As Pakistan begins to roll out its e-facility for passports nationwide, the latest fee schedule has left many citizens in shock. The regular fee for a five-year passport with 36 pages will be Rs9,000, while the urgent fee will be Rs15,000. For those requiring a 72-page passport with five-year validity, the regular fee stands at Rs16,500, with an urgent processing fee of Rs27,000.

A 10-year passport with 36 pages comes with a regular fee of Rs13,500, and an urgent processing fee of Rs22,500. Lastly, a 10-year passport with 72 pages will cost Rs24,750, with an urgent fee of Rs40,500. While some may be dismayed at the new pricing, the e-facility promises an easier and more efficient process for passport applications.

Passport’s Latest New Fee 5 Years & 10 Years in Pakistan

Passport TypeValidityNumber of PagesRegular Fee (Rs)Urgent Fee (Rs)
5-year36 pages5 years9,00015,000
5-year72 pages5 years16,50027,000
10-year36 pages10 years13,50022,500
10-year72 pages10 years24,75040,500

10 Years Passport Fee in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan has recently rolled out the E-Passport facility to allow citizens to apply for and renew their passport quickly. The 10-year validity period applies to both inland and overseas passports. Here is a quick breakdown of the fees you need to pay:

Inland Passport Application

MRP Fee for 10 YEARS Validity:

CategoryFeeService ChargesTotal(excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages)Rs.3,000/-Rs.1000(Inclusive of taxes)Rs.4,000/-
Urgent (36-Pages)Rs.5,000/-Rs.6,000/-
Normal (72-Pages)Rs.5,500/-Rs.6,500/-
Urgent (72-Pages)Rs.9,000/-Rs.10,000/-
Normal (100-Pages)Rs.6,000/-Rs.7,000/-
Urgent (100-Pages)Rs.12,000/-Rs.13,000/-

Overseas Passport Application

MRP Fee for 10 YEARS Validity:

CategoryFeeService ChargesTotal(excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages)Rs.4,500/-Rs.2500( + Applicable taxes)Rs.7,000/-
Urgent (36-Pages)Rs.7,500/-Rs.10,000/-
Normal (72-Pages)Rs.8,250/-Rs.10,750/-
Urgent (72-Pages)Rs.13,500/-Rs.16,000/-
Normal (100-Pages)Rs.9,000/-Rs.11,500/-
Urgent (100-Pages)Rs.18,000/-Rs.20,500/-

By applying for the E-Passport, applicants will benefit from the convenience of applying for their passport without having to visit an embassy or consulate. The 10-year validity period ensures that you won’t have to worry about renewing your passport too often.

Applicants are encouraged to review all applicable fees and requirements before submitting a new application or renewal form. In addition, applicants should allow plenty of time for their application to be processed and to receive their passport in the mail.

If you have any questions about the E-Passport, please contact your local embassy or consulate for more information. They are available 24/7 to answer all of your queries and help make sure that you get your passport as quickly and conveniently as possible.

5 Years Passport Fee in Pakistan

Are you looking to apply for a passport? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many others in Pakistan are also looking for information on how to get their passports. Getting a five-year passport can make the process much easier and quicker, as well as help save money in the long run.

The fee details for five year passports in both Inland and Overseas applications is listed below.

Inland Passport Fees:

CategoryFeeService ChargesTotal(excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages)Rs.3,000/-Rs.1000(Inclusive of taxes)Rs.4,000/-
Urgent (36-Pages)Rs.5,000/-Rs.6,000/-
Normal (72-Pages)Rs.5,500/-Rs.6,500/-
Urgent (72-Pages)Rs.9,000/-Rs.10,000/-
Normal (100-Pages)Rs.6,000/-Rs.7,000/-
Urgent (100-Pages)Rs.12,000/-Rs.13,000/-

Overseas Passport Fees:

CategoryFeeService ChargesTotal(excl. taxes)
Normal (36-Pages)Rs.3,000/-Rs.2500( + Applicable taxes)Rs.5,500/-
Urgent (36-Pages)Rs.5,000/-Rs.7,500/-
Normal (72-Pages)Rs.5,500/-Rs.8,000/-
Urgent (72-Pages)Rs.9,000/-Rs.11,500/-
Normal (100-Pages)Rs.6,000/-Rs.8,500/-
Urgent (100-Pages)Rs.12,000/-Rs.14,500/-

We hope this information has been helpful in understanding the fees related to getting a five year passport in Pakistan. For more detailed information on how to apply for a passport and other related fees, please visit the nearest passport office or contact your local embassy.

Pakistan Passport Renewal Requirements Online

For Pakistani passport renewal, there are several prerequisites to be aware of. To begin with, the applicant should collect all the necessary supporting documents including a photograph no larger than 5MB that aligns with the photograph tutorial, a completed fingerprint form as per the fingerprint tutorial, and a valid credit card for online payment.

Next, the required documents differ based on the type of applicant. For general applicants, the required documents are color scanned copies of valid CNIC or NICOP or Smart CNIC or NICOP (both sides), existing passport (the first two pages and one random page as prompted by the system), and a valid visa/iqama/residence permit/asylum card/other nationality passport.

For minors under the age of 18 additional documents such as color scanned copies of valid NICOP or smart card (both sides) or a computerized B-Form or Family Registration Certificate, parents’ valid national ID cards (both sides), guardian’s certificate/court decision in case of separation, minor’s attestation form, death certificate(s) if either parent has passed away, and a valid visa/iqama/residence permit/asylum card/other nationality passport are needed.

How to Pakistan Passport Renewal online?

Government employees require a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) in addition to the documents needed by general applicants. The NOC should be confirmed and verified by the concerned department.

For the passport renewal process online, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to DG Immigration and Passport online portal.
  2. Fill in the first table with personal information and generate a password.
  3. Complete Email verification by getting OTP.
  4. Use the verification PIN code provided to proceed further.
  5. Log in to your email passport account.
  6. Initiate the process for a new application with your ID number and passport expiry date.
  7. In the Renewal application page, input your CNIC number, passport number, passport type, application process priority, number of pages required, and passport validity.
  8. On the same page, add your photograph and select your country of residence and passport office.
  9. Submit the required information to proceed to a permanent address. Enter your city, state, address, and zip code.
  10. Upload your CNIC, fingerprints, previous passport copy, parents’ CNIC, and thumb impressions in the supporting documents section of the application.
  11. Proceed to payment and accept the terms and conditions. Fill out the billing information with card details and submit to complete the application.

Remember to double-check all information for accuracy before submitting the application to avoid any delays in the renewal process.


In conclusion, the Pakistan Passport Fee schedules for 2024, 5 years, and 10 years have been discussed. The cost of a passport is dependent on the type of renewal or new application and varies between renewal for copies of damaged passports. Additionally, it is important to obtain the Pakistani passport valid for 5 or 10 years in order to benefit from lower priority fees. However, any changes to these fees can occur without prior notice by the Ministry, so it is best to be aware of any potential cost changes ahead.

Furthermore, those who are applying must also pay additional charges dependent upon subsequent application processing which may include delivery fee and/or expedited services fees if required. It is important to note that the Pakistan Embassy will not process any applications unless all payment documents are provided along with a completed form.

Although preparing for a passport application can be overwhelming and onerous at times, having an understanding of the key aspects such as pricing and requirements will help make the experience much more manageable.