Are you looking to buy a mobile phone in Karachi and want it on installment. Well, we are here to help. In this blog post, we will talk about all the different options that are available for buying mobile phones on installments in Karachi. Whether you’re searching for the latest flagship model or cheaper budget-friendly devices, there is surely something that could fit your needs and requirements within your budget. We’ll also look at certain aspects like payment schedules and interest rates to ensure you make an informed purchase which matches your personal situation perfectly!

Mobile On Installment Without Advance In Karachi

If you’re in Karachi and looking to purchase a mobile phone without any upfront payment, there’s good news for you! Meezan Bank is offering an installment plan that lets you buy a phone and pay for it over time, without having to worry about an initial payment.

This means that you can choose the phone of your choice and pay for it in affordable monthly installments. Meezan Bank is a reliable and reputable organization, known for its hassle-free financing solutions. So, if you’re interested in availing this opportunity, get in touch with Meezan Bank and find out how you can get your hands on the latest mobile phones without any upfront payment!

That’s where installment plans come in handy. If you’re living in Karachi and looking to buy a mobile phone on installment, Meezan Bank’s Consumer Ease might be the right choice for you.

The process is straightforward apply for financing with all the required documents, get your financing limit approved, and then Use your active limit to get financing for products.

To get started, head over to Meezan Bank’s website, and follow the simple steps provided. Don’t let budget constraints hold you back from owning a brand new smartphone today with Consumer Ease!

Mobile On Installment Monthly Plans In Karachi

CompanyModelDown Payment3 Months6 Months12 Months18 Months24 Months
AppleIPHONE 14 128 GB77,000123,50264,41234,97725,26220,476
IPHONE 14 256 GB84,500135,30470,56838,31927,67622,432
IPHONE 14 PRO 128 GB97,000155,66181,18544,08531,84025,807
IPHONE 14 PRO 256 GB103,500165,75286,44846,94333,90427,480
IPHONE 14 PRO MAX 128 GB107,500172,59690,01748,88135,30428,615
IPHONE 14 PRO MAX 256 GB112,000179,26493,49550,77036,66829,721
OPPOA54 4gb,128gb12,50019,19210,0105,4353,9263,182
A96 8GB,128GB15,50024,78612,9277,0205,0704,109
OPPO A54 (Black,Blue) 4GB/128GB15,00023,60312,3106,6854,8283,913
OPPO A96 (Black,Aurora) 8GB/128GB16,50026,37613,7577,4705,3954,373
A16e 4gb,64gb9,50014,7077,6704,1653,0082,438
OPPO A16E-K (BLUE, BLACK) 4GB/64GB13,00020,18110,5255,7154,1283,346
OPPO F21 Pro 4G (Orange, Black) 8GB/128GB20,00032,15916,7729,1086,5785,332
OPPO F21 Pro 5G ( Rainbow, Black ) 8GB/128GB22,50035,40518,46510,0277,2425,870
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G 8gb,128gb31,50049,74925,94614,08910,1768,248
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 12gb,256gb68,000108,88756,79030,83822,27218,053
Samsung Galaxy A23 6gb,128gb15,50024,41612,7346,9154,9944,048
Samsung Galaxy A33 8gb,128gb20,00031,66516,5158,9686,4775,250
Samsung Galaxy A73 8gb,256gb32,50051,98327,11214,72210,6338,618
Samsung A13 (Blk/Blue/White) 4GB/64GB12,50019,53210,1875,5323,9953,238
Samsung A23 (Blk/Blue/White) 6GB/128GB17,00026,40613,7727,4795,4014,378
Samsung Galaxy A33 (Black/Blue/White) 8GB/128GB24,00037,97219,80410,7547,7676,295
Samsung S21 FE 5G Lavender, White, Olive and Graphite 8GB/128GB34,50054,90728,63615,55011,2319,103
Samsung S21 FE 5G Lavender, White, Olive and Graphite 8GB/256GB36,50058,32930,42116,51911,9319,670
Samsung S22 ULTRA (Phantom Black, White, Burgundy, Green, Graphite ) 12GB/256GB89,500143,44774,81540,62629,34123,782
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G 8gb,256gb33,00052,91527,59814,98610,8248,773
SAMSUNG A53 8GB/128GB22,50037,16618,79910,2087,3735,976
SAMSUNG A13 4GB/128GB11,00017,3338,7614,7573,4362,785
SAMSUNG A23 6GB/128GB13,50021,66710,9545,9484,2963,482
SAMSUNG A13 4GB/64GB10,00016,0008,0894,3923,1722,571
Samsung A03( blk/blu ) 4GB/64GB8,00012,8646,7093,6432,6312,133
Samsung A04( blk/White ) 3GB/32GB8,00012,6576,6013,5852,5892,098
Samsung A04( blk/White/Copper) 4GB/64GB9,50014,3987,5094,0782,9452,387
Samsung Galaxy A53 (Black/Blue/White) 8GB/128GB28,50045,25923,60512,8189,2587,504
Samsung Galaxy A73 gry 8GB/256GB36,00057,68030,08316,33511,7989,563
Samsung Fold 4 Black/Green 12GB/512GB114,000182,68795,28051,73937,36830,288
Samsung A03 4gb,64gb8,50013,5827,0843,8462,7782,252
Samsung Galaxy A53 8gb,128gb23,00036,88919,24010,4477,5466,116
Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 12gb,512gb87,000139,14072,56839,40628,46123,068
Samsung Galaxy A04 4gb,64gb9,50014,7077,6704,1653,0082,438
Samsung Galaxy A04 3gb,32gb8,00012,2806,4053,4782,5122,036
Samsung Galaxy S23 8gb,256gb77,500124,01364,67935,12225,36620,560
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 12gb,512gb107,500172,56089,99848,87135,29628,609

CompanyModelDown Payment3 Months6 Months12 Months18 Months24 Months
VIVOVIVO Y02S (BLACK, Blue) 3GB/32GB11,00016,7598,7404,7463,4282,778
VIVO Y22 (BLUE & GREEN) 4GB+/64GB15,00023,60312,3106,6854,8283,913
Vivo V25e (Sunrise Gold, Diamond Black ) 8GB/128GB23,50037,11619,35810,5127,5926,154
Vivo V25 ( Aquamarine Blue, Diamond Black ) 8GB/256GB25,50040,53821,14311,4818,2926,721
VIVO Y35 (Black, Gold) 8GB/128GB17,00027,02514,0957,6545,5284,481
Y02s 3GB,32GB10,00015,2707,9644,3253,1232,532
Y22 4gb 64gb13,50021,42611,1756,0684,3833,552
V25e 8gb,128gb21,00032,79117,1029,2876,7075,436
Y16 4gb 64gb11,00017,5049,1294,9573,5802,902
XIAOMIMi 10C 4GB,128Gb11,00016,7658,7444,7483,4292,779
Xiaomi A1+ Blue, Green 2GB/32GB7,00011,1525,8173,1582,2811,849
Xiaomi Redmi 10A Graphite Gray, Chrome Silver, Sky Blu 4/128GB9,50015,2247,9404,3123,1142,524
Xiaomi Redmi 10c Black, Blue, Green 4GB/128GB10,50016,5228,6174,6793,3802,739
Xiaomi Note 11 Graphite Gray, Pearl White, Star Blue 4GB/128GB13,00020,18110,5255,7154,1283,346
Xiaomi Note 11 Graphite Gray, Pearl White, Star Blue 6GB/128GB15,00023,60312,3106,6854,8283,913
Xiaomi Note 11 Pro Graphite Gray, Polar White, Star Blue 8GB/128GB20,00031,33316,3428,8746,4095,195
Mi A1 2GB,32Gb7,00011,1545,8183,1592,2821,849
InfinixInfinix Hot 12 6GB, 128Gb11,00017,1348,9364,8533,5052,841
Infinix Note 12 8gb,128gb13,00020,12410,4965,6994,1163,336
Hot 11 Play 4gb,64gb8,50013,5827,0843,8462,7782,252
Smart 6 HD 2gb,32gb7,00010,4155,4322,9502,1301,727
Smart 6 3gb,64gb8,00011,9106,2123,3732,4361,975
Infinix Hot 12 Play 4gb,64gb9,00013,7757,1843,9012,8182,284
Infinix Note 12 6gb, 128gb12,50019,1599,9925,4263,9193,176
Zero 20 8gb,256gb16,50026,28113,7077,4435,3764,357
Infinix Hot 20i 4gb,128gb9,00014,1447,3774,0062,8932,345
Infinix Hot 20i 4gb,64gb8,50013,5827,0843,8462,7782,252
Smart 7 3gb,64gb6,5009,8535,1392,7902,0151,633
Smart 7 4gb,64gb7,00010,6005,5283,0022,1681,757
NokiaC31 4gb,128gb8,50013,5827,0843,8462,7782,252
C31 4gb,64gb8,00012,2806,4053,4782,5122,036
TecnoCamon 19 Neo 6gb, 128gb11,00017,5049,1294,9573,5802,902
Pop 5 LTE 2gb,32gb7,00010,7855,6253,0542,2061,788
Spark 8 Pro 4gb,64gb9,00013,7757,1843,9012,8182,284
Spark 8 C gb,128gb9,50015,0777,8634,2703,0842,500
Pova Neo 4gb,64gb9,00014,1447,3774,0062,8932,345
Pova Neo 2 4gb,64gb9,50014,3387,4784,0612,9332,377
Spark go 2023 4gb,64gb7,00010,4155,4322,9502,1301,727
RealmeRealme 9 Pro + 8GB,128Gb18,00028,67514,9558,1215,8654,754
REALME C25s ( Water Blue, Water Gray ) 4GB/128GB12,00018,4709,6335,2313,7783,062
Realme 9 Pro+ (Blue, Green) 8GB/128GB20,00032,15916,7729,1086,5785,332
C25s 4gb,128gb9,50015,0777,8634,2703,0842,500
C25Y 4gb,64gb8,50013,5827,0843,8462,7782,252
REALME C25Y Gray/Blue ) 4GB/64GB11,00016,7598,7404,7463,4282,778
REALME C35 (Green ) 4GB/128GB13,00020,18110,5255,7154,1283,346
Realme 9 4G ( Meteor Black, Sunburst Gold, Stargaze White ) 8GB/128GB18,00028,73714,9888,1395,8784,764
Realme C35 4gb,128gb11,00016,7658,7444,7483,4292,779
Realme C33 4gb,64gb11,00017,5049,1294,9573,5802,902
ItelVision 3 3gb,64gb7,00010,4155,4322,9502,1301,727
A49 2gb,32gb6,0008,9204,6522,5261,8251,479
Vision 3 2gb,32gb6,50010,0375,2352,8432,0531,664
ZTEBlade A52 4Gb, 64Gb6,5009,4834,9462,6861,9401,572
Blade V30 vita 4Gb, 64Gb7,00010,9705,7213,1072,2441,819
VnusSE22 3gb,64gb6,0009,2904,8452,6311,9001,540
Sky 1 2gb,32gb5,5008,7274,5522,4721,7851,447
DcodeDcode Cygnal 2 3gb,64gb8,00011,9106,2123,3732,4361,975
SparkXSpark X Neo 5 gb,32gb6,0009,2904,8452,6311,9001,540
Spark X Neo 7 3gb,64gb7,00010,4155,4322,9502,1301,727
Spark X Neo 7pro 4gb,64gb7,00011,1545,8183,1592,2821,849
HonorX5 2GB,32GB7,00010,4155,4322,9502,1301,727
X6 4GB,128GB9,50014,7077,6704,1653,0082,438

How to Buy Smart Phone on Installment Online In Karachi?

Get a mobile phone on easy installment plans in Karachi! If you don’t have an approved limit for Meezan Consumer Ease, we’ve got you covered. Simply follow these easy steps:

How to Buy Mobile Phone on Installment from Daraz?

Once you have chosen the cell phone with the minimum cost of Rs. 10000 and selected “Installments” as your payment process, it’s time to move on to the next step. Choose “Bank” from the list provided in order to make payments with an EMI plan.

The next step is to select the EMI period. This is usually up to a maximum of 12 months but often varies according to the type of product chosen and also depends on the bank you are using for your purchase. Once you have selected your preferred EMI plan, enter in all your credit card details as requested by Daraz Pakistan.

Once these details have been entered, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) via an SMS. This OTP must be entered into the system in order for your purchase to go through. Once the OTP is entered, click “Submit” and your request will be processed.

With Daraz Pakistan, you can buy all types of up to date cell phones in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with their EMI (easy monthly installment) plan. You can now enjoy your new purchase without worrying about the hefty upfront cost! So go ahead and start shopping on Daraz today!


Selection of a right mobile phone on the basis of brand, company reliability and price ranges is really important. Mobile on installment Karachi option can be suitable for those who don’t have much budget to purchase one full version at once.

Additionally, you can also buy accessories f affordable prices which makes it a great choice when it comes to buying the latest tech gadgets without breaking the bank. Finally, no matter what you buy make sure that you read the reviews online and go through all the specifications before investing in anything.

This will ensure that you purchase something which meets your requirements and looks beautiful too! Find some reliable sources offering mobile on installments in Karachi now and upgrade your lifestyle without any hassle today!