Are you looking forward to a night of delicious pizza, salads, and breadsticks. Then Pizza Hut is the perfect place for you. With its simple ambiance and wide variety of delectable offerings in Pakistan, this restaurant has everything that one needs for an exceptional culinary experience. Whether it is classic Margherita or spicy Chicken Fajitas you will find something on their menu that keeps your taste buds entertained. Here’s a brief overview of Pizza Hut menu in Pakistan along with prices to help you decide what all items are worth the indulgence!

Pizza Hut Pakistan Menu

In Pakistan, Pizza Hut has established itself as a well-known brand, catering to pizza enthusiasts with its exceptional culinary offerings for nearly three decades. This renowned restaurant chain specializes in creating delectable pizza flavors, accompanied by a variety of delightful side dishes and refreshing beverages, perfectly complementing its iconic Neapolitan-style pizzas.

With a commitment to providing high-quality food at affordable prices, Pizza Hut ensures a delightful dining experience for its valued customers. Originating from the vibrant city of Karachi in 1993, Pizza Hut emerged as one of the pioneers in the fast food industry. Overcoming numerous challenges through the relentless hard work and dedication of its exceptional team, it has successfully expanded its presence to over 40 locations nationwide.

Pizza Hut Menu with Prices List

Here’s a brief list of some popular items from Pizza Hut’s menu along with their prices:

Pizza Hut Menu Classic Flavors Pizzas

ItemSmall PanMedium PanLarge PanLarge Stuff Crust
Chicken TikkaRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Chicken FajitaRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Very VeggieRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
MargaritaRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Creamy MeltRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499

Pizza Hut Menu Supreme Flavors Pizzas Prices

ItemSmall PanMedium PanLarge PanLarge Stuff Crust
Chicken SupremeRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Chicken Tikka SupremeRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499
Chicken Fajita SupremeRs. 479Rs. 1279Rs. 1779Rs. 2499

Pizza Hut Desserts

Pizza Hut DessertsPrices
Chocolicious BrownieRs. 325
Choclate Lava CakeRs. 300

Pizza Hut Sides

Pizza Hut SidesPrice
Garlic BreadAround Rs. 165
Garlic Bread SupremeAround Rs. 235
Spicy WedgesAround Rs. 265
Chicken WingsAround Rs. 300

Pizza Hut Drinks

Mountain DewFrom Rs. 100
PepsiFrom Rs. 100
7UPFrom Rs. 100
MirindaFrom Rs. 100
Mineral WaterFrom Rs. 100

Pizza Hut Deals

Pizza HutDeals
Marvelous MarchRs. 1499
Mini PlatterRs. 399
Starter PlatterRs. 599
Super ValueRs. 699
Buy 1 Get 1 FreeRs. 1779
Hut Double MediumRs. 1399
Hut Double LargeRs. 2499
My BoxRs. 549
My Box ExtraRs. 1999
Buy 1 Get 3Rs. 1779
WOW Deal – SmallRs. 399
WOW Deal – MediumRs. 799
WOW Deal LargeRs. 1499
WOW Triples SmallRs. 999
WOW Triples MediumRs. 1999
WOW Triples – LargeRs. 3999

Pizza Hut’s Menu: An Exploration of Flavors and Prices

In the realm of pizza, Pizza Hut stands as a beacon of deliciousness, offering a wide variety of pizzas, sides, and desserts to suit every palate. Let’s delve into their menu, item by item, noting the price range for different serving sizes to help you make an informed decision on your next visit.

Classic Flavors

The classic pizza flavors from Pizza Hut are a perfect starting point for pizza aficionados. The Chicken Tikka and Chicken Fajita pizzas, both priced from Rs. 479 for a small pan to Rs. 2499 for a large stuffed crust, are meaty delights. For vegetarians, the Very Veggie and Margarita pizzas provide a refreshing medley of vegetables on a cheesy base, and the Creamy Melt adds a touch of indulgence.

Supreme Flavors

Taking things up a notch, the Supreme Flavors offer a more decadent pizza experience. The Chicken Supreme, Chicken Tikka Supreme, and Chicken Fajita Supreme pizzas each start at Rs. 479 for a small pan, and go up to Rs. 2499 for a large stuffed crust. Each of these supreme variants packs a flavorsome punch, sure to satisfy those with a hearty appetite.


Sweet lovers are not left out at Pizza Hut. The rich Chocolicious Brownie comes priced at Rs. 325, and the oozy Chocolate Lava Cake is offered at Rs. 300, both providing perfect endings to your pizza feast.


To complement your pizza, why not add a side? The Garlic Bread is a perfect choice, starting from Rs. 165, while the Garlic Bread Supreme offers a more garnished version at Rs. 235. For a spicy kick, try the Spicy Wedges for Rs. 265. And don’t forget the succulent Chicken Wings offered at Rs. 300.

With this guide to Pizza Hut’s menu and prices, you’re now ready to make your pizza selection with confidence!

Best Pizza Hut Menu Items

Pizza Hut, a globally recognized pizza chain, certainly does more than just serve pizzas. With an extensive and dynamic menu, it tantalizes the taste buds with a variety of lip-smacking options. Among the plethora of items, certain standouts are consistently top-rated by customers.

The Margherita Pizza, a representation of Neapolitan authenticity, is undeniably a crowd favorite at Pizza Hut. It conquers hearts with its thin, crispy crust, aromatic tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella cheese. A sprinkle of basil leaves adds a refreshing touch, making each slice a gastronomic journey to Italy. It’s not just a pizza, it’s a timeless classic that never fails to impress. To enhance your dining experience, complement this pizza with a side dish of your choice.

Further elevating the pizza game, Pizza Hut presents the Chicken Fajita Pizza. It’s not just a pizza; it’s an invitation to a flavorful fiesta. The fusion of juicy chicken, exotic fajita seasonings, and fresh ingredients, all baked to perfection, creates an aroma that’s hard to resist. It’s available in different sizes to cater to various appetites, but bear in mind, the larger the size, the higher the price.

Not to be overlooked is the Seekh Kabab Overloaded pizza, a unique blend of Western style with a Desi twist. It’s a made-to-order delight, loaded with succulent traditional kebabs that leave you craving more. If you’re looking to enjoy more for less, keep an eye out for the special deals on the menu. With numerous size options, this pizza is perfect for a solo treat or a group feast.

Pizza Hut’s menu is a treasure trove of culinary delights. From their classic Margherita to the unique Seekh Kabab Overloaded, there’s something to satisfy every palate. So head to your nearest Pizza Hut or place an order online, and enjoy a symphony of flavors.


In conclusion, Pizza Hut in Pakistan is more than just a pizzeria it’s a hub of culinary experiences, drawing patrons with its diverse menu, reasonable prices, and commitment to quality. With its spectrum of traditional and innovative pizzas, delectable side dishes, and irresistible desserts, Pizza Hut caters to all tastes and preferences.

The brand consistently delivers culinary excellence, from its classic Margherita and spicy Chicken Fajita to the unique Seekh Kabab Overloaded pizza. Whether you’re dining solo or planning a feast for a crowd, Pizza Hut’s extensive menu and special deals ensure that delicious food is always within reach. Head over to Pizza Hut or order online to indulge in a symphony of flavors that will delight your taste buds and leave you craving more.