Millat Group, one of Pakistan’s leading automotive organizations, has been manufacturing the finest quality batteries to fulfill their customer’s needs. As a result of this high quality product and its reliable development in market demand, Millat Batteries have become increasingly popular throughout the country. Not only are these batteries reliable and efficient but they also come with competitive pricing that fits everyone’s budget. In this blog post, we will be discussing all aspects regarding Millat Battery Price in Pakistan as well as exploring what makes them an ideal choice for your automotive need. Read on to get more insight into why Millat Batteries are the current go to choice for customers and discover how you can obtain them today!

Millat Battery Price in Pakistan

Millat batteries are a popular choice of many people in Pakistan. They are known to provide excellent power and quality at reasonable prices. The normal Millat battery price range is between Rs.25,000 and 40,000, making them very competitively priced given their reliability and longevity. There are various other types of batteries available in the market with varying features, but given the high level of performance that Millat batteries offer, they have become a preferred option for consumers who are looking for good quality product for an economical cost.

Millat UPS Battery Price List in Pakistan 2024

Millat UPS BatteryPlatesRates

Millat UPS Battery Price in Pakistan 2024 is highly competitive and suitable for a range of applications. Millat has been the leading manufacturer of stand-by power solutions since its inception in 1964, and continues to set the standard for quality, reliability, performance, and value. Their batteries are designed to provide reliable power when AC mains fails. They are also built to be robust, with long service life and low maintenance requirements. Millat UPS batteries come in various sizes and capacities, making them suitable for a range of applications such as home offices, schools, hospitals, business establishments, etc.

Millat offers competitive pricing on their UPS batteries in Pakistan 2024. The price depends on the type and capacity of the battery, as well as any additional features or specifications. Customers can easily compare prices from different vendors to find the best deal. Additionally, many vendors offer discounts and other incentives that make purchasing a Millat UPS battery even more affordable.

Millat also provides excellent customer service and technical support for their products. Customers can contact customer service representatives who are knowledgeable and experienced in helping customers make the right buying decision. Customers can rest assured that their purchase will be backed by Millat’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Millat Standard Battery Price List 2024

Standard CategoryPlatesRates

Millat Standard Battery is a reliable, high-performance battery that can be used in a range of applications. With its advanced technology and long lasting power capacity, Millat Standard Battery provides superior performance at an affordable price. In 2024, the price for Millat Standard Battery will remain competitive with other manufacturers, providing customers with quality products at a lower cost. With its superior design and reliable power, Millat Standard Battery will remain the best choice for a variety of applications in 2024. Whether you need reliable power for your car, boat, or other device, Millat Standard Battery is always the right choice for maximum performance and value.

Millat Battery 200 amp Price in Pakistan 2024

The Millat Battery 200 battery is one of the most important components in any vehicle. It helps to start the engine and powers other electrical items such as lights, wipers, and radios. Millat Battery 200 amp offers a powerful output that can easily handle heavy load requirements. It has a long life span and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations. The battery also has a low self-discharge rate, meaning it can hold charge for extended periods of time.

Millat Battery 200 Rs.30,500

Millat Battery 200 amp is available in Pakistan at an affordable price of Rs. 30,500 as of 2024. It comes with a warranty period of 1 year and offers excellent value for money. The battery is highly reliable and will ensure your vehicle’s smooth operation even under the toughest conditions. It is also a great choice for those who want to upgrade their existing battery system or install a new one. With its superior performance and affordability, Millat Battery 200 amp is an ideal choice for any vehicle.

Millat Battery 190 Amp Price in Pakistan 2024

Millat Battery 190 amp is one of the most popular choices for car batteries in Pakistan. This battery offers superior performance with a longer life span and higher capacity than other similar batteries available in the market. The good news is that Millat Battery 190 amp Price in Pakistan 2024 is highly affordable, at just Rs. 29,500. With this battery, you can get a reliable power source for your car that is sure to last long. The advanced technology and durable construction of this battery make it one of the best value for money options currently available in Pakistan.

Millat Battery 190 AmpRs.30,500

Millat Deep Cycle Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

Deep Cycle BatteryPlatesRates

Millat Deep Cycle Batteries are one of the most reliable power sources available in Pakistan. They offer a dependable and long-lasting performance for all kinds of applications, ranging from stationary machines to emergency lighting. The prices of Millat deep cycle batteries have remained relatively stable over the years, with a slight increase of around 3-5% in 2019. The current estimated price of Millat deep cycle batteries for the year 2024 is around Rs. 15,000 per piece, which is significantly higher than the prices of similar products in the market.

Millat Battery 175 & 180 Amp Price in Pakistan

Millat Battery 175 & 180 AmpPrice in Pakistan
Millat Battery 180 PriceRs.28,500
Millat Battery 175 PriceRs.26,600

Millat Battery is one of the most prominent and reliable battery manufacturers in Pakistan. They offer two different models of batteries, both with 175 & 180 Amp ratings.

The Millat Battery 175 model is priced at 26,600 Rupees while the more powerful Millat Battery 180 model comes with a price tag of 28,500 Rupees. Both batteries are reliable and have a long life span, making them ideal for powering vehicles in the long run. Their superior quality makes them an excellent choice for those looking for a dependable battery that can provide continuous power supply. With their competitive prices and outstanding performance, Millat Batteries are one of the most sought after brands in Pakistan.


The Millat battery, offered in Pakistan, is a good choice for power and reliability. They are made with high-quality components and function correctly through different weather conditions. With hundreds of options available in the market, the Millat battery can prove to be a great buy for those looking for a robust and efficient battery for their vehicle.

The range of prices within Millat batteries helps to provide customers with optimum quality and value based on their respective budget. Moreover, these batteries have been designed to perform optimally and require minimal maintenance while also providing stability against engine vibrations and shocks. Therefore, when it comes to powering your car or truck efficiently and reliably, the Millat Battery in Pakistan could be the best pick at an affordable rate.