Mustard Seed is a key crop in Pakistan, with many farmers and producers relying on the successful sale of its yield to support their livelihoods. As one of Pakistan’s most important crops, it has become more crucial than ever before for traders and consumers to understand its true market value.

In this article we explore advancements in technology such as digital sensors that can accurately measure Mustard Seed prices over time, give an assessment of current price trends, discuss how weather conditions can play a role in pricing fluctuations along with special considerations when dealing with Mustard Seeds bought from outside sources. Finally we look at future trends which will have influence on both domestic and international markets for mustard seed production in Pakistan.

Mustard Seed Price in Pakistan

The price of mustard seed in Pakistan has been fluctuating from Rs.2200 to Rs.8600 in recent times. This may come as a surprise to the many mustard seed farmers in the country, who rely on the success of their crops for their livelihoods.

The uncertainty of the market can make it difficult for them to plan for the future and make important decisions about their farming practices. Yet, despite the challenges, many farmers remain committed to producing high-quality mustard seed for their customers. As consumers, it’s important for us to support these dedicated farmers and appreciate the hard work that goes into producing this versatile and essential ingredient.

Mustard Sarson Beej Seeds Price List in Pakistan 2024

NamesType of SeedsSizePrices
Green Gold Seeds RateToria Mustard Seeds1 KgRs. 575
Ali Akbar Enterprises RateApna Super Raya2 KgRs. 1710
Sohni Dharti RateSD-3024 Hybrid Sarson Seed2 KgRs. 1780
Greenlet Interntional RateSuper Raya Sarson Seed2 KgRs. 2150
Bilal Agro Seed Corporation RateBilal Mustard Seed Super Raya2 KgRs. 2865
Bilal Seeds RateKhanpur Raya Variety2 KgRs. 2950
Evyol Group Rate45M47 Raya2 KgRs. 2880
Punjab Seed Corporation RateSuper Raya Seed5 KgRs. 2250
FMC Seeds RateHybrid Mustard Seeds2 KgRs. 2225
Patron Seeds RateSahara Super Raya Sarsoon Beej2 KgRs. 2285
Rustum Seeds RateHybrid Mustard Beej2 KgRs. 2750
Mercury Seeds Rate7860 Mustard Seed2 KgRs. 2025
Green Power Seeds Rate75T31 Hybrid Mustard Seed2 KgRs. 3500

Mustard Seed 40 Kg Bag Price in Punjab 2024

Ghalla Mandi NamesSizePrices
Hasilpur40 kgRs. 7125 to 8411
Rahim Yar Khan40 kgRs. 7900 to 8600
Haroon Abad40 KgRs. 8100 to 8600
Chichawatni40 KgRs. 8000 to 8400
Chowk Munda40 KgRs. 7500 to 8000
Manchan Abad40 KgRs. 7900 to 8500
Fort Abbas40 KgRs. 8500 to 8740
Chishtian40 KgRs. 8500 to 8700

Mustard Seed Prices in Pakistan vary greatly depending on the type, size and brand of seed. For instance, Green Gold Seeds rate is typically higher than Toria Mustard Seeds Ali Akbar Enterprises rate. The most popular variety is Super Raya Sohni Dharti which commands a higher price than SD-3024 Hybrid Sarson Seed from Greenlet International.

Seeds from Bilal Agro Seed Corporation, such as Bilal Mustard Seed Super Raya and Khanpur Raya Variety, are also popular for their quality. The 45M47 Raya variety from Punjab Seed Corporation is another favourite of farmers in Pakistan. FMC Seeds’ Hybrid Mustard Seeds and Patron Seeds’ Sahara Super Raya Sarsoon Beej are two more varieties that are considered to be of good quality.

No matter what variety or brand is chosen, it is important to ensure that the seeds are fresh and of good quality in order to get the best yield from them. Farmers should also keep an eye on prices for different types of Mustard Seeds as they can vary greatly depending on the seller, location and time of year. By doing thorough research, farmers can find the best deals and get top quality seeds for their crops.

In conclusion, Mustard Seeds are an essential part of Pakistani agriculture and there is a wide variety of types and brands to choose from when purchasing them. Prices vary greatly but by doing research into prices, quality and sellers, farmers can ensure that they get the best deal for their money. With careful consideration, farmers can find quality Mustard Seeds that will produce a good yield and help to ensure a successful harvest.