Onic Sim, one of the fastest-growing telecommunications companies in Pakistan, now provides extensive coverage across a range of major metropolitan areas. With coverage extending to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, and Sialkot, Onic Sim has made it easier than ever to stay connected no matter where you are in the country. With a mix of both urban and suburban coverage, Onic Sim offers superior telecommunications services and top-quality customer support that you can rely on. Whether you are in the bustling city center or the quiet suburbs, Onic Sim has got you covered. So if you’re looking for comprehensive and reliable connectivity throughout Pakistan, look no further than Onic Sim.

Onic Sim Coverage Area in Pakistan

The Onic Sim Coverage Area in Pakistan covers seven major cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, and Sialkot. This means that users of Onic Sim can enjoy seamless coverage and connectivity in these areas without any interruptions or network issues.

In addition to these major cities, the coverage area also extends to smaller cities and towns, ensuring that Onic Sim users have access to reliable network coverage no matter where they are in Pakistan.

Moreover, the coverage area of Onic Sim continues to expand and improve, with plans for further expansion into more cities and rural areas. This commitment to providing quality network coverage to its users is a testament to Onic’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

With Onic Sim, you can stay connected with your loved ones, access the internet for work or leisure, and enjoy uninterrupted communication no matter where you are in Pakistan. Get your Onic Sim today and experience seamless connectivity wherever you go! Some of the key benefits of using Onic Sim include affordable plans, excellent customer service, and reliable network coverage.

This implies that potential customers should ensure satisfactory Ufone coverage in their area before investing in an Onic Sim. Ufone, in partnership with PTCL, has significantly improved its network recently, leading to a surge in its customer base. The network, after extensive practical tests, has proven to deliver a maximum internet speed of up to 35 Mbps, promising a decent internet experience for Onic Sim users.

Onic Sim Packages in Pakistan

Onic is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan, providing various mobile packages to cater to the diverse needs and demands of its customers. In this document, we will be discussing in detail about Onic’s popular SIM packages, namely EPIC Plan, ICONIC Plan, and LIMITLESS Plan.


The EPIC Plan offers a generous 30GB of data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, and 5,000 SMS with a validity of 30 days. This plan is perfect for individuals who require a moderate amount of data for their daily communication needs. The best part about the EPIC Plan is that it comes with 4G connectivity and data rollover, ensuring that you always stay connected and never run out of data.


For those who require a larger amount of data, the ICONIC Plan is the perfect choice. With 100GB of data, this plan is ideal for heavy users who need to stay connected on-the-go. Along with unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and 10,000 SMS, the ICONIC Plan also offers 4G connectivity and data rollover.


As the name suggests, the LIMITLESS Plan offers limitless possibilities with its generous 200GB of data. This plan is perfect for businesses or individuals who require large amounts of data for their daily operations. Similar to the other plans, it also offers unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, 10,000 SMS, 4G connectivity, and data rollover with a validity of 30 days.


Whether you are a moderate user or a heavy user, Onic has the perfect SIM package for you. With its wide range of options and affordable prices, Onic is dedicated to providing the best mobile services in Pakistan. Order your Onic SIM now and stay connected with your loved ones and business associates at all times. Let’s explore the world of limitless communication together!

Note: Prices mentioned are subject to change according to company policies. Please refer to Onic’s website for updated price information.