Pakistan is a nation full of remarkable people who have made immense contributions throughout history. These individuals, from a variety of different backgrounds, are the true national heroes of Pakistan. They are courageous men and women who faced incredible odds to put their country on a path towards success and progress. From philosophers to sports figures, there have been countless unsung heroes in the country’s past whose stories deserve to be heard.

In this blog post, we wish to pay tribute to them by bringing attention to some of the most inspiring stories that embody the best qualities about what it means to be Pakistani. Their sacrifice and dedication transcends time, providing us with lessons that can help guide us through our own struggles today as well as showing us how far we’ve come over the years in striving for excellence against all odds- thereby allowing us not only learn about our nation’s rich cultural heritage but also pointing out ways for improvement going forward!

List Of Top 10 National Heroes of Pakistan Worth Knowing About

Pakistan is a nation that celebrates its heroes with great fervor. These individuals who have dedicated themselves to the service of their country have inspired generations to come. Whether it’s the charismatic leader, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah or the fearless war hero, Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, our national heroes have left an indelible mark on our cultural identity.

From poets and scholars to political activists and military commanders, Pakistan has been blessed with a rich tapestry of national heroes whose contributions to society are unmatched. It is worth knowing about these heroes and cherishing their legacies as they continue to guide us through difficult times. These are the men and women who have given us hope and courage, and their stories are a testament to the resilience and strength of the people of Pakistan.

1.Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah holds a special place in the heart of every Pakistani as the founder of their nation. Jinnah was not only a political leader but also a lawyer, and he used his knowledge and expertise to lead the All-India Muslim League from 1913 until 1947 when Pakistan was created. After that, Jinnah became the first governor-general of Pakistan and worked hard to establish the government and policies of the newly created nation. Jinnah’s contribution to Pakistan’s history is immense as he directed rehabilitation efforts for the millions of Muslim migrants who had to move from India to Pakistan after the partition. Jinnah’s untimely death, a little over a year later, was mourned by many, but his legacy as a national hero and founder of Pakistan lives on.

2.Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal is one of the iconic national heroes of Pakistan. He was a multitalented personality who earned fame as a philosopher, poet, and politician. His literary masterpiece is an exceptional example of the Urdu language. Not only did he leave an indelible mark in Urdu literature, but he also gave immense contribution to the independent movement of Muslims in British India. Iqbal’s early life was in Sialkot, Punjab, which is now a part of Pakistan. He got the privilege to receive his education from various prestigious institutions such as the University of Cambridge and Government College Lahore. His poetry still gives a message of hope, aspiration, and inspiration to the people of Pakistan.

3.Abdul Qadeer Khan

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is a name that is familiar to many Pakistanis. This eminent scientist was born in British India and went on to earn his education in Europe. His dedication to Pakistan’s nuclear program and his tireless work in the field of nuclear technology has made him a national hero. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s contributions to the development of nuclear weapons in Pakistan is widely recognized, and his efforts in making the country self-sufficient in this area have been a source of pride for many Pakistanis. Despite being a controversial figure, Dr. Khan’s legacy as a scientist and his contributions to Pakistan’s national defense continues to be celebrated and debated today, making him a figure that we all should know about.

4.Fatima Ali Jinnah

Fatima Ali Jinnah is a name that should be remembered by all Pakistanis as one of the country’s most significant national heroes. She earned the title of Madr-e-Milat, a name that appropriately describes her role in the country’s history. Her contribution to the making of Pakistan was profound, and her efforts to help settle Muslim women and understand their issues were critical. Additionally, her work to rehabilitate women after they migrated from India in 1947 was nothing short of heroic. Her selflessness and unwavering dedication to helping others make her a national treasure, and something that all Pakistanis should take great pride in.

5.Liaquat Ali Khan

Liaquat Ali Khan is a national hero of Pakistan whose contributions to the country’s freedom movement and later as its first Prime Minister are admirable. Born on October 1, 1895, in Karnal, Punjab, Khan received his education in law from Oxford University and emerged as a successful lawyer. He was a staunch leader of the All-India Muslim League and a close associate of Pakistan’s founding father, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

His unwavering dedication and leadership played a vital role in the creation of Pakistan in 1947 and its early years afterward. Despite numerous challenges, Khan worked tirelessly to establish and strengthen the nation’s foundation. His sudden assassination on October 16, 1951, in Rawalpindi, remains a tragedy for the people of Pakistan and serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the country’s leaders who fought for its independence and growth.

6.Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a national hero of Pakistan, and an individual whose contributions to humanity will never be forgotten. His unwavering commitment to helping those in need, regardless of their religion or background, is a testament to the kind of person he was. Edhi was born in British India in 1928, and grew up in an environment where poverty and suffering were prevalent. These experiences would go on to shape his life goals, leading him to establish the Edhi Foundation.

This organization was dedicated to helping orphans, the elderly, the mentally ill, and victims of natural disasters, among others. What makes Edhi’s legacy particularly notable is that his work extended far beyond the borders of Pakistan, and he was always there to lend a helping hand in times of crises. His tireless efforts have left a lasting impact on the world, and he will always be remembered as a beacon of hope and selflessness.

7.Dr. Abdus Salam

Dr. Abdus Salam is a name that should be on every Pakistani’s lips. An incredible physicist, Salam was a true hero who dedicated his life to advancing the scientific capabilities of Pakistan. From a young age, he demonstrated exceptional talent and used it to establish the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission. But Salam’s most significant achievement came in 1979 when he was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his groundbreaking work on electroweak unification. Despite his remarkable contributions to Pakistan’s scientific growth, Salam faced discrimination because of his religious background. But his legacy lives on, inspiring young Pakistanis to pursue scientific education and excellence.

8.Major. Aziz Bhatti

Major Aziz Bhatti was a true hero who fought fiercely for his country, Pakistan. Despite facing tremendous odds, he displayed immense courage and bravery in defending his position during the 1965 Indo-Pak War. Major Bhatti’s unwavering dedication and leadership were an inspiration to his troops, despite the serious injuries he suffered during the battle. His ultimate sacrifice for his country is a testament to his unwavering patriotism, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to inspire generations of Pakistanis. Major Aziz Bhatti’s brave actions are a reminder of the sacrifices that those who serve in the military make for their country, and he will always hold a special place in the hearts of his fellow citizens.

9.Dr. Samar Mubarakmand

Dr. Samar Mubarakmand is one of Pakistan’s most revered scientists and researchers. With his significant contribution to gamma spectroscopy and the development of the linear accelerator, he has made a name for himself in the nuclear physics field. However, Dr. Mubarakmand is also known for leading Pakistan’s first atomic tests and overseeing the development of missile programs, including the Shaheen-I ballistic missile and the Babur cruise missile.

Along with his many accomplishments, he also served as the founding chairman of the National Engineering and Scientific Commission for six years. Even in retirement, the government of Pakistan called upon Dr. Mubarakmand to aid in the Thar Coalfield project. His dedication to his country and the field of science has earned him a well-deserved place as one of Pakistan’s national heroes.

10.Rashid Minhas

Rashid Minhas is a name that every Pakistani should know. He was a true hero, dedicated to his country and passionate about aviation from a young age. Minhas made the ultimate sacrifice on August 20, 1971, when he refused to let his plane be hijacked by a senior officer who wanted to defect to India. Instead, he took control of the aircraft and crashed it to prevent it from being used against Pakistan. It was an act of incredible courage and bravery, and one that earned him the Nishan-e-Haider, the highest military award Pakistan can bestow. Despite his short life, Minhas left an enduring legacy that inspires generations of young Pakistanis to this day. His heroism will not be forgotten.

11.Choudhary Rahmat Ali

Choudhry Rahmat Ali may not be a household name in much of the world, but in Pakistan, he is a celebrated hero who played a significant role in the country’s formation. His legacy lives on, as he is widely recognized as the originator of the Pakistan Movement and the creator of the name “Pakistan.” Rahmat Ali’s dedication to establishing a separate Muslim homeland in South Asia has left an indelible mark on Pakistan’s history, and his contributions remain a source of inspiration for countless people. His vision, courage and determination will always be remembered as pillars of Pakistan’s proud heritage.

12.Ayesha Farooq

Ayesha Farooq is a name that should be on everyone’s lips when discussing national heroes of Pakistan. As the first woman to become a fighter pilot in the Pakistan Air Force, she has broken barriers and set an incredible example of strength, courage, and determination. Her achievement in topping the final exams to qualify as a fighter pilot in 2013 is not only remarkable but has also opened up doors for other women in Pakistan to pursue careers in male-dominated fields. Ayesha Farooq is an inspiration to all those who aspire to be their best and make their dreams a reality, regardless of the obstacles in their way. Her contribution to Pakistan’s military and her story of triumph is one that everyone needs to know about.


After reading this blog post, readers should recognize the importance of the sacrifice and dedication made by these national heroes in efforts to build a future for Pakistan. It goes to show how many people have been involved in making this nation what it is today. It is important to keep the legacies of these heroes alive, inspiring generations of Pakistanis to remain unified and strive for greatness. To honor these ten iconic individuals, take some time out today to appreciate their contribution and acknowledge their sacrifices. Take part in commemorating their memories by researching further into their individual stories and promoting these courageous figures of Pakistani history.