The price of food is a major factor in determining the cost of living for any family. This is especially true with onion prices in Pakistan today, as they have seen a significant rise over the last few months. The high cost has put strain on families who rely heavily on onions as part of their daily meals, as well as reducing profits for those selling and trading them. In this blog post we will look at the factors behind this increase in onion costs across Pakistan and what can be done to reduce them where possible.

Onions are a staple ingredient in many dishes, and the vegetable is widely used in Pakistani cuisine. However, prices of onions can fluctuate greatly depending on the season and region in which it is purchased.

Onion Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the price of onions has surged over the past few weeks with reports of their exorbitant cost ranging anywhwere between Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 per kilogram. This has caused great inconvenience and disruption to households across the country as onions have long been a staple in Pakistani cooking. As such, it is imperative that the government steps in to help restore order and balance the onion market prices as soon as possible stable prices are essential for sustained well being in our beloved nation.

Vegetable NameWeightPrice
Onion Rate in Pakistan1KGRs. 200 to Rs. 250

Onion Rate in All Major Cities in Pakistan

Onion is one of the most important kitchen ingredients across Pakistan and its prices fluctuate widely from time to time. In all major cities, onion rates have been between Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 over the past few months. This has been a result of inadequate supply and increased demand due to seasonal variations as well as rising fuel costs and other economic factors. As such, many cities have been witnessing high prices of onions as compared to other vegetables and this is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

Onion Price in Lahore Today

In Lahore, onions generally cost between Rs. 220 to Rs. 250 per kilogram. Prices may vary slightly depending on demand, but for the most part, onion prices remain relatively stable in Lahore. The city is known for having good quality onions at a reasonable price, so it is a great place to purchase onions if you are looking for an affordable option. In addition to being budget-friendly, buying onions in Lahore also ensures that you get fresh produce.

Onion Price in Karachi Today

Onion rates vary across different markets in the major cities of Pakistan. In Karachi, the rate of onion fluctuates between Rs. 200 and Rs. 250 per kg depending on the market. Similarly, in Lahore, the rate of onion has been fluctuating between Rs. 200 and Rs. 250 per kg as well. In Islamabad, the rates are slightly higher and they have been observed to be around Rs. 225 to Rs. 250 per kg over the past few weeks.

Onion Price in Islamabad

Onion prices in Islamabad have been on the rise over the past few weeks, reaching as high as Rs. 300 per kg.

Onion Price in Pakistan Today Per Kg 2024

OnionPrice in Pakistan
PunjabRs.220 to 250
SindhRs.240 to 260
Khyber PakhtunkhwaRs.219 to 250
BalochistanRs.210 to 250


What is the price of 1 kg onion in Pakistan?

The price of 1 kg onion in Pakistan varies between Rs.220 and Rs.250 depending on the season, market conditions, and other factors. Prices tend to fluctuate throughout the year due to changes in supply and demand.

What is the rate of 1 kg onion?

The rate of 1 kg onion may vary from Rs.220 to Rs.250.

What is the price of 5 kg onion?

The price of 5 kg onion is generally between Rs.1250 to 1300 in Pakistan.


The onion is an important ingredient in many Pakistani dishes. It’s currently in season and the prices are high, but they should go down soon. Keep an eye on the price of onions and stock up when they’re cheap!