Nimra Ahmed Best Novels List

Are you looking for a captivating novel to keep you hooked? Do you want some book suggestions that deliver unexpected twists, romance and thrilling plotlines? Well, if so then look no further than Nimra Ahmed’s novels. We have compiled a list of the best books by this award-winning author which include engaging stories full of suspense, drama, action and more.

From strong female leads to stirring romances, each story will leave readers entranced as they follow the journeys of different protagonists in search for love or acceptance. So whether you are an avid reader wanting a new read or someone who is just starting out on their journey with Nimra Ahmed’s paperback companions; this ultimate guide has something for everyone!

Nimra Ahmed Novels List:

Here is a list of some of the best novels by Nimra Ahmad, a renowned Urdu novelist:

  1. Lapata Novel By Nimra Ahmed
  2. Mehr Un Nisa Novel
  3. Jannat Kay Pattay
  4. Mai Anmol Urdu Novel
  5. Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu
  6. Haalim
  7. Wo Mera Hai
  8. Had
  9. Beli Rajputan Ki Malika
  10. Iblees Novel
  11. Sans Sakin Thi
  12. KaraKoram Ka Taj Mahal
  13. Paras Novel
  14. Pahari ka Qaeidi PDF Free
  15. Mushaf Novel
  16. Mala Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF

These literary works have made significant contributions to Urdu literature and are admired by readers worldwide.

Nimra Ahmed is a well-known name in the world of Pakistani literature. With a plethora of acclaimed novels to her name, she has captured the hearts of millions of readers with her spellbinding writing. Some of her most popular works include Mushaf, Haalim, Jannat Ke Pattay, and Saans Sakin Thi.

Each of these novels is a testament to Nimra’s ability to captivate readers with her characters, plotlines, and emotional depth. Her other works, such as Pahari Ka Qaidi, Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal, Meray Khawab Mere Jugnu, and Beli Rajputan ki Malika, are equally as riveting, transporting readers to a world of fantasy, adventure, and love.

Nimra Ahmed’s novels have become a source of comfort, inspiration, and entertainment for countless people, and it’s no surprise why. Her writing is truly extraordinary and a gift to the literary world.

Who is Nimra Ahmed?

Nimra Ahmed, a distinguished novelist from Pakistan, began her writing career remarkably early, at the age of 16. Demonstrating brilliance in her writing from a young age, she rapidly gained recognition for her high-quality, compelling narratives. Nimra holds a master’s degree in English Literature and displays versatility in her work, successfully exploring multiple genres. Notably, she is renowned for her masterpieces, “Namal” and “Jannat Kay Pattay”.

These novels have not only gained immense popularity in Pakistan, but have also resonated with readers in several Muslim countries. For those seeking compelling Urdu literature, “Jannat Kay Pattay” and “Namal” are highly recommended, truly encapsulating the best of Nimra Ahmed’s work. A comprehensive list of novels penned by Nimra Ahmed can be found here.

Nimra Ahmed Best Novels

Nimra Ahmed, a renowned Urdu novelist, has penned numerous novels that have garnered immense popularity. Here are some of her best works:

Pahari Ka Qaidi: This novel narrates the story of a man on a mountain, emphasizing the importance of staying positive and motivated regardless of the circumstances.

Mere Khuab Mere Jugnu: The plot of this novel revolves around two sisters who fall in love with the same person, showcasing Ahmed’s expertise in portraying complex relationships and emotions.

Mushaf: This novel takes on the sensitive issue of interpreting the Holy Quran, displaying the depth of Ahmed’s understanding of religious texts.

Jannat Kay Pattay: Ahmed narrates the story of a girl who receives a scholarship from Turkey and how it changes her life completely.

Namal: This novel is regarded as one of Ahmed’s greatest achievements. Namal, meaning ants, is a reflection on the weakest elements of society, telling a story of death and revenge.

Saans Sakin Thi: Ahmed reveals the intricacies of player selection within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in this novel.

Haalim: This emotional love story is one of the most famous romantic novels penned by Ahmed.

Wo Mera Hai: Even after its initial publication, this novel continues to be read and appreciated by both males and females.

In addition to these, Ahmed has also written other commendable novels such as Iblees, ApniUngli, Lapata, Paras, and Halim. For anyone in search of exceptional Urdu novels, Jannat Kay Pattay and Namal are highly recommended as they represent some of Ahmed’s finest work.


The narrative of “JANNAT KAY PATTY” by Nimra Ahmed gracefully unfolds the life of Jehan Sikandar, a dutiful spy, and Haya Suleman, an independent and ambitious young woman. Jehan, working for a clandestine agency, finds himself continually shifting roles, a testament to his dedication and love for his work. Haya, portrayed as an open-minded individual, embarks on a journey to Turkey for her higher studies, a testament to her commitment to personal growth. The interweaving of their paths creates a tale filled with romance, intrigue, and the exploration of different facets of Islamic culture. This beloved novel remains a masterpiece in the heart of Nimra Ahmed’s fans, standing as one of the best romantic novels of contemporary times.


“Karakoram ka Taj Mahal” is a compelling narrative of survival, hope, and enduring love amidst the harsh and unpredictable elements of nature. The story follows the lead characters, Preeshay and Ufaq Arsalan, who embark on an adventurous journey to the towering Karakoram Hills. Their adventure takes an unexpected turn when they find themselves trapped due to extreme weather conditions. With no signs of help, their situation seems dire and all hopes seem lost.

However, rescue finally arrives, and their lives are saved from the brink of disaster. With its thrilling plot and heartwarming conclusion, this novel resonates deeply with readers, making it a worthy inclusion in Nimra Ahmed’s top best romantic novels.


“Beli Rajputan Ki Malika” is an engrossing novel penned by the talented Nemrah Ahmed. The story primarily revolves around the character of Queen Maya Fernandes, set in the vibrant backdrop of the 1980s. A shocking twist unfurls as the queen discovers her husband’s lifeless body upon arriving home from a social gathering.

This unexpected tragedy propels her into a complex investigation into the cause of her husband’s demise, guided by a man named Badar. Intriguingly, Badar, initially betrothed to Maya’s cousin, finds his heart entwined with Maya during their quest for truth. This intricately woven tale is filled with mystery and unexpected turns, providing an unputdownable read. To unveil the complete story, download and immerse yourself in this beautifully crafted book.


Sans Sakin Thi by Nemrah Ahmed is a remarkable piece of literary work that significantly contributes to the field of socio-political Urdu novels. First featured in the Monthly Pakeeza digest, the novel has set a precedent, paving the way for Nemrah Ahmed to blossom into an accomplished author. The tale revolves around two main characters, Riyyan and Amal, both of whom are cricketers.

The narrative cleverly intertwines their personal journeys with the underlying theme of corruption and backstage politics in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). This novel not only offers an engrossing story but also subtly raises awareness about prevalent societal issues.


Namal, a masterpiece by Nemrah Ahmed, is more than just a romantic novel. Its intricate web of characters and plotlines weave a story of love, war, and revenge that is both captivating and thought-provoking. The protagonist, Hashim, is a man bound by the chains of his family’s exploitations, and his cousin Faaris, wrongfully imprisoned due to Hashim’s manipulation.

The tragic love story between Faaris and Zumar further complicates this tangled web of relationships. Amidst the backdrop of this intense family drama, Namal also offers a critique of the societal mechanisms that allow the powerful to wash their hands of their sins, while the weak are left to bear the consequences.


“Mushaf” is a profound narrative that not only tells the story of Mehmil, but also explores the transformative power of the Quran. Unbeknownst to Mehmil, this book significantly alters her life, leading to unexpected trials and tribulations. As she delves deeper into the holy text, she faces skepticism and false accusations from her family who misinterpret her quiet dedication to reading as involvement in a clandestine relationship.

Despite the hardship, Mehmil remains unwavering in her attempt to fully grasp the teachings in the Quran, demonstrating her resilience and faith. This story serves as a testament to her strength, and to the profound impact that faith and understanding can have on one’s life.


Halim’s novels are a stunning example of the romance genre, capturing the hearts of readers with their unique narrative style and unforgettable characters. One of his masterpieces is yet to be completed and released in digest form, yet it’s already gained significant renown, becoming a top romantic novel by Nemrah Ahmed.

The compelling cast of characters includes Talia, Fateh Bin Ramzal, Aryana, Asrah, Adam Bin Muhammad, Liyana Sabri, Ashar, Raja Murad, Raja Marsal, among others. The novel’s narrative is further enriched by the character of Taaliah, a young woman who works as a specialist locating people’s lost items. The plot takes an intriguing turn as Fateh, Taaliah, and Adam journey into the past, revealing deeper insights about their lives. This unique combination of time travel and romance sets Halim’s novel apart, captivating readers with its richly drawn characters and enthralling storyline.

8.Pahari ka Qaidi

“Pahari ka Qaidi” is a compelling narrative that delves into the resilience of the human spirit amid adversity. The protagonist, trapped in the vast expanse of the mountains, serves as a metaphor for individuals who feel trapped by societal injustices.

This Urdu novel is a testament to Nemrah Ahmed’s ability to weave a tale that simultaneously critiques the flaws in Pakistan’s justice system and uplifts the spirit with messages of hope and perseverance. The journey of the protagonist is not just a physical one, but a deeply introspective one, where the mountains symbolize the oppressive forces he battles and eventually overcomes. The ultimate victory of the protagonist provides a potent reminder that, no matter the severity of the oppression, freedom can be achieved with steadfast determination.


“Paras”, a novel penned by Nemrah Ahmed, is undoubtedly one of her best works. This gripping narrative captivates readers with its intricate plot, revolving around the life of a young girl named Paras. Living with her stepmother and stepbrother, her life takes an unexpected turn when she is married off to Rizwan, a man significantly older and wealthier than her. However, tragedy strikes shortly after their marriage when Rizwan meets an untimely end in an accident.

The poignant storyline invites readers to journey alongside Paras as she navigates the complexities and challenges that life throws her way. Ahmed’s profound understanding of the human psyche, as reflected in her compelling storytelling, touch the hearts of readers, making “Paras” a novel that is undeniably hard to put down.


“Iblees,” one of the best novels in its genre, offers readers a unique perspective on ethical and societal progress. This work encourages us to differentiate between good and evil, highlighting the teachings of Islam, which guide us on the right path in life.

The religious undertones of the novel are profound and the story is strictly adherent to these principles. One of the primary lessons is the importance of not trusting a ‘Na-Mehram,’ an individual with whom marriage is permissible in Islam. The novel brilliantly depicts various aspects of society, including jealousy, greed, and vengeance, among others. This text is not just a work of fiction; it is a mirror reflecting the diverse shades of our society.


In conclusion, Nimra Ahmed is not just a novelist but a storyteller whose narratives dive deep into the complexities of life, love, and the human spirit. Her books are a journey that transport readers to different worlds, filled with compelling characters and intriguing plots. Whether you’re in search of spiritual enlightenment through “Mushaf”, seeking love and adventure with “Jannat Kay Pattay” or delving into the emotional depth of “Haalim”, these books by Nimra Ahmed will keep you hooked till the last page.