Are you planning to take the Orange Line Train in Lahore? Then look no further! This blog post is here to provide you with all the must-know information about this convenient, efficient and affordable transportation option including: route of travel, stations along its path, ticket prices and more. Whether it’s commuting from one point to another or exploring areas on the outskirts of Lahore that you haven’t seen before, taking advantage of this public transit system can make your experience much easier. So strap yourself in for a fascinating journey as we explore every detail related to the Orange Line train!

Orange Line Train Lahore Timing Today

Orange Line Train LahoreTiming Today
Operations Start & Close08:00 am to 10:00 pm

The Orange train in Lahore, a beacon of efficiency and comfort, operates at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour. Ensuring swift transportation across the region, the train covers its route within a mere 45 minutes. Catering to the bustling city life, the service hours are convenient, with operations commencing at 08:00 am and wrapping up at 10:00 pm.

The journey on the Lahore Orange Metro Train Route is smooth and seamless thanks to the two electricity substations established along the way. The fare is a flat rate of 40 rupees, affordable for all Pakistani citizens. Additionally, a digital card system, akin to the one used in metro buses, is implemented for ticketing a measure that guarantees transparency and expedites the boarding process. The Orange Line Metro Train is not just a mode of transportation, but a joyful travel experience.

Orange Line Train Lahore Ticket Price

Orange Line Train LahoreTicket Price
Orange Line Metro Train Fare Rs.40

The Orange Line Train in Lahore, with its seating capacity of 200 and the ability to accommodate up to 800 passengers in standing situations, has revolutionized the daily commute for many. Facilitating easy access to educational institutions and other important destinations, it mitigates the hassles of traffic and pollution.

The ticket price for the Orange Metro Train is reasonably set at Rs. 40 per person, providing affordability and convenience to its riders. It traverses through key areas like Mcleod Road, Multan Road, Junction Road, the Railway Station, Grand Trunk Road, and Raiwind Road among others, making it a lifeline for many commuters. Operating hours are 08:00 to 10:00 a.m. and similarly at night, catering to the varied schedule needs of its passengers.

Lahore Orange Line Train Stations Names Stops

The Lahore Orange Line is a significant addition to the city’s transportation system, boasting an impressive number of 26 stations. The train begins its journey at Ali Town station, located on Raiwind Road, and proceeds to Thokar Niaz Baig.

It continues its route along Multan Road, with stops at Canal View, Hanjarwal, Wahdat Road, Awan Town, Sabzazar, Shahnoor, Salahuddin Road, Bund Road, Samanabad, Gulshan-e-Ravi, and Chauburji. Lake Road is the 14th stop, followed by GPO on Edward Road, Lakshami on McLeod Road, and the Railway Station on Nicholson Road. Then, it goes over the railway lines to reach Sultanpura.

The final stretch of the journey carries passengers along GT Road, with stations at UET, Baghbanpura, Shalimar Garden, Pakistan Mint, Mahmood Booti, Islam Park, Salamat Pura, and concludes at Dera Gujran. This complex network provides a comprehensive coverage of the city, making commuting efficient for the residents of Lahore.

StationRouteStation Name
1Raiwind RoadAli Town
2Raiwind RoadThokar Niaz Baig
3Multan RoadCanal View
4Multan RoadHanjarwal
5Multan RoadWahdat Road
6Multan RoadAwan Town
7Multan RoadSabzazar
8Multan RoadShahnoor
9Multan RoadSalahuddin Road
10Multan RoadBund Road
11Multan RoadSamanabad
12Multan RoadGulshan-e-Ravi
13Multan RoadChauburji
14Lake RoadLake Road
15Edward RoadGPO
16McLeod RoadLakshami
17Nicholson RoadRailway Station
18Over the Railway LinesSultanpura
19GT RoadUET
20GT RoadBaghbanpura
21GT RoadShalimar Garden
22GT RoadPakistan Mint
23GT RoadMahmood Booti
24GT RoadIslam Park
25GT RoadSalamat Pura
26GT RoadDera Gujran

How to use the Ticket Machine?

To use the automatic ticket machine at the orange line metro train in Lahore, follow these steps:

  1. Approach one of the machines installed at each entrance or exit point. Make sure to have either your metro train card or currency notes ready.
  2. Begin the transaction by pressing the button on the machine to start. The machine will display instructions in both Urdu and English for your convenience.
  3. If you’re using a metro train card, insert it into the designated slot. If you’re using currency notes, please ensure the notes are clean, uncrumpled, and in denominations of Rs 10, 20, 50, or 100, as the machine does not accept higher denominations.
  4. Follow the displayed prompts to purchase a ticket or token. Your ticket or token will then be dispensed by the machine.
  5. Collect your ticket or token and proceed to board the train. Remember, the travel time between Ali Town and Dera Gujjran is 45 minutes, and your token will expire after 90 minutes. Make sure to complete your journey within this time frame to avoid needing to purchase a new token to exit the metro station.

Always remember, if you prefer a more traditional method, tickets can also be purchased manually from the ticket counters, and metro cards are available for purchase at these counters as well.

Orange Line Train Card Holders

In case you need to check the remaining balance on your Orange Line Train Card, simply insert the card into any ticket machine and navigate to the ‘View Balance’ option.

If your journey costs more than the balance remaining on your card, the gate will not open, and you will need to top-up your card before you can continue. Remember, if you’re travelling in a group and you want to use your card to purchase tickets or tokens, only a maximum of six tickets can be purchased at any one time. Also, refunds are not available once you’ve topped up your card, so ensure to only add the funds you intend to use. Keep your card safe and secure as replacing a lost card will require an additional fee of 130 rupees.

History Of Orange Line Train

The Orange Line is a significant advancement in Lahore’s public transportation system, providing a quick, efficient, and safe way of traveling across the city. The 26-station route extends across the heart of Lahore, offering a daily capacity of 250,000 passengers. The seamless integration of this line into the existing Lahore Metro network has streamlined the commute for thousands of residents.

Jointly financed by the Pakistani and Chinese governments, the Orange Line project is a testament to international cooperation for progress. The Chinese government, through a generous loan from the Exim Bank of China, contributed $1.55 billion towards the project, which was initiated in May 2014 and completed in 2022.

The Orange Line and other projects like Lahore Metro Bus, Lahore Speedo Bus, Multan Metro Bus, and Pakistan Metro Bus, signify a new era of improved safety and comfort standards in Pakistan’s public transportation system. These strides, credited to the Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMA) and the previous government’s dedicated efforts, have transformed how the citizens of Punjab commute daily.

For those looking to navigate the Orange Line, offers comprehensive information on the route, ensuring a convenient and safe commuting experience in Lahore.

What’s more, the PMA also offers a card balance system, allowing passengers to add credit before embarking on their journey. This card system offers seamless payments and is highly convenient for frequent travelers.

The Orange Line has revolutionized public transportation in Pakistan, providing an efficient and safe way to traverse Lahore. With two governments working together for progress and the Punjab Mass Transit Authority for improved standards, the citizens of Punjab can now enjoy comfortable and reliable modes of transportation.

To make the most out of your journey on the Orange Line, check out’s comprehensive information on its route and avail the card balance system for seamless payments. With these two services at your disposal, you are guaranteed a pleasant and safe ride across the city.

Features of Orange Train Lahore

In addition to the impressive structural aspects of the Orange Line train in Lahore, there are several features designed to enhance the travel experience of the passengers. To ensure comfort and convenience, each of the 135 cars across the 27 train sets are equipped with air conditioning and automatic doors. The stations, both elevated and underground, are designed for easy accessibility with escalators and elevators, catering to passengers with mobility challenges.

Efficiency is a key characteristic of the Orange Line train, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h, enabling quick transit along the 27 km railway line. The punctual service aims to minimize waiting times, with a train scheduled every 5 minutes during peak hours. The trains are designed to accommodate a large number of passengers, with a capacity of over 1000 passengers per train, including designated spaces for wheelchair users.

Safety has been given paramount importance in the design and operation of the Orange Line. Surveillance cameras equipped at the stations and on the trains ensure security of the passengers. Fire-fighting and evacuation facilities are readily available in the case of emergencies.

The Orange Line train is not only a marvel of modern engineering but also a testament to Lahore’s commitment to provide a world-class public transportation system, aimed at the convenience, safety, and comfort of its citizens.

The Orange Line has introduced a convenient way for passengers to pay fares with the introduction of the EasyCard, an electronic ticketing system that allows passengers to electronically load money onto their cards and use it to pay their fares.

The card balance can be checked at any station along the line or by downloading a dedicated mobile application. This innovative payment method eliminates long queues and provides clear visibility of the amount left in the card. This also minimizes the risk of theft and ensures a secure journey for its passengers. The EasyCard system is an easy, safe, and convenient way to pay for your Orange Line trip!

The success of this railway line is testament to Lahore’s commitment towards modernizing public transport while ensuring comfortable travel for its citizens. In addition to the structural features of the Orange Line, its fare management system is an important factor that adds to the convenience and safety of travelling on this impressive railway line in Lahore.


How many stations are there in Orange Train Lahore?

Orange Train is Lahore’s very own mass transit system, consisting of 26 stations along its route. It offers passengers the convenience and comfort of travelling from one end of the city to another with ease.

Which is the first and last station of Orange Train Lahore?

The first station on the Orange Train line is Ali Town, located in the south of Lahore. From here, passengers can travel up through different parts of the city and make stops at various stations along the way until they reach their destination. The last station on the line is Dera Gujran, located in the north of Lahore.

What time is the Orange train in Lahore?

The Orange Line, a key component of the Lahore Metro, operates for 16 hours each day. Its service schedule begins at 06:00 in the morning and continues until 22:00 in the evening, ensuring residents of Lahore have ample opportunity to utilize this mode of public transportation throughout their day.

Which is the last station of Orange Train Lahore?

The last station of the Orange Train in Lahore is Daira Gujran. This is the terminus of a route that spans 27.1 kilometers, with 25.4 kilometers elevated and 1.7 kilometers underground. The Orange Train connects numerous key locations in Lahore, including Raiwind, Multan Road, Mcleod Road, the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore Junction Railway Station, and GT Road, with a total of 26 stations along its path.

What is the cost of Orange Train Lahore?

The Orange Metro Train in Lahore offers a cost-effective and convenient commuting option, with ticket prices set at a reasonable Rs. 40 per individual ride. This transit system makes its way through essential areas in the city such as Mcleod Road, Multan Road, Junction Road, the Railway Station, Grand Trunk Road, and Raiwind Road. This wide coverage makes the Orange Metro Train a vital transportation means for many residents. It operates from 08:00 to 10:00 a.m., and the same hours in the evening, accommodating the diverse schedules of its passengers.


TheOrange Line Train in Lahore is an affordable and convenient mode of transport for people within the city. Other than that, it’s also a great way to enjoy a fascinating journey with amazing views of the historic architecture along the way. It has definitely revolutionized public transportation in Lahore and has made visiting some of its many tourist attractions a breeze.

The commute is fast, comfortable and safe, so you don’t have to worry about any problems while travelling over this magnificent route. Furthermore, with rigorous inspections, strict security measures as well as safety precautions in place, one can be sure that their journeys are conducted under reliable protocols that guarantee a safe experience for every passenger. So if you’re ever considering getting around the beautiful city of Lahore public transport, make sure you hop onto one of these Orange Line Trains!