Are you looking for the perfect cooling solution for your summer days! Not only are these fans convenient, but they are also incredibly affordable and easy to use. In this blog post, we’ll take an in depth look at pedestal fan prices in Pakistan so you can make the best decision for your budget. From mini tower fans to 3 or 4 wing standard models, we’ve got all the information you need to get that refreshing breeze flowing through your home or office!

Pedestal Fan Price in Pakistan

Pedestal FanPrice in Pakistan
GFC Solar Fans Pedestal Metal Base 16″/ 18″/ 20″₨.7,700
Pak Fan 18″ Pedestal Fan Deluxe Plus₨.8,029
United Pedestal Fan Energy Efficient 24″₨ 8,500
Royal Fans Unique 18 Inch Pedestal Fan₨.9,495
Al-Ahmad 24″ Pedestal FanRs.12,000
Royal Louver Pedestal FanRs. 8,195
SK Pedestal Fan TCP 18″Rs.13,600
Pak Pedestal Standing Fan 14 inchesRs. 9,499
E-Lite Appliances 55W Pedestal 16” Fan, EPF-16Rs. 12,200
GFC Pedestal Standing Fan 24 inches Rs.12,999
SK Pedestal Fan 24 InchRs.15,844
Pedestal Fan Price Rs.15,950
Black & Decker Pedestal Stand Fan, Black, 16 Inches, FS1620Rs.16,500
Remote Control Pedestal FanRs.18,500
GFC Mist Fan Pedestal Water Shower FanRs.23,999

Pakistan is home to a variety of models that can cost anywhere between ₨ 8,500 and 23,000. This basic range of prices means that you can find a quality product that fits your budget. Whether you are looking for something economical or want the best value for your money, there’s no need to look any further than Pakistan to find exactly what you’re looking for. With plenty of different product features available such as adjustable speeds and oscillating patterns, products with varying price points in this range offer options for all customers.

List of Best Pedestal Fans in Pakistan With Prices

Pedestal fans are a great way to keep your home cooler during the hot summer months. They provide air circulation and help reduce humidity in a room. In Pakistan, there are several brands that offer quality pedestal fans at different price points. Here is a list of the best pedestal fans available in Pakistan with prices:

1.GFC Solar Fans Pedestal Metal Base 16″/ 18″/ 20″

The GFC Solar Fans Pedestal Metal Base 16″/ 18″/ 20″ are energy efficient, feature rich fans. They run on just 55 Watts of power and deliver powerful air flow of up to 100 m3/min. Additionally, they offer an impressive service value at 28.89 ft3/min/Watt, which is more than enough to keep any room cool. The fans come in three different sizes, 16″, 18″ and 20″ so you can select the perfect size for your space. What’s more, at just ₨7,700 in Pakistan.

2.Pak Fan 18″ Pedestal Fan Deluxe Plus

Are you looking for a powerful and efficient pedestal fan that’s also durable and noiseless. This fan has 99.99% copper wire, is designed with an oscillation device to ensure great air circulation, and features an energy efficient motor for maximum power. Plus, its rustproof body and noiseless performance make it a fan that’s sure to last. Get this topo f the-line pedestal fan today for the unbeatable price of ₨8,029 in Pakistan. Enjoy powerful cooling relief without the noise or hassle!

3.United Pedestal Fan Energy Efficient 24″

This United Pedestal Fan is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an energy efficient and noiseless fan. Its 24” size offers maximum air circulation through a wide coverage area, while its 125 watt power consumption ensures that you save on your electric bill each month. The 1350 rpm ensures powerful air flow and uniform air movement. Moreover, its black color gives the fan a modern and stylish look. With the rated voltage of 230+-10V~ and rated frequency of 50 Hz, it is sure to give you excellent performance. So don’t wait any longer get your hands on this energy efficient United Pedestal Fan at an unbeatable price of ₨ 8,500 in Pakistan! Get your fan today and stay cool all year round.

4.Royal Fans Unique 18 Inch Pedestal Fan

The Royal Fans Unique 18 Inch Pedestal Fan is the perfect fan for cooling medium-sized spaces. Its modern, sleek design and impressive performance features make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to keep their home or office cool during hot summer days. It has a 450mm sweep size and is powered by a 55W motor that rotates at 1350RPM, delivering 110m3/min of air delivery. Its service value (m3/min/W) is 2.00, making it economical in terms of energy consumption while also providing great cooling power. Best of all, the Royal Fans Unique 18 Inch Pedestal Fan comes at an affordable price of ₨.9,495 in Pakistan.

5.Al-Ahmad 24″ Pedestal Fan

The Al Ahmad 24″ Pedestal Fan is the perfect addition to any home, office or other space. With a 99.99% copper wire, durable strong design and complete metallic body, this fan ensures superior workmanship and long lasting performance. The totally concealed 1750 mm flexible 2 core wire with 2 pins plug is energy efficient and durable, while the rustproof strong body ensures noiseless performance. Best of all, the Al Ahmad 24″ Pedestal Fan comes at a very affordable price just 12,000 in pakistan.

6.Royal Louver Pedestal Fan

The Royal Louver Pedestal Fan is the perfect choice for cool and comfortable air circulation in any room. This fan features a 14 inch sweep size, 55W rated power, 1340 RPM speed and 75 m3/min air delivery all at an affordable price of Rs. 8,195 in Pakistan. Its service value of 1.66 m3/min/W ensures high efficiency cooling, making it a great option for any home or office.

The fan is designed with durable components and long lasting performance in mind, so you can be sure of reliable air circulation all year round. Whether you’re looking for effective air circulation in your living room, bedroom or patio the Royal Louver Pedestal Fan is the perfect choice. With its superior performance, convenience and affordability, you can enjoy cool and comfortable air with ease.

7.SK Pedestal Fan TCP 18″

The SK Pedestal Fan TCP 18″ is a great option for those looking to add cooling ventilation in their home or office. This fan offers an 18-inch diameter and includes a powerful motor, three blades, a safety guard, and a stable floor base with adjustable height pipe. The sleek design gives it an elegant look that blends well with any interior decor. The fan also has a low power consumption, making it easy on your energy bill. With its adjustable height and sleek design, the SK Pedestal Fan TCP 18″ is an ideal addition to any home or office that needs cooling ventilation. It’s available for purchase in Pakistan at a price of Rs.13,600.

8.Pak Pedestal Standing Fan 14 inches

The Pak Pedestal Standing Fan is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy superior cooling without compromising on energy efficiency. Boasting a 14-inch size, this fan features 45W power, 1350 RPM speed and 230+-10V voltage rating that ensures maximum air flow with minimal noise. It also comes with three speed options and a 90 degree horizontal oscillation that helps you customize the airflow according to your needs.

The fan is made of high quality paint to give it a superior finish and comes with a spring loaded height adjustment feature, making it easy to adjust the fan’s height according to the room size. It also features electrical steel sheet and 99.99% pure copper wire winding for maximum durability and energy efficiency. With a brand warranty, the Pak Pedestal Standing Fan is the perfect combination of performance, design and value for money available at an affordable price of Rs. 9,499 in Pakistan.

9.E-Lite Appliances 55W Pedestal 16” Fan, EPF-16

The E-Lite Appliances 55W Pedestal 16” Fan, EPF-16 is the perfect addition for any home. With its unique design and powerful motor, it offers an air circulation of up to 4500 cubic feet per minute ensuring that your home is comfortable and well ventilated even in the hottest summer months. The fan is extremely energy efficient, consuming only 55W of electricity and comes with a 2 year warranty for added peace of mind. With its modern and stylish design, this fan will be the perfect addition to your home. For the price of Rs 12,200 in Pakistan, you can enjoy the luxuries of this powerful fan for years to come.

10.GFC Pedestal Standing Fan 24 inches

The GFC Pedestal Standing Fan 24 inches is the perfect cooling solution for any room in your home. Featuring a noiseless, energy efficient motor and 3 speed operation, this fan is sure to provide you with optimal comfort while keeping your electricity bill low. It also offers 90 degree horizontal oscillation and spring loaded height adjustment for pedestal models. With its black finish, this fan provides a sleek and modern look that will easily fit in with any decor. It is also equipped with high quality paint for superior finishing. At just Rs 12,999 in Pakistan, the GFC Pedestal Standing Fan 24 inches provides an affordable yet reliable cooling solution.

11.SK Pedestal Fan 24 Inch

The SK Pedestal Fan 24 Inch is a high quality fan designed to provide powerful air circulation in any space. The motor powers three large blades that are encased by an easy to clean metal grille guard, while the steel pipe and heavy duty floor base ensure stability. With its impressive size of 24 inches, this fan provides reliable cooling and air circulation to even the largest spaces. Plus, its reasonable price of Rs.15,844 makes it an excellent value for money purchase. Whether you are looking for a fan to cool a large room or just want to upgrade your existing one, the SK Pedestal Fan 24 Inch is sure to meet your needs.

12.Pedestal Fan

The 16 Inch Pedestal Fan is the perfect addition to your home during those hot summer days. It features a 60 minute timer, 3 speed control settings, and an energy efficient design that helps you save money while keeping you cool. The low noise motor ensures quiet operation so it won’t disturb anyone in your household.

The 100% copper motor is built for durability and the strong safety grill provides extra protection. It comes in a classic white color with adjustable height settings, so you can choose the perfect spot to keep cool. With 3 speeds and 60 watts of power, this fan won’t let you down when it comes to air circulation. And the 220v-240v/50hz electrical requirements make it compatible with most outlets. Enjoy the cool breeze of this fan at a great price of Rs.15,950 in Pakistan. Get your Pedestal Fan today and bring comfort to your home!

13.Black & Decker Pedestal Stand Fan, Black, 16 Inches, FS1620

The Black & Decker FS1620 Pedestal Stand Fan is an ideal cooling solution for any space home. With its 16 inch blades and robust metal construction, this fan provides powerful airflow to quickly cool rooms and circulate air. Perfect for large bedrooms or living rooms, the three speed settings allow you to customize your comfort with low, medium and high settings.

The oscillation feature allows for wide area coverage and the adjustable tilt back feature means you can direct the airflow exactly where you need it. The user-friendly design features a timer that allows you to customize your cooling needs, from 1 to 7 hours of operation. With its contemporary black finish, this fan is sure to add a modern touch to any decor. With a price of only Rs. 16,500 in Pakistan.

14.Remote Control Pedestal Fan

This fan offers a 3 speed setting with a remote control, so you can adjust the airflow in your space quickly and easily. It also has wide oscillation capabilities, providing more coverage throughout your room. And you’ll get all of this without sacrificing any performance the Remote Control Pedestal Fan offers high air delivery and a low noise operation, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting your space.

The fan is easy to assemble with no tools required and has built in safety features, making it easily portable. Plus, the reinforced safety fan guard and built in thermal fuse will give you peace of mind when using it. This fan is designed with a high performance motor, making it more energy efficient than other fans.

The Remote Control Pedestal Fan is made in Malaysia, has an adjustable height 118-135cm and comes with a voltage of 220-240V 50Hz/220V 60Hz and a power of 50W. Get your Remote Control Pedestal Fan today for just Rs.18,500 in Pakistan! You won’t find a better deal.​

15.GFC Mist Fan Pedestal Water Shower Fan

The GFC Mist Fan Pedestal Water Shower Fan comes with four blades and a 600mm sweep, offering 170 m3/min of air delivery. It is powered by a 150 Watt capacitor and has an impressive service value of 41.33 ft3/min/Watt. This high-performance fan also comes with a warranty for extra peace of mind. With all these features, the GFC Mist Fan Pedestal Water Shower Fan is an excellent choice for those looking to cool their home or office during hot summer days. The price of this fan in Pakistan is Rs.23,999, making it a great value purchase.


How much does a pedestal fan cost?

The cost of a pedestal fan can vary significantly depending on the size, features and additional components. you can expect to pay between Rs.12000 and Rs.23000 for a pedestal fan.

What is the price of stand fan full size in Pakistan?

The price of a full size stand fan in Pakistan varies depending on the type and brand.the range lies between Rs. 9000 to 23000.

What is the price of super general pedestal fan in pakistan?

The price of a super general pedestal fan in Pakistan varies between Rs.12000 and Rs.24000, depending on the model and features. High end models with advanced features like remote control, oscillation and timer are typically more expensive than basic models without any additional features.

In conclusion, it can be seen that the prices of pedestal fans in Pakistan vary depending on certain factors. However, by keeping these important points in mind, one can easily purchase a quality fan at an affordable price.