve their command over the English language. The basic course covers all fundamentals and concepts, while the conversation course helps attain fluency in speaking and writing.

The fees for taking the courses are quite affordable; Basic English course costs Rs. 525 and Conversation English Language course costs Rs. 5254. Classes are held five days a week, and the schedule is designed to fit into the student’s busy lifestyle.

The courses cover all facets of the language from reading and writing to speaking and comprehension. The curriculum is well-structured to help students build their confidence in English by giving them the tools they need to improve their proficiency.

All in all, Memon Foundation English Language Courses provide a great platform for students of any age and background to hone their language skills. With affordable fees and flexible schedules, these courses are an ideal choice for those who want to excel in the English language.

Type of CourseFeesClass Schedule
Basic English LanguageRs. 5255 days in a week
Conversation English LanguageRs. 52545 days in a week

Memon Foundation Creative Work Courses Fees

The Memon Foundation Creative Work Courses are designed to give participants the chance to explore their creative sides and learn a variety of crafts. The courses offered include jewellery making, foil work, and home decoration & craft work. All of these classes offer a friendly and supportive environment for learning new skills.

Fees for participating in the courses range from Rs.185 to Rs.210 per session and classes are typically held twice or three times a week, depending on the course chosen. Participants will be able to choose from a variety of activities throughout the course based on their personal interests and skill level.

At the end of each Memon Foundation Creative Work Course, participants will have gained new insights into the creative process and a new appreciation for the craft they’ve chosen. They will also have a variety of handmade pieces to take home with them as well as memories that will last a lifetime!

Type of CourseFeesClass Schedule
Jewellery MakingRs. 1902 days in a week
Foil WorkRs. 1853 days in a week
Home Decoration & Craft WorkRs. 2103 days in a week

Memon Foundation Beautician Courses Rate List

The Memon Foundation offers an array of professional beautician courses at a very reasonable rate. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your skills or learn something new, they have the perfect course for you!

For skin care, their fees are just Rs. 250 per class and it is offered two days in a week. If you’re interested in learning Mehndi, Hair Styling or Cutting, the fees are Rs. 225 for each class and it is held two days in a week.

For those who want to take their skills to the next level, they have Grooming Basic and Advanced courses at Rs. 300 and Rs. 340 respectively with 2 days in a week of classes.

To become a professional in Makeup and Hair Styling, the fees for the respective courses are Rs. 350 and Rs. 250 with 2 days of classes per week.

Other great courses offered include Threading, Waxing and Bridal Mehndi at Rs. 225 each with 2 days of classes per week .

Type of CourseFeesClass Schedule
Skin CareRs. 2502 days in a week
MehndiRs.2252 days in a week
Hair StylingRs.2252 days in a week
Hair CuttingRs. 2402 days in a week
Grooming BasicRs. 3002 days in a week
Makeup PracticeRs. 3502 days in a week
Grooming AdvancedRs. 3402 days in a week
Professional Make UpRs. 3502 days in a week
Professional Hair CuttingRs. 2502 days in a week
Professional Hair StylingRs. 2502 days in a week
ThreadingRs. 2252 days in a week
WaxingRs. 2252 days in a week
Bridal MehndiRs. 2502 days in a week
Hair Coloring & Treatment With TheoryRs. 4402 days in a week

Memon Foundation Garments Courses Fee

Memon Foundation Garments Courses offers a range of classes for different levels of skill. The Cutting & Sewing Basic course is designed for beginners, and teaches the basics of cutting and sewing techniques. This course costs Rs. 180 and takes place three days in a week.

The Cutting & Sewing Pre-Basic course is aimed at those with some experience in cutting and sewing, or those who have already completed the Basic course. This course costs Rs. 190 and also takes place three days in a week.

Both courses are taught by highly experienced instructors, ensuring that all students receive the highest quality of instruction. Upon completion of either course, students will be awarded a certificate attesting to their skill level.

The Memon Foundation Garments Courses provide an excellent opportunity for those interested in garment making to hone their skills and increase their knowledge. With a range of courses tailored to different levels, everyone is sure to find something that suits them.

Type of CourseFeesClass Schedule
Cutting & Sewing BasicRs. 1803 days in a week
Cutting & Sewing Pre-BasicRs. 1903 days in a week

Memon Foundation Fine Arts & Painting Course Fees

Memon Foundation’s Fine Arts & Painting Course offers a variety of courses to suit every individual’s needs. Fabric painting, calligraphy, oil painting and sketching are some of the options available in this program. The fees for each course varies depending on its duration and class schedule. For example, fabric painting costs Rs. 195 with 2 days of classes in a week, while calligraphy costs Rs. 295 with 3 days of classes in a week. Similarly, oil painting costs Rs. 175 with 3 days of classes in a week and sketching costs Rs. 225 with 3 days of classes in a week. All courses are held at the Memon Foundation’s Arts & Crafts Studio, located in Karachi. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, the Fine Arts & Painting Course at Memon Foundation offers something for everyone.

Type of CourseFeesClass Schedule
Fabric PaintingRs. 1952 days in a week
CalligraphyRs.2953 days in a week
Oil PaintingRs. 1753 days in a week
SketchingRs. 2253 days in a week

Memon Foundation Computer Courses Fees

Type of CourseFeesClass Schedule
Computer CourseRs. 7005 days in a week

Memon Foundation Cooking Courses Fees

Type of CourseFeesClass Schedule
Hi-Tea SnacksRs. 2905 days in a week
BakingRs. 2905 days in a week

Memon Foundation Textile & Dress Designing Courses Fees

The Memon Foundation Textile & Dress Designing Courses are a great way to learn the basics of design, tailoring and clothing construction. Offering classes thrice a week, these courses are affordable and accessible – at just Rs. 210/- per class! With the knowledge gained from these courses, you can enhance your wardrobe, develop skills to create beautiful garments, or even pursue a career in the fashion industry.


If you are looking for an excellent education with a fraction of the cost, look no further than Memon Foundation. With highly experienced and qualified faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and reasonable course fees, Memon Foundation is the perfect place to get your degree or diploma. Have you considered studying at Memon Foundation?