Are you looking for the best battery prices to power up your automobiles in Pakistan. We’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we discuss the many factors that determine Phoenix battery prices in Pakistan so you can get an informed opinion on how to spend your money.

From understanding what types of batteries are available for different vehicles, to learning about warranty and life expectancy, there’s something here for everyone. Keep reading to find out more and make sure you stay supplied with excellent batteries at a great price!.

Phoenix Battery Price In Pakistan

As the demand for reliable and durable batteries has grown, many consumers in Pakistan are turning to Phoenix batteries to power their cars and other devices. With price ranges spanning from Rs. 21,500 to Rs. 59,950, there’s a Phoenix battery to fit almost any budget. These batteries are known for their high-quality construction and long-lasting capability, ensuring that drivers can depend on them for years to come. From the everyday commuter to the off-roader, Phoenix batteries have become a trusted choice for those seeking top-notch performance and reliability.

Phoenix Dry Batteries in Pakistan are renowned for their reliable and dependable performance. They are available in a variety of types, such as tubular batteries, solar inverter generators, tractor and multi-purpose batteries, and dry batteries. The company offers the highest quality products at competitive prices. Their technologically advanced solutions provide long-term durability and dependability.

The batteries are designed to meet the needs of both commercial and residential applications, providing power solutions for a wide range of industries. Phoenix Dry Batteries in Pakistan offer superior performance and long-term reliability thanks to their advanced engineering design and quality components. They are ideal for powering various appliances such as computers, lighting systems, pumps, vehicles and more.

Phoenix Battery Price List In Pakistan

Phoenix BatteryPrice in Pakistan
Phoenix Battery XP180 Plus 21 Plates 130 AmpereRs. 43,950
Phoenix Battery UGS 190 21 PlatesRs.46,500
Phoenix Battery XP 150 19 PlatesRs.37,000
Phoenix Battery XP 200 23 PlatesRs.48,000
Phoenix Battery XP 210 23 PlatesRs.50,200
Phoenix Battery XP230 Plus 27 Plates 190 Ampere 12 VoltsRs. 59,950
Phoenix Battery XP230 12 VOLTS 27 PLATES 190 AHRs. 59,950
Phoenix XP100 BatteryRs. 9,000
Phoenix CNG55 BatteryRs. 6,500
Phoenix CNG65 BatteryRs. 5,000
Phoenix EUROMAX55 BatteryRs. 4,500
Phoenix EUROMAX65 BatteryRs. 5,600
Phoenix EXT-130 BatteryRs. 9,500
Phoenix GSB-35 BatteryRs. 2,500

Type of Phoenix Dry Battery in Pakistan

Pakistan has a variety of dry cell batteries available to power devices and equipment. The most common types are tubular batteries, inverter batteries, and multi-purpose batteries.

Tubular batteries are the typical household batteries used in devices like radios, remote controls, clocks, and toys. They come in standard sizes like AA, AAA, C, and D and have a cylindrical shape. These batteries typically have a lower energy density so they are best for lower power devices.

Inverter batteries are designed for powering inverters which convert battery power to AC for running household appliances during power outages. These are larger capacity batteries that can handle high discharge rates. They are often lead-acid batteries and need to be recharged after use.

Multi-purpose batteries are designed for a range of applications and devices. They can power inverters as well as be used in vehicles to start engines. These heavy-duty batteries have rugged constructions to handle vibration and temperature extremes. They also need recharging after use to keep them functioning well.

The specific Phoenix Dry Battery products available reflect these common battery types to meet the variety of needs in Pakistan. Consumers can choose the right battery for their particular devices and purposes.

Phoenix Dry Battery Price in Pakistan

Phoenix Dary BatteryPrice In Pakistan
XP 70Rs.15,000
CNG 50Rs.13,000
CNG 60Rs.14,000
XP 100Rs.19,000
XP 105RRs.20,000
XP 110RRs.26,000
XP 145Rs.31,000
XP 180Rs.37,000
EXT 140Rs.29,000

Phoenix Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan

Phoenix Tubular BatteryPrice in Pakistan
Tubular Battery TX600 Plates 5Rs.17,000
TX 700 Plates 5Rs.18,000
TX 1000Rs.44,000
TX 1100 Plates 12Rs.47,000
TX 1600Rs.58,000
TX 1400 Plates 9Rs.62,000
TX 1700Rs.65,000
TX 1800 Plates 7Rs.60,800
TX 2200 Plates 9Rs.74,000

Phoenix Batteries Pakistan manufactures a variety of dry cell batteries for different applications and uses. The tubular battery is designed for household devices such as radios, flashlights and toys. The solar inverter generator tractor battery is designed for use in solar power systems as well as farm equipment like tractors. The multi-purpose battery can be used for a range of devices, and the dary battery is heavy-duty and designed for high-power applications or devices.

Phoenix Dry Batteries are manufactured to high quality standards using cutting-edge technology and durable components. The range of battery types ensures that customers can find a Phoenix battery suitable for their particular needs. Phoenix Batteries are affordable and provide reliable power for a variety of applications.

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Overall, it is evident that the price of Phoenix car batteries in Pakistan is more affordable than ever before. These low prices provide a great opportunity to shop for a quality car battery at an economical cost. With their incredible storage, efficient performance and easy maintenance, Phoenix car batteries are an excellent choice for those looking for reliability and affordability.

It can be said with confidence that any driver looking for a reliable and dependable car battery should consider purchasing one from Phoenix. Not only does this decision offer excellent value for money, but it also helps ensure that your vehicle will have consistent power sources.

Furthermore, purchasing a Phoenix car battery reduces the stress of searching for replacement parts due to their durability and long life spans which further adds to the convenience factor. Customers can be sure they are making a smart purchase when they choose a product from Phoenix. So make the right decision today and get yourself a quality, reliable and cost-effective Phoenix Car Battery!